Week 12 Pro project 6DM016

Final animation

This is the final animation that I have produced for my client. I really like how it has came out. I quite like the idea of it being different and how I have developed the style and story with the previous attempts. I also added animation on top of the work to help make some parts stand out.


Here are pictures of the progress of the new visuals that I created for the new piece for the work. I found that this attempt the visuals looks alot more professional than the previous ones. I also didn’t want to make it too busy with the visuals so I didn’t add as much movement so that people could understand things much more more clearly.


The video starts of with the logo, this is because I wanted to make it clear from the start what the advert is and about before people watch it. Then it goes on to a small city, this then leads to the earthquake occurring causing the ground and buildings to crack. Next the people run out of the building the tsunami strikes which is where ETC step in and pick the people up to rescue them from the natural disasters. Then they are carried to a new location which they are told that ETC can provide WiFi to help different organisations such as hospitals to help fight Ebola.


I found the process to be tricky to fit the clients needs and wants so that it was suitable for them and there audience. I found that the ideas that I wanted to use for my work was new to me which left me wanting to try different ideas but the client might of not needed some of the ideas that I wanted to include. This meant that I wanted to keep it simple and a unique approach to the project. I found the re filming tedious to keep editing and creating new animations to fit the clients needs but it also meant that I was learning new ways to develop the work to make it even better and it left me in the end with improving the style dramatically. I also love how I managed to edit the facial expressions of the characters so that they reacted to what was going on in the visuals.

Ideas that were changed

One of the biggest changes with the work was the camera movement that I had to change because both the client and my tutor didn’t like the camera tracking on the last piece due to how busy it made the piece and it was hard to follow the visuals with the camera movement. I thought I could possibly edit it out by slowing the frames down but the it would of left big gaps between the audio and it would’t of worked, so that meant I had to re shoot the work but this time I knew how I wanted it to look so that the client would be happy with the work. When I re shot the work I wanted to keep some tracking in bits but keep most of it out, I did this by moving the board instead of moving the camera, this was so that it kept the nice smooth tracking movement instead of the camera jumping around.

The sun was another change that I altered this was so that the sun appeared when the ETC are mentioned in the work so that it represented that they were here to make things better.

Storyboards were altered and changed around 4 times so that the client was happy with how the story went and that it didn’t cause any wrong messages with viewers. One of these examples was that I had people running into a small boat to escape the earthquake but the tsunami hits but this of been offensive to refugees or anyone who has experienced a earthquakes recently. So I decided to narrow the amount of people on screen and make it so that the ETC come in to pick them up and move them to some where safe. Another big story change was the idea of using a big hand from the clouds which picks the people up and moves them to a different location, this was a bad idea because of religious viewers might of took offence so I made it that the hand didn’t come from the sky and just comes from a side view of the screen.


Week 11 Pro project

Sound for animation

Today I looked at finding sound for my animation, this includes looking for a soundtrack which will nicely fit with the video and sound effects fitting with the visuals. I also need to edit the sounds so that non of them are louder than the actual audio that I have to use for the film.

The music that I have chose for the animation is a guitar background track which I have used from an online source. I used the website freesound.org to download the file for use.

I also gathered the sound effects from the same website, which were the splash noise that I have used for the tsunami and also the rock crumble noise for the earthquake.

Animation test

After creating the video and putting all of the visuals together I found for the final edits ready for next week I can alter frames and the visuals of how some frames look. I think that there is too much speed happening in some sections of the piece and then when it moves to the next section of the piece it can be very  confusing to look at. I also feel I should re do the tsunami part to make the water look stronger and easier to see. Possibly re do the hand part and also the buildings at the end of the animation. This will hopefully then allow me to give a clearly message with the piece so that the client dosnt find it confusing to look at and that they are happy with the piece.



I found that the feedback was really helpful and useful for me to develop my work even further. The client and tutor didn’t like the idea of the camera tracking the animation of the string and chalk so we decided maybe that I should re do the piece but make it so the animation dosnt jolt around as much, this will make it more clear to see the work and make it easier to understand. I originally thought that maybe if I slowed down the pace of the frames it would fix it but the camera movement might be to much for the viewer its like the earthquake dosnt stop.

