Week 13 Critical and contextual


The essay I have created talks about how visual effects has changed over the past 20 years and what impact it has had in the film industry.

Word count: 2195

Word count with references and key words: 2610

Essay critical and contextual issues in art and design final done completed



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This presentation discusses the key elements that I have talked about in my essay. I have extracted pieces of key information of work from my essay and spoke about them in key power-point slides. The presentation talk about visual effects used in films and how it is created. It also talks about why and it is used and what are the production stages fro visual effects. It contains the good and bad impacts about visual effects and goes through the amount of money that is created in the visual effects industry.



Week 11: Essay and Presentation


Extracting key ideas from my essay

Synopsis of the topic

10 Key terms:

-Visual effects

Whats it is and how is it used in the film industry. Why do we use it and how do we create it for films. How important it is and what limits does it have.

-Job Market

How is it effecting the job market is there a demand for more artists to help produce films.


How much the films are making in terms of money and what impact it is having on the world.


How it has developed over the 20 years.

-Bad Impact

Bad points that people make about visual effects with what they think of it as a whole.

-Good Impact

Good points on why it is changing the entertainment industry and what else it is used for.

-Box Office

Statistics of how visual effects films on where they are compared to other films.


How is animation used in visual effects how has this developed over the years in the visual effect industry.


Facts about the arguments with statistics to back up the key points.


How it is growing and what other parts are also growing in the industry.

To add:

Structure of essay- Edit the structure of the essay more making sure everything is together and it builds up to the next part.

Harvard referencing- Correctly use the Harvard reference system for the essay so that the information I have found is referenced from the places I have found the information from.

Editing sentences- Fix up sentences that might not make sense or that can be altered to sound better then what they already are.

Adding book information- Using the books I have found to add more information and then shrinking them down to be applied to the essay.

Delete repetition- Make sure that I don’t repeat myself so that I can add even more information to the essay making the essay stronger.

Back up argument more- Give more evidence with my work to back up points and arguments.

Essay so far:

Essay critical and contextual issues in art and design 25,04,16


Things to add:

Add information about revenue and statistics. Explain more about the money that the industry is grossing and how big visual effects is in modern day films.

Add information how people feel about how its ruining films.

Good impact on how its developing films.

How people notice the bad but don’t notice the good effects.


Week 9: Essay and presentation drafts

Essay draft

Add refrences. Add more detail. Add more research.

Essay critical and contextual issues in art and design 01.04.16

Presentation draft

Add any material. Add research statistics. Add audio, videos or animation for my research.