Week 13 Compositing

Final video for film

Here is my final footage that I have created for my composting module. I feel this went really well and I managed to get the material together to make the scene look realistic. After weeks of learning how after effects works I am pleased with the final result of my film. I feel that I could of made my animation a bit better with the model but I feel that It all looked fine in the final footage.



Creature Scene

This is the scene near the end with the creatures that I wanted to add to my final scene.




Before creature animation

Original Idea

My first idea would be set on a beach and I will mask myself onto a wall which is set in front of the beach on the wall. Id walk across trying not to fall off while animated tentacles will try and knock me off the wall. There will be islands compositioned in the background which will set the scene. Every time a tentacle hits the wall id have a small rock effect happen which will try and keep the realism. For this all to work id need to make sure the lighting and colour is correct with the scene and that the tentacles work with the composition of the layers. There will also be rocks closer to the shot which will blend the wall to the shot better. I might have another shot wear I am looking onto a city which has smoke and fire coming off it which it has been destroyed. This shot will be a shot from behind and you’ll see me looking onto the city. I think when im acting out the shot with the tentacles id either have to have it from a side shot or a close up angle side shot, so that you’d be able to see what I can see from my point of view. I might have a shot where we see a tentacle crumble from beneath the rocks and raise up. This might mean I could choose to set the background scene as a ocean or a city being attacked but the lighting of the scene needs to be on point so that I can blend my work together.





Layers for screen

Layer 1. Still image of city (masked)

Layer 2. Video of ocean (masked)

Layer 3. Visual effects of fire, smoke etc…

Layer 4. Still images. Rocks etc…

Layer 5. Live action footage

Layer 6: Animation of tentacle, Creatures

Creature reference


Tentacle reference


Helicopter reference



What would I do if I re did the work?

I think if I were to re do this piece of work I think I would alter the story a bit more. I am happy with where it was set but I think I could of added more to the scene making it look more dangerous. I feel that the live action could also be worked on a bit so that the mask wasn’t as sharp as it looks.

I also would of liked to re create a scene from something so I looked for videos that I thought I could re create if I were to re do this piece of work.

I first found this scene from the new film dead pool. It is a breakdown of effects being used showing each layer that is placed on top of each other to try and get a realistic look to the footage. I think this will help me develop and will teach me how to and where to layer other images together to try and make a realistic scene. We also see cgi animation, effects and live action being used as layers which overlap the still images.

Below I found the advert for amigo loans. I thought this would be interesting to re create because it uses an animation which blends together with the live action.

What I thought went well?

I found that the layers I had found for the shot worked well with each. I managed to get some realism to my work and learnt new ways to use software. I learnt how to green screen and how to apply effects to my work. I think if I were to re do the module I would create the background more similar to how it is on a big film, layering still images on top of each other to make a nice quality look to my work. I think the best part of my footage was the final bit where we see me kneeing and looking onto the city in fear. I also have smoke which fades onto screen which helps bring out the effect of the work I wanted. The camera angles were something I was most pleased with because it was something new to me and I wanted to try and make it add effect for the footage.

How could I improve the work?

I think one of the biggest things I could improve on it the animation for the tentacle. It wasn’t the best of quality but this was due to me using maya 2015 for the tentacle but then the file wouldn’t load properly when I switched to maya 2016. Although the quality might not be the best quality for the animation I thought the model and texture I used for it looked really good and went well with the footage. I think there were some parts of the animation that I could of altered but I was happy with the model, with previous attempts of the model being the wrong size or not looking realistic I think I managed to get a strong look for the tentacle even though the quality was lacking for the video.


Week 12: Compositing

Present work

Presentation of the work will show the methods I’ve used and the steps I have taken to get this far. It shows the ideas that I have generated and thoughts I have gathered.

Feather masking

Feather masking is used when the image or video layer has been masked out but looks to sharp. It allows the shape to blend out into the other layers surrounding it giving a much cleaner stronger look to the work. The video below helps discus this and shows how feather masking works with the layers.


