Character Development Week 12 (5DM028)


Sock is a bold strong quiet character, he likes to keep out of trouble and help others that need him. He is always trying to make new friends but people misjudge him becuase of the way he looks. He is oftenly clumsy and always trys to make others laugh, becuase he is a friendly giant but sometimes his anger can lead him to trouble…


Here is the storyboard process I created for my scene. It is a updated version to my previous storyboard. This is because as I developed my character further I wanted to show more reaction in the characters face, so I focused more on the part where we see him react. Also I wanted there to be a short side shot of my character so that people could see what my character looked like from the side.

Model sheet

Here are facial expressions and poses I developed when designing my character. The 3d models I created helped me get a better look on the different angles from my character.


Here are different style I looked at when developing my character. This shows how different my ideas were when eventually finding the right one to choose from. I was intrested in a few but I was really happy with the style with the wide face and long eyes because I felt it reflected the character traits that I wanted my character to have.



Here are Socks models that I had created and the structure for him that I wanted him to have. I took multiple images showing different angles for my model.

Concept art

Here are concept art ideas on my character. It also shows very different designs to the final look of my character, this is becuase I kept on changing the way I wanted him to look.

Final Look

Here shows the final pieces of work on how I wanted my character to look and what features I wanted him to have. Ive learnt through my progress that my characters appearence frequently changed which shows the development and ideas I had while creating my character.



Here is my animation scene that I created for my character “Sock” I found this was quite succesful. I think I managed to capture my characters personality and voice well.

Whats the animation about? The animation that I have created so far for my character shows his movement and reactions to certain situations. It shows him reacting to a ball being thrown at him then being laughed at by other people. I found this to be a challenge to try and re create my characters reaction because it also shows the audience what sort of creature he is. I wanted to stick to my old idea for animation which was just having a ball being thrown at him other then having multiple balls being thrown at him.

How did my research help? My research and development helped because it allowed me to keep changing my character design and look until I was happy with how he had looked. At first he was wearing a mask which didn’t really show much reaction in his face, so I scrapped the mask idea and moved onto how he would look without the mask which went him to not having any eyes which was also hard to show a reaction in his face. I then started to develop how my character would look like with bold eyes, which I thought worked because I found the eyes to relate to his innocence as a character. The mask was something he could wear so its more an item then apart of my character itself. Throughout my process on creating my character we find my ideas changing and developing using the feedback I had got from my classes.

Did I choose the right style? I think I used the right style, because it showed a simple animation displaying my characters personality and design. But I also think that if I used autodesk maya it would allow me to get an even better look for my character as-well.

Did I understand the software? Yes I understood the software when creating my characters animation.

What could I have done better? I think I could of made my character better by focusing more on its design even more, looking more on features and styles my character could have.

Has your project helped you to develop knowledge and skills in character development? Yes it has shown me the development and understanding of the production on characters are created and how they are formed from ideas and information.


Character Development Week 11

Here is my final development of my character and the animation that I have created for my character. I wanted to create more angle and views to get a better feel for my character before animating it. I drew out the front and side view of my character to get a better idea of my characters structure to his body.


I experimented with different colours seeing if there was much difference in the way he would look. I think that the dark colours work well with my character the most because it makes him looks more intimidating.


Here is my character animation that I have created. I found that when I was animating my character it brought the character to life and it allowed me to have a feel on my character much more. After watching this through I found that I needed to re design the characters walking animation at the start and focus more on his reactions and adding a lip sync for the characters voice.

Below is the introduction to the film Guardians of the Galaxy where we find the main character being introduced. The music that is being played shows the characteristics of the character from the start because it allows the audience to engage with what the characters personality is like and what sort or person he is.

Lip Sync and music for character

I’ve added the lip sync to my work and gave my character a voice. I think the voice I have choose for my character suits him because it is a deep strong voice which goes well with how my character visual looks like. From looking at how other people have betrayed giant top heavy character I found that some used deep voices to go with there character. I got this audio from recording my own voice and editing the audio to make it sound deeper than what it already was. I also added a music soundtrack to my character of a guitar being played, I thought this would suit my character because It was a soft nice sound which have similar traits to my character.