The logo might be better placed at the end of the sequence, this would mean that once people understood the what was happening it would then move to the logo showing what their logo is which I designed for them to fit with the style.

I thought the colour was another big issue with the piece even though the client didn’t mention it I think it would be better if I made the colour stand out more with the work so that It has a strong look to the piece. A example of this is when we see the tsunami the colour that I used to represent the wave is very faint and it isn’t very clear for the audience.

Although the client was happy with the fact that my piece was different to others and he liked the idea of me experimenting with the different materials to create the piece.

Plus another thing was using the string more for the piece, making it more of a thing for the film instead of using the chalk as much. This will give it more of a unique look and will work well with the style for the piece.


I found that I really liked the concept behind the work and I think that I defiantly need to do a re shoot. The camera is an important part of the piece and I feel that once I have fixed that issue with the piece and edit the look of the project it will boost my work.

I can also now use this piece as a refrence for my work which I can use as a guideline with the speed and of the piece which will help me know when certain parts need to be in the film.



Week 10 Pro project

Half way production progress of stop motion

This video below shows both the logo and half of the seconds that I have put together so far for the work. After taking the story concept from the 2d animation that I had created on tv paint I went on to create this chalk/string animation. The reason I chose to create the 2d animation first was so that I could test the video footage for the story before putting the parts together for the final part, this was so that I could show the client the 2d animation prior to creating the chalk animation so that they could see the story progress easier, this was so that I could gain feedback on the story first so that I could edit it further if I needed to. So I went on to create the piece by drawing the buildings and natural disasters to the work. I found this to be quite a challenge to replicate the exact style using different materials.


After receiving story developments from the clients he suggested the idea of making it so the earth rotates with the building which would lead the audio going from one to the other. So I went on to try and replicate this Idea and found it too be difficult to do this process and once I had created it the speed of the audio and the buildings being rotates wouldn’t go at a nice enough speed to make it smooth so I needed to figure out an alternative way of getting around this problem.


Below shows the shots I have took of the work to show the process of how the work was being created, this was so that the client could understand the style I was using and how I was animating the piece. I think the idea behind the work was really working and I was really enjoying how the piece was coming together. Im also thinking on adding extra layer of animation to the piece which would make it easier and clearer to see for the audience by adding aniamtion from tv paint on top. The reason why I think this would be a good idea is because I used tv paint in the story process and it will patch any issues I have with the chalk or string. Its also great way of making key areas in the animation stand out even more for the work.




Next I started to look at music styles I could add to the work, this will help keep viewers interested in the advert because it will help make the audience engage with what is going on in the piece. So I needed to find something which would fit the style and work.

So I went on to listen to different sound files that I could find.


First I found this sound which I found to be really slow paced and I thought It didn’t work with the animation when placing it on top.


Next I found this one which I liked but the style didn’t work with the piece.


Then this one I also found really slow paced, so I felt I needed to find something which was relaxing and not too loud in your face. The ones that I have already found felt to space like and they needed to be a nice calm soundtrack to suit the audio to show that ETC are actually there to help.

Week 9 Pro project


So after receiving my feedback from the previous week I looked online to try and find more ways on creating the animation and making the animation look right using the style that I wanted to use for my work.

Which I then stumbled across the artist Blu from previous years. I really like the abstract camera movement in his work and how he draws the work and leaves a trail behind. I figured the trail would make the advert piece to busy if I were to include it in my piece but I wanted to try the camera movement technique with my work and try and replicate the camera follow. I also really liked the idea how the shapes and figures he uses in his work transform into new visuals very similar to other research that I have found previously but I thought this might confuse the audience a bit if I made it too abstract  so I didn’t include that idea for my work.


Experiments Logo design

This scene was all about making a logo for the ETC, we were told by the client that we could create our own logo to represent the company so I wrote out ETC in a nice clear simple font and wanted to underline it with the string I was using for the piece to symbolise the beginning of the video so that it went from one place to the other by following the string which was another reason why I decided to track the animation with the camera movement.