Layers need to be layered on top of each other correctly this then allows the layers that we need to see first are in front of the others. If I were to create the smoke effect I would put the smoke layer in front of all the other layers. This will allow me to create the look I want with the work. Below is a screen shot i have took of my work showing the amount of layers that I have used to create my video.



Creature sound


Helicopter noise


Sea crashing on rocks


Splash for the tentacle bursting out of the water


I used my sound from the site freesfx which allowed me to download free sounds for me to use.

Reference: http://www.freesfx.co.uk/soundeffects/nature/?p=4

Video so far

Next thing I will need to do the video will to edit the jumping parts using premiere pro. This will stop the dramatic jumping from each shot. Also I will look at fixing a couple of layers that haven’t saved properly to screen. Below shows a more updated video of my work but after watching it we can see the mistakes I have encountered which I will need to fix to the work.

From learning about color correction I have lean’t how to make it look like that all layers are connected and that it doesn’t look like I have placed anything on top of each other. I think that the live action could of had more work done to it but I am happy with how everything else looks apart from the animation which didn’t have the quality I was after.


Week 11: Compositing


Shadowing using after effects.

Next was to look at adding shadowing to my work. I found this to be a new thing for me to learn using adobe after effects. So I looked online and found a way how to do this. I found two methods on how to shadow. The first one goes through how to copy and paste the live action then change its colour and make it follow the live action from below. This will then follow the live action creating a mirrored shadow.

The next video I found was a different method of doing a shadow effect. This one was much better for me to use and allowed me to create the shadow that I wanted.

Colour correction

My next step was trying to fix up the colour with the layers. Making the layers blend with each other so that nothing looked out of place. I found this part to be one of the hardest parts for my work because it was all bout making sure that the layers looked liked they were in they same place. I found my green screen lighting was a little bit funny and I found this to be very challenging for my work. So I tried to make the rest of the image in the scene the same colour so it would look right for the final video.

Next I wanted to find a way to make it look like all of the layers were in the same place which I learnt I could do this by applying a new layer ontop and then making it transparent. This will then add the same colour on top of all of the layers making it look like they are all together and in the same place. I was really happy with how this looked in the end because I was able to blend them together.

Video so far 8 seconds of it

Week 10: Compositing

Video so far:


I created the border to try and make it feel like a film scene. I thought this would be a really good idea to help make my footage stand out more. I learnt that this helps set the scene and will add to the drama. I think It will make the scene more dramatic and it will engage to the audience better.


The camera angles are important to help set the scene for my video. I think that if you manage to get strong camera footage you’ll be able to create strong quality work. This is important because it keeps the viewers wanting to keep on watching the footage. From what I have learnt previously I might cut scenes to around 5 seconds to 10 seconds so that each shot is different which keeps the viewer interested in what is happening. I will also use the 180 degree rule for my work so that the illusion of the film stays with the camera. If I were to break this rule then the video might not have the final look I was after.


Lighting is important in the footage because it helps make the layers look like they are together and not just randomly placed into a video. If the lighting is off on a object then this might make the rest of the video footage look bad.

Reference material:



This is a model and animation that I have created for my video. This was about my 3rd attempt at making one because the previous ones was not as smooth and it didn’t look as realistic as I wanted it to. Once I imported it into the video I found that the lighting needed to be altered a bit so that it didn’t look out of place in the scene.

Reference for smoke

Here is the smoke effect that I have found an used for my video. We can see this effect being used multiple times because it helped create the destruction after effects that I wanted.


Reference for helicopter

Here is the video footage for the animated helicopter that I had found and used in the end of my scene. I though this would be good effect leading up to the destruction of the city.