Character Development Week 10

Research and development

Re do model… refrence from..

Here is a video that ive watched which shows the modeling process that is used to create characters. I found that this was a really useful video to watch because the creature that was being modeled had a very simular top heavy body to what my character has. So when I re model my character again I can use this for refrence. It also shows how they create different segments of the creatures body, how they form the mucles, how they create its structure and facial features. We also see how the facial structure gets changed and adjusted until they are finally happy with how it looks. I also learnt that when creating a 3d model of your character you learn new features and body structure that you dont realise when drawing it out in 2d. You get more of a feel on how your character looks and where the mucles and features are on your character as a whole.

Andy Serkis

Motion capture is used alot in modern films today because it brings characters to live from actors and applying CGI to them they are able to create a realistic imaginative character to life. Andy Serkis is a famous actor who has helped act in many films because on how he is able to grasp the personality of a character and bring them to live. For example the video below shows footage of him acting out being an ape, we find that even with all the technology on him he is able to replicate a clear representation of an ape like creature without being in costume. This allows the CGI team to apply a animated character on top using the actor as the core of the character using his movement to animate from.

Creating Gollums character

This video is great for seeing the characters personality come to life. We see the different uses of facial expressions used by Andy Serkis for Gollum to come to life much more. The exageration on his face allows us to get a better understanding on what mood the character is feeling, what they are doing and how they are reacting.

This next video I found was the process someone was creating for their characters design. They used software to visually create a 3d model of their character, this allowed them to see their character from a whole new prospective. I found this video because I thought it was another strong use of material to work from becuase of the body shape and features that could link to my characters development.

Then I looked at other examples of concept art work and how other people have created giant like characters. I found that the shoulders were often broard and that the body structure was top heavy. Some also had long arms which I could add to my design. The texture of skin used for the creatures was one of the things I thought about aswell because I felt it gave it more of a background for the creature for other people to relate with where it had come from.


Here I decided that I needed to work on my characters face, I found that I needed to add more facial features to my character to make him have more of a reaction when animating my character. This will give my character a chance to show his personality more and allow other people to understand my character alot better as a whole. Learning his characteristics and what his personality has on offer.

Reference walk cycle

Character Development Week 9


Today I looked more at the development of my animation for my character Sock. I after creating short storyboards of the scene for my character I created a short animatic on how the scene would look and how my character would react in his scene. I also looked at adding eyes to my character and eyebrows which helped create more of a reaction for my character.

After creating this animatic I found that I should make his reactions last longer and that I should make him react alot more than he does in the scene, this will hopefully bring out my characters personality more.


This animatic is from the development of the film monsters inc. This allowed me to have a better idea on how they use camera shots and the reactions in their character in their scenes.

Sound Character development

Beauty and the beast opening song

Annie 1982 Little Girls (Miss Hannigan)


The Piano (1993)

Sound of Character

Body Sound/World Sound

  • Kevin Convoy
  • Hank Azaria
  • Billy West
  • Rob Paulson
  • Peter Cullen
  • Tress Mcneil
  • Jim Cunnings
  • Tara Strong
  • Mel Blanc
  • Frank Welker

Top  Ten Narrations

Batman Penny Elfman

Creative Task Listen to a piece of music and create a character from the music.

Create a suitable sound for my character.

Having the right sound for your character that fits the characters personality allows you to bring out your characters traits alot stronger. If its a loud heavy soundtrack then maybe the character would be loud top heavy. If the soundtrack was calm relaxing, elegant then the character would be like a dancer or ballerina.  Having sound that links to your character can show a mental image on what your character is like. Also maybe without even seeing the character you could have a feel on how the character is by just listening to the soundtrack attached to him. For example if I were to chose a song that I liked and it would fit my personality, because I can relate to the song and it means something to me giving you an idea on what sort of character I am even if I don’t show it visually.

