Innovative Animation (5DM032)


The scene:

The story behind this short film shows a plane being hit by debris which leads us to find the plane landing in a forest. This then leads to the traveller to get out of the plane to go looking for a way home. He then ends up finding a small abandoned house which has nothing in but suddenly realises that the forest has something weird about it. A magical stalk begins to grow from the middle of the forest. Which the traveller ends up climbing up and finding his plane again which allows him to escape this enchanted forest.


Here are storyboard sketches of my idea of the story that I was trying to create. I found the story to be very fast changing but innovative which I wanted to be the main aim for my work.

Whats the animation about? The animation is about a journey of how someone gets lost and finds a way out of this different world that he has landed into.

How did my research help? My researched helped form the ideas and different styles within the animation, it allowed me to explore the innovative process in my work. It also helped me develop a story for my work and how I was going to adapt the style.

Did I choose the right style? I think there were others style that I could of used that could of worked better with my idea.

What could I have done better? I think I could of merged the animations better making them link together when changing scenes. I think I should slow down parts and should of added in extra frames for it to make even more sense for the work.

Has your project helped you to develop knowledge and skills in innovative animation? Yes I think it has allowed me to explore different unique styles that I was new to using and allowed me to think more outside the box with my work.


Innovative Animation Week 11

Animation development and production

I started to think on what to add to my scene and how I could produce my short film. I knew that I wanted to make it so that the story that I was creating had lots of different innovative animated scenes linking with each other. I thought this would be a good idea because the module itself is all about looking and using different animation techniques that I might not be familiar with. Using my research that I had gained over the weeks I learnt more about stop motion and Silhouette animation because I found those to be more interesting forms to me. So I wanted to make it so that my animation started off with a stop motion animation of a plane crashing into debris. This will then allow me to try and change the scene for where we see the other animation take place. I cut out a numerous amount of black card for the silhouette animation to take place for the next scene. I wanted the style to be a bit different to how I had used it before with the light box in the background so I tried to form it with the freestyle animation similar to how Blu creates his work on walls. I also found that creating my animation on the window frame to work create well with the idea because it was perfect for making a ground for the silhouette scene. So then the story continued to where we find the person land in a forest which then leads to him walking for a way back home. I tried to make it seem realistic so I added animals for the short film. I found that adding them made it bring more alive in the animation itself. After he then discovers a small house which he wonders in to look for help. Then suddenly to his surprise he discovers a beanstalk growing in the forest. The idea was inspired by Lotte Reinigers work with how she re created the Hansel and Gretel story. I wanted to take elements from the story from Jack in the beanstalk and try and re create it in a different way in a more innovative modern style. I thought that bits of the story needed to be merged a little bit better but I also thought about how it could leave people making there own ideas on what Is happening in the scenes, giving there own intake of the short film. Next we find the plane take off leaving a short freestyle pen animation that I wanted to do for another use of innovative animation, I wanted the imagery of the snake to represent a sense of danger on what has happened with the plane that something else is going to happen leaving it with people questioning on what is going to happen next. I also thought It was another good style to add to the footage because I made it so that the animation followed itself throughout from starting as a piece of paper to a plane then merging to a man then plane with is finally forming into a snake for the final part.

Below are development pictures of my work.

Here is a 38 second animation clip that I first created which then lead me to discover that the lighting was effecting the silhouette animation because it was making it more noticeable that they were cut out which I thought was ruining the effect. I also found that the animation was too quick at some parts so I decided I needed to edit parts.

This next video shows the scene again but with some parts much slower then others and with a extra part for the plane for the end so that it didn’t leave the screen to quick for the audience to see. I also added the titles on the animation to make it feel my a story so that It has a start and an end.

Next I thought about the lighting issue more and discovered a way to fix it and also gain another effect to my work. I decided to add a spotlight effect to the animation by using Adobe after effect, which I thought works really well in the forest part because it added to the atmosphere of the story. Like having a mist or fog in the forest which made me think more about Yuri Norsteins work with how he adds atmosphere to his work.