Still image


Below are the mixture of rocks that I have used as layers for still images in my work.

broken-rocksrocky-desertgrey rock

ground_stone_ground_0050_01_previewnew groundlizard-rocks-viewroate rocksrock_cliff_edge_stock_1_by_xxmysterystockxx-d72qtbwrocks


I thought this image would be really useful for creating the clouds and island in the background of the scene.



This is the city still image that I have used for the final shot for the scene. I thought this would be a good idea to have because it shows a overlooking view which would work nice with my over head shot angle looking into the distance. I though that the angle that the picture was perfect for what I wanted to do with it.

Midtown Manhattan, New York City, USA


Live action

My live action

Here are the live action shots that I have used for the green screen room. I thought that they looked really good together and that I had managed to create a strong set of shots and angles that I could use. This version is edited to my previous version which was over a minute longer. I decided to edit it out because the video didn’t need to be that long so this was only adding more time to work on which isn’t what I needed.

Video footage


These are the fire effect that I have used in my scene.

Sea video

This sea effect is used throughout my video I think that it was a strong background video which I could mask out. I wanted to use this because I wanted to make the water move instead of it being a still image and not looking right.


This is the splash effect that I have used in my work for when my animation bursts out from the water. I thought that the splash was a strong effect to use to make the animation look more realistic as if it was actually happening.


Week 9: Compositing


Here I have tried to re create the tentacle arm for the composting. I found that I should try and re create the tentacle animation to try and make it look even more realistic and 3d. I started of creating the cylinders like before and stretched them out longer then my last attempt.

2016-04-12 (6)

This image shows the length of the tentacle that I was happy with and was ready to have shapes added to it.

2016-04-12 (7)

These shapes that I add to the model are for the suckers on the tentacle. These would have to be texture correctly so that It wouldn’t look out of place.

2016-04-12 (8)

After creating this model I found a problem trying to import it to maya 2016 because the software was updated over the Easter holidays and then it wouldn’t allow me to create a rig for the skeleton of the model which mean’t I couldn’t animate the model. So I decided to concentrate with the rest of the video footage while I could.

Week 8: Compositing

Creatures and props for background

These are links that I have found just in case my creature didn’t work with my scene. I have also thought about maybe adding one of these to another part of the shot which might end up making it look even better.

Here is a video that shows a range of creatures that I might want to use. These are great because they are in front of a green screen which means Ill be able to edit them out and layer them onto my scene if I wanted to.

Here are a few helicopter effects that I have found which I could use to add to my scene.


Today I started to piece my scene together, adding or the shots together and editing them out. Below shows me breaking down my green screen footage even more. This was so that there wasn’t to much happening. This will allow me to add more things and maybe render them out quicker depending on the amount of things I add to the scene. I think if the render time ends up being to long then I will break it down in further using after effects so that I can present my footage.

Today was all about adding the layers to my work. I found this to be really interesting and new to me. I learnt how to change the lighting to the still images and blend the layers together. I also think that I might need to edit some masking that I have done to some of the work.



Week 7: Compositing

Development and camera shots

Here are my green screen shots that I have edited out from the footage that I had created. I acted out my scene in front of the green screen using a mixture of camera angles. I did this to try and make the work look alot more professional but it also made it alot longer to add all the layers of visual effects in the background and still have them blend together in the background.

After watching this edited piece of footage I also felt it was also really long for my scene and that I should edit it again and try to cut it down. I think this will allow more time for me to add the visual effects and figure out where id want the effects by using my storyboard.

This is the full footage of all the shots that I had filmed on the green screen. I found this to be really interesting and allowed me to understand alot more about visual effects and how things look on camera. I wanted to use a range of camera angles for my work trying to fit to the scene and storyboard that I created. From the storyboard I used the camera angles for help with the different parts of the scene I also added extra camera angles to try and capture more reactions but I also found that this made the footage far to long for my short scene and that really I should be trying to be doing around 30 seconds.

After filming my scene I looked more at finding more visual effects for my work that I could use.