Here is a short walk test that I had created for my character, using the body shape of my character I did a rough sketch on how I could animate him walking onto the scene. After doing this I found that I need to go into further development of my character and maybe think more about how he would move more, being top heavy might mean he would move slower and drag his arms more.


Character Development Week 8

Here are storyboarding ideas for my character animation. I also created a few sketch’s of my character Sock. I want my character to walk onto a setting in a classroom and stand thinking about things. Then suddenly he would get hit by a paper ball that someone had thrown at him. This then leads to Sock being confused and looks around himself wondering who had thrown it at him. He then figures out there were students hiding at him and laughing. So he ignores them. They then continue to throw more at him until he is buried in paper balls. He then grabs them all and moulds them all into a big paper ball to throw back at them. When he does this he ends up throwing it too hard at someone and knocking them over. He reacts to this and trys to apologise to them and hug them.

Next I decided to change his face around again to see what he would look like. I found that the second face design I had created by mistake I really liked and that I wanted to use this face as the final look. I then drew up a few facial expressions from this 3d face trying to replicate the look that I had created. The looks of the characters face is one of the key importance to showing what my characters personality is like and how he is betrayed, what traits he has. After designing the model I found that he needed eyes to show more of a reaction. Being able to see the expression from the characters eyes and eyebrows allows you to understand how that character is feeling at ta given time and what choices he is next going to make. It allows you to predict and relate to the character. Some of the most successful characters have been created using this because it grabs the audience and allows them the relate with feelings on what the character is emotionally going through and what he is all about. I thought that I should make his eyes large so that it was easier for people to understand him abit better then what he already was. Having big bold eyes also shows the characters traits that he might have such as being innocent and friendly.

I then found this video that I could use for reference for my animation for my character. (Video not mine)

This will help me get a feel on how my character would look walking towards the camera in the first scene.  I think this character’s build is similar to my characters build which has allowed me to have a better idea on how my character would also look.

I also used this video that I had found for reference, for paper balls being thrown into the trash bin. (Not my video) This will give me and idea on how paper balls move when they are being thrown by someone.


Character Development Week 7

Character Research

Today we looked at characters from films, this allowed us to gain a stronger sense on what the character personality traits are like in certain situations. This will then give us a stronger idea on how we could show our characters personality in a 20 second animation.


From watching Charlie Chaplin the kid we developed ideas on how the characters personalities are like. Charlie Chaplin is a Funny, Clumsy, Good hearted character, we find this when he finds a young child who he picks up and tries to help them.

From watching Jerry Maguire we found that the main characters personality changes when he is in desperation to for his last client to stay with him. So we find our character go out of character which leads him to shout in his work space.

With this scene we looked at how a scenario could make the characters get out of character. We find that they get stuck in an elevator and they all behave differently. This allows us to see there true personality. The guard loses his character instantly by saying that they ill plummet to the bottom of the lift. The women becomes aggressive and snappy with what people say. While the actor Tom Hanks remains calm and trys to encourage others to remain calm and relaxed with him. While he is in there he realises that there’s things in his life that he should change because he dosnt enjoy those things any more. So he ends up moving out from his apartment. This sudden situation allowed the characters to show there true personalities and openly think about there life choices.


We all then had to act out our characters personality’s in a scenario. This allowed us to gain a better understanding on how our characters could be animated and so that we could the different reactions that we could use.

Idea 1

My first idea is that my character would knock someone’s drink over and laughs at himself for being clumsy. Then he finds out that the drink belonged to someone and that they started to get upset about it so he would walk over to them and hug them to say sorry.

Idea 2 

My second idea is that he could stand in the middle of the room and get hit by paper balls and gets buried in with paper being thrown at him. So then he grabs all the rubbish and makes a massive paper ball and throws it back at them which ends up hitting them to hard because he doesn’t realize his own strength. So then he would try and cheer them up.