So far I think that this animation that I have is going well because I have explored different innovative animation techniques that I am not normally use to and allowed me to adapt to new tools that I could use for future animations. It also has allowed me to think about how using different techniques could lead to finding new solutions in my work.


Innovative Animation Week 10

Research and Ideas

Today I found this short music video by the Arctic monkeys, which gave me an idea with my work. I like how the animation is formed by a single line across the screen which forms into different animations, or that some of the animation keeps colliding into its self creating new images. I thought maybe when I produce my silhouette animation I could try and replicate that style but by using silhouettes instead.

Silhouette animation Scene

Here are cut out for my work for the innovative animation project. I started cutting out the silhouettes that id be using for my scene. I thought using the window ledge was a good way to show the ground level of the animation.  I looked at creating a walk cycle for the animation on a clear background instead of using a light box. I thought this was a good idea because it was more of an innovative idea then using the light-box. I wanted to try and use the tools and objects around me to try and re create the story but have it in a innovative environment such as a window ledge. While watching the final film it should feel like that it is set in its own world but then you get an idea its actually set in a building, which allows you to break away from the form of reality and the story itself.

Innovative Animation Week 9


Here are the cut outs development for my work. I have cut out a range of silhouettes that I would be using to animate for my innovative animation short. I have cut out scenery, props and characters with walk cycles to allow me to create a smooth animation.

I looked at Lotte Reingers work which is where I thought of the idea to set my animation as a well known story but in my own way and making it look how I wanted it to look.

This video is all about Hansel and Gretel, Lotte Renigers version of the story. I thought this was a good idea to use her style and add to a story that people are already aware of but with a twist. The idea I got was to set mine based on Jack and the beanstalk but make it so that a person ends up falling into a different world and has to find a way to climb out of it. In this new world he finds deer and forests as he looks for a way out. When he gets the centre of the forest he finds a small house and finds some magic beans which he then plants so that they grow into a beanstalk so that he can climb back up to his world.


Here is a short animation I have created of the buildings around Wolverhampton University,  I created this to try to experiment with more media to see if I would include any in my final piece. I like how I have created this because alot of it is just on a repeated cycle through a series of work. I like the effect that it gives of on the work because it is really detailed and brings the city to life in a short animation.

Innovative Animation Week 8


Caroline Leaf

Today we looked at animation ideas for our work on different ways we could animate our projects what material or forms of animation we could experiment with in our animation project. We looked at two artists Caroline Leaf and Guilherme Marcondes.

The Street

This video we found that Caroline Leaf used oil on glass to create this animation. The style of this animation is very blurry and has a sinister look to it. The animation works really well I think because it makes you connect with the story flow and understand the feelings the characters may be going through.

Two sisters

With this film I found it to be very weird and different, it isn’t a style I would use personally. It shows a girl protecting her sister from the outside world because of the way she looks. But then someone finds her locked up and shows her that he doesn’t think she looks funny.

Guiherme Marcondes

Is a filmmaker and a creative directer, we found out that he also directed the adverts for the company British gas.


This short shows a tiger being lifted and moved around down a city. As it goes round the city it starts transforming people to small animated jungle like characters. I think the message of this short is that the tiger is strong bold character that turns the city into a jungle because it already is a jungle and the tiger is the king of the city/jungle. I like how effective the tiger looks in this short, you can see the people lifting him up and taking it around and there is a strong use of colour. I think being able to see the people lift the tiger adds to the short because normally you wouldn’t be able to see them but it allows us to understand how it is created.

The masters voice

This is a short of a strange character meeting these small animated characters. I think that the median that is used is very strong. The colours work really well and show different messages in the work.


With this short I love the colour and the use of objects being used. We also don’t see much animation being used in this short. A lot of the footage speaks for itself, stretching the boarders of camera and stop motion work being used.

British Gas

This animation if for the company British gas, we find strong bold a 3d and 2d animation being used in this short. The purpose of it is to encourage people to switch to British Gas and I think the animation idea behind it delivers the message really well because of the style being used.

Autism Speaks

This short animation shows whats autism is all about. Its purpose is to deliver a message to people to understand the effects of autism so that they can understand those people a little bit better. I really like the set design work on this short because its in the style of a story book.

