Week 3: Introduction to art and design in context

Week 3 we started to create dialogue and a script for our stories for the theatre that we had created, our story considered with 7 scenes set in 3 locations. One was a small village like place for the villagers to live and talk around. The next was a forest where we find traces of the creature that would be lurking around sometimes leaving spider web scattered through the trees. Then finally was a cave, for the creature to live in and get attacked by the villagers. The summary of the story is that there were fly like villagers scared of a creature lurking around. So they thought they had to send sacrifices to the creature so that the creature which is a spider would not attack them. But little did they know that the spider was friendly and misunderstood. People got stuck in her web and eventually died over time. A silkworm comes to the rescue of the villagers and goes and explores the forest where the creature is known to explore. He finds the spider and discovers she is harmless, he doesn’t get caught on her web because he can create silk web so he knows how to climb on it. The silkworm goes and tells the villagers that the spider is harmless and then villagers go up and try and kill it to prevent any possible attacks in the future. They get caught on the spiders web in the cave and the silkworm and spider leave them because they were trying to kill the harmless spider. Script in link


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