I also found this video online which shows a small text animation which I found really interesting. I liked the way the words are brought into the scene and the style that they use, but I found that when I was writing it in a font similar to the one in the video that people might not understand the writing very well so I kept the font simple.


I really liked the starting of the logo animation that I created for the logo and was happy to keep it, when I showed it the client he seemed happy with it becuase he never brought up any problems with it, so I kept it in the footage.

Progress development

I feel that the next part I could develop further is the building, I feel that the buildings that I drew up don’t quite look to the style that I originally intended. I wanted to make the buildings slanted and stylised so that they didn’t look visually boring to view. So this was something I wanted to change in the future.

Week 8 Pro project



Here are the experiments and progress that I have created for my work, testing out how the work would look using the chalk on the black background. I figured using white would be a strong idea in the work because of the contrast it has with the dark background, this will then potentially make it easier for people to see the visuals.

This scene starts with a building which then gets hit by the earthquake, so I decided to make cracks in floor and building for affect to represent this, I also thought it would be a good idea to make the camera shake so I took the photos and moved around the camera which gave off this earthquake like effect. Next the building started to collapse witch meant I had to start animating the building by taking a new shot of the building each time I made either a new crack or drew a new building of it but more destroyed.

I decided to add the sun to represent happiness in the advert but I soon realised after that maybe it wasn’t the best of ideas to put it in the scene and maybe in a later scene where things start to get better when the ETC appear to help out.  This will help represent the ETC and make people realise that they are actually there to help people and are there to improve things.


After experimenting I found that using the string was very difficult to create the buildings witch is something I was interesting on doing to try and replicate the line effect from the song “Do I wanna know” by the arctic monkeys.

I liked the idea of making the visuals change from one image the another by using this line effect but because of how much was needed in the scene I could only do so much and found the string was complicated to use, so I decided to stick with using the chalk and use string in different elements of the work.


Next part is how the camera needed to be set up and used. After looking at research I found this animation which I liked how the camera tracked the aniamtion. So I decided this was how I wanted to use the camera by tracking the aniamtion to each new visual that is used in the animation. I was concerned if it would look alright because of how id after move the camera constantly without tilting or moving to far which would possibly ruin the smoothness with footage.


So from moving onto the new style for my work I showed the client my ideas and progress with the video so that they understood where I was at with the work. This allowed them to get a insight on how it would look and what materials I would be using. The client was happy with the story scheme I wanted to use and happy with the style but I needed to neaten the work and make it flow much more smoother. This would then make it much more easier for people to understand when watching the video so that they don’t get confused or lost with the work or story.


Week 7 Pro project

Animatic/ Animation

This is an animation that I have done to give the client a more visual look on how the work will look on the stop motion piece I will create for it. I feel that it a nice stylized animation that I have done and I think there is room for improvement.

This is the animatic that I have created so far for my work using the storyboards as a guideline. I think that it delivered the message to the audience and the visuals are easy to understand for the audience. I also like that I have used colours that I was looking at originally for the work.


I got feedback from the client and my tutor for the piece. I found that the client would like the earth/ground to rotate round when the other buildings are introduced to the work. This will keep the flow of the work all together and help develop how the scenes move from one place to another. I also was told that they were happy with the direction the story was going but they were worried as a client how the stop motion piece would look because of me showing 2d animation work. So I will be developing my stop motion piece for the client to see for the next visit they make to the studio.

Updated visuals

So I went on to work on the building looks and the character designs after receiving feedback. I found that the client liked the simple character design I had made previously so I took the idea and went onto making it even better. So I took the eyes from the character and made it so that the mouth had the key importance in the reaction. I thought this would be a nice idea because I wanted to make it unique and make it so that the animations follow what is going on using the mouths only.

The buildings went from being round, straight, long and a funky sort of style which I found the best one to go with.