Innovative Animation Week 7

Today we looked at more research to generate our ideas to create our final innovative animation.

Here I decided to look more at Lotte Reingers work, I wanted to see more on how she created her animation and what techniques she had used to create her animation.

Here I looked at different animation completely so that I didn’t restrict myself on gathering ideas from one technique. I like the way that they transform the work through the animation.

This is a animation that someone had created re creating a scene from the game limbo, they wanted to push the idea of how they could create there work using computer software to generate the silhouette effect as well as hand make it. They used adobe afters effects to help design there work for the final outcome.

Innovative Animation Week 6 (50%) 5DM032


These are the five animations that me and my groups have created, they are 2-10 seconds long.

 (2-10 Seconds)

This stop motion animation shows Peter Parker from the film spider man walking down the street. We decided this scene would go well with our work because it showed a strong sense of movement and had a good use of audio. So we started of finding props for the footage to use. We found that by using objects and applying audio to them it will replicate the different surroundings in the film’s scene such as cars and people moving. We used a manic-on and a box to represent cars so we applied car horns and a screeching noise for when they move past the scene. We also wanted the jazz music to be different from the original footage so we found our own jazz soundtrack from the website, which turned out to go well with the animation. Too create the movement of Peter Parker we used small cut out images, which when formed together made him seem to dance down the street. We approached the animation trying to replicate a similar style to Osbert Parker where he recreates scenes and use objects as a prop to replicate the real thing.

 (2-10 Seconds)

I feel that this Silhouette animation that we had created was the most successful out them all. After the first one we had created it didn’t run very well so we created a new fixing all the mistakes and problems we had en-counted in the first one. In the first one we had created we found that the camera quality wasn’t very strong and that the animation was lacking flow and wasn’t very well explained. So on the final one we made the silhouettes move more fluent and more realistic. I added a house to the scene also so that we know where the boy had came from before he entered the forest. I think I would use this animation again because the contrast of the work is strong technique. It is easy to understand what things are, I also like how there is different shades of grey in the background because it shows the distance of the background to the foreground.

 (2-10 Seconds)

This was my first group animation that we had created, we started it with a line which then shifted into being a circle which then slowly rotates into the earth. This then leads to a meteorite that crashes down onto the earth but the earth pushes back and prevents it. The original animation the earth got destroyed but we felt that we needed to make it more unexpected less obvious to the audience. We used chalk to create this animation, I found that it was different and quicker then other forms of animation, I think next time I would make it so that the animation tracked itself a moved more freely rather then rotating in one place on the board.

(2-10 Seconds)

The next animation was created using paint and perspex plastic, we started off creating a background to our work using house’s trees so that it looks like it is set in a countryside. Once we had done the background we began creating the characters for the scene. We created a small cat as the main character who would walk onto the scene then walk into the house in the distance then walk back with a top hat. I found this animation was difficult and messy, the characters were difficult to create on plastic and were hard to animate on the background, but I think the effect of the foreground did stand out from the background of the work which I could possible use in future animations.

This animation we started in our 5th week, it shows the process of us using rota-scoping  and drawing over the video to create a style that we wouldn’t normally use. When I was creating this animation I found it to be very long and detailed to work with but I really liked the final outcome because it shows the amount of detail that we have used within the work that we have created. We started of with ideas on where we could set the scene and what we could include in our work. Our first idea we were looking at the building around Wolverhampton which lead us to create work around the city centre because we found that there was alot of movement and structure there that we could work from.

Week 6 We then looked at When the day breaks animation piece which shows a small film by Amanda Forbis, Wendy Tilby. It shows a female who meets someone in the street but accidentally walks into them. Then a few minutes later we find that person get hit by a car which then lead to the female to run home scared and upset blaming her self. This then leads to us understanding how connected she is too everyone and that she shouldn’t lock her self away. The style with animals being over there faces allows us to gain a stronger idea for what sort of character they have and who they are as an individual.

We then looked at this animation and looked at the styles and how it was created. We found that it was created by live action work which was then painted ontop of. This allowed them to gain a strong depth with the work which lead them to be able to change the facial features and make the character have different traits and expressions.

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