Idea 3

My third idea is that he gets tripped over a bully but gets back and starts to copy their every move so that they get embarrassed about him.

References for animation

With this short animation I thought it would be a good start for a reference because the Iron Giant has some personality traits that my character also has. We find a tall robot realizing that someone has caused trouble so he tries to stop them escaping. We also find that he realizes that there is a bomb heading towards him wear the town is. So he decides to sacrifice himself in order to save people lives. This shows his true personality, that he cares about others and will help others in need.

This is the acting scene we acted out replicating the scene for our character. This will help me create a short story board for my animation to work from. I think for my final animation I should focus more of the reaction of my character then what is going on in the scene, this will allow me to show me about the characters personality.

Character Development Week 6

Development and Research

Here are sketches of my character, each showing ideas on how I want him to sort of look. I feel that he should keep his mask on to hide his identity more, so people don’t know what he looks like under it. After drawing these I found that I shouldn’t use fur because it might look like a character that has already been created. So I stuck with the idea of him wearing a uniform. I then started to mould his body into the shape that I wanted him. The first head that I had created was to big for his body so I re moulded it to become smaller. This allowed his body to look more heavy and made my character look more dopey. I found that I should positioning him to a pose would allow me to get more of an idea on how he would look 3d in that position.  After my first attempt of modelling my character I feel I should be more experimental with my work and see how I could change its features as I progress with my work. After the concept art I found that I needed to smooth my character out a bit on adobe Photoshop.


Next I looked at Weta Works character development. Weta Work’s work below (not mine) They have worked on films such as the hobbit, avater and many other films. Creating the models of the creatures that are often seen in the films. They start of developing concept art and then create designs on how there character would look and then they would create the character with more of a 3d look.


Then we looked at the artist Darren Marshall who helped create models for the star wars clone wars franchise for eight years. Working with Lucas arts film studio, he would design models using clay and building up his work by applying muscles.

Maquette Sculpting

Here is a Marquette sculpture which shows how artists create the models. They start of using wire to craft the skeleton of the characters model so that they can apply muscles to the model to make it look more realistic. When it came to the face they would use small circler shapes or cylinder shapes to do the smaller muscles in the face such as the lips or the eye lids. This will then start to make the character look more alive. The muscles help shape the character more then anything, as I’ve discovered and learnt it also can indicate what sort of personality traits your character may have. The heavier  the muscles are at the top tend to show that your character is more dominant and muscular. I found creating the scuplture very time consuming but really intresting becuase it allowed me to get a better visual look of my character to understand him more. It also gave more more ideas on changing a few features for my character such as instead of him wearing a mask I could use a material over his head.

3 artist styles:

Tim Burton

Tim Burton’s character designs are sinister looking and are often created using pen, his characters have long limbs or often have a bold head.


Quentin Blake

Qeuntin Blake designs the characters for the Raould Dahl books, his style is more like a kids attempt but he has made it so that it is neat. We see less detail in his work but more colour and messy lines being used.


Daniel Orive

Daniel Orive has a much more bold and detailed approach to his art work, we see that he likes to use 3d as him main style of work, and he uses strong detail to his work to make it look more realistic.


Sketch’s in there styles and Model work

Here I have tried to recreate the style that Tim Burton and Raould Dahl have used. This allowed me to develop more ideas on how my character could look. I used water colour and pen for these designs. I found water colour has a nice effect to the work when designing concept ideas.

Here I decided to recreate my model because I thought I needed to work more on the structure of my character. So I cut the limbs off the original design off and then added long arms to the base of the character. I then added muscle shaped plaster to the arms which then built up the structure. I also decided to re design the face of my character because I didn’t think it looked right. I built up the bottom of the face which left him to have a nice mouth look to him. After I added a waist then two small legs to my character. Once I was happy with how he looked I thought about how he would pose and I also made him lean on a small rock sculpture.

After designing the 3d model of my sculpture I then started to re draw his design concept, fitting to his new looks. I found that the model making allowed me to develop my character even further and find new features to my character.