The characters with hands I found was just pointless because they wouldn’t need to use them in the the piece so I went with keeping it simple so that it was easy to edit if I have to in the future, this will then give me time to work more on the piece in the long run.




Now that I have the visuals and story laid out I can start development on creating the piece for the client using the feedback they have given me and ideas. I feel that by showing the client the story animatic first before the animation process it allows them to get an idea on how it will look, but the colours arnt a massive part of the work unless the client would prefer to have colour.


Script in BLACK

Visuals in RED

When an emergency like an earthquake,

Earthquake strikes a small town two people run outside

tsunami strikes a place where there is no reliable Internet connection,

A tsunami swipes pasts the scene and the people step back.

the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster steps in.

The two people get picked up by a hand representing the ETC just as it says steps in.

They help to provide Internet to humanitarians, non-governmental organisations,

Wifi symbol next to the small people and the background shows buildings representing non-governmental organisations.

United Nations agencies and more recently hospitals that have been set up to fight Ebola.

Background then switches to a hospital which then has a needle going into it which represents the Ebola being cured.

Week 6 Pro project



Below this storyboard was my previous storyboard. I put all the storyboards that I did so far so that I could present my ideas and thoughts all together to the client.


Next was my second visuals of the storyboards which I wanted to work from even more to create a 3rd storyboard after gaining feedback and ideas for my work from the client. This would allow me to keep a flow of work and be able to fix the story up abit before creating the animation.



For my storyboard feedback I found that I need to work on timing so that the visuals don’t drag because the audio ends quicker in certain places. This can be seen where the audio goes from the earthquake to tsunami scene of the work. This doesn’t last very long and we can see in my storyboard that I have produced that it slowly gets to the next part which will cause the audio to go over the wrong parts in my work which is what I need to avoid.

I feel that the client was happy with the stop motion- graphics idea that I have but I have to work on the visuals and story development work for the client so that it suits the clients wants.

I also learnt that I should change the boat to be something different because having a boat with a tsunami might give of a different message to customers who watch the advertisement which is what I need to avoid doing.

So after thinking through my next steps I learnt maybe I could push it into being either a etc helicopter or maybe the hand picks them up instead and then they look down and see that the etc is now looking after them and protecting them, witch then leads them to being able to get WiFi from the etc.


My summary for my work was that ideas is that their are a few people who are on this island next to a city. This city then has a earthquake which shakes the ground and causes all the buildings to collapse next to them. Then a hand lifts them up while they look down to see a tsunami which then hits the buildings. This way it is a lot shorter in the frames as the previous idea and this will keep the work simple and nice for me to create. Then WiFi is mentioned which leads to the WiFi signal icon appearing next to the people in the scene. After this we see the arm scrolling across the lands with the buildings in the background of the scene appearing. Which shows the hospital. This then leads to the ending which we see the logo of the company and the scene fades out.

After effects

For my work I might include some sort of light effect to my work, Im thinking to maybe make it so that it starts of black and white and when the etc appear colour starts to be added to the advert.

My next idea was a spotlight effect which highlights the key areas of the work which will stage the work so that the audience know what they need to be looking at, but I learnt that this might be a bad idea because it might cut out other aspects of the work and I want to be able to show all of the visuals once I have them ready.

Then my new idea was having a light effect which will start of subtle in the work and then as more events occur with the work the light brightens and builds up for the end.



The string I want to use to show waves almost, I like the idea on how a line can merge in to creating imagery similar to the video of the arctic monkeys. Below shows an animation created for the track do I wanna know?


The paper would be used to create the character

-Cardboard (maybe)

-Paint (maybe)

The paint was an idea for colour if I wan to change from the work starting out in black and white and then shifting to create more colour and atmosphere.


Pens will be used to add lines to the paper or colour to the work.


What I learnt from the experiments is that the materials will work well together as long as I keep enough lighting with my work. I need to make sure that I am able to use a full black background which will be able to keep the contrast of the white together so that it works well with the work.

I really liked how the way the string moves that id be able to create the water flow as realistic as I can, I also think that it will be nice to possibly use the string as the title as well which will flow onto the screen.