Week 4: Professional development

Job development

Find a job I would like to apply for ready to discuss after the careers development week.

3D Character Modeller


Creative CV

Find inspiration for CV’s and branding in general. Research CV’s that might help me development mine in a creative way. Looking at the styles,illustrations, spacing, colours and fonts that they use.


Ideas and plans for the report that I will be creating.


Week 3: Professional development

This week I’ve been looking at how I can create a CV and cover letter for future employ-ability.

Creating a CV 

CV breakdown

  • Personal details- Telling them personal information such as email, phone number and address so that they can contact me if need be.
  • Career aim/ profile- What am I looking for in the future and who I am with a quick brief description.
  • Education- What education do I have, make sure I save space and keep it simple and easy. Use dates to show my education experience.
  • Professional development
  • Employment- Where I’ve worked previously. Bullet point list with dates. What I had to do.
  • Skills- Write any skills that I have and make sure how I have used my skills in previous work.
  • Achievements- Write up any achievements that I have gained through my life.
  • References- Have references form people that I have previously worked for, this will help prove that I have done things and shows that I have certain skills.

I don’t need to include my age, religion, nationality or CV as my title.

I need to make my CV stand out and make sure that it suits the jobs that I am applying for. For example if I was applying for work in a creative field I would maybe use colour and images where as if it was for retail or business work id try and make it look smart and neat.

CV principles

  • Content evenly distributed over the whole of the CV.
  • CV= 1 or 2 complete side of an a4 page
  • Easy to read
  • Correct spelling/grammar
  • Targeted- make sure that it is targeted for the job that I am applying for.


Click here for my Creative CV


Loyal creative graduate with a focus to deliver tasks repeatedly to a high standard. Able to work ambitiously in a team and offer the best of my abilities on time. Searching for a passionate team so that I can fit in to use my skills with them so that we can succeed.




(Staffordshire University Academy)


A Level Results: Art: (B) Travel and Tourism:  (Merit) ICT: (Merit)


8 GCSE’s including English and Maths (A-C)


Driving license

First aid trained 2017

Strong knowledge with Microsoft office programs and other programs such as:

Pie charts for Maya, Aftereffects, illustrator, Premiere pro, Photoshop




  • (4Years) Taylor’s restaurant I served as a waiter and have learnt skills to work and corporate with my colleges. I have learnt health and safety regulations and know how to treat customers politely. I am quick at solving problems and I’m able to help others who need assistance.



  • (2Years) Staffordshire university academy I became a prefect while studying my GCSE subject’s. This gave me leadership skills and commitment. I had to make sure students were following rules and standards. At times I also supported student who needed assistance.



  • (1 year) Chase leisure centre I was an activity leader for chase it throughout the year for teens and below supporting them, teaching and creating activities for them to do. My role was all about being a leader and being able to deal with challenging situations such as first aid or looking after over 30 young people.



Researching: At university I had to research on a weekly basis.

Creativity: I’ve got a portfolio of work of drawings that I have produced over my life.

Motivating/Supporting: I’ve had job roles where I’ve had to support young people.

Time management: I achieve deadlines and I’m able to attend places on time.

Communication: I communicate well to others and I am able to share my ideas.

Teamwork: I’ve had a range of tasks and jobs on where I’ve needed to work together in a team which has led to success.




In my spare time I enjoy taking part in sport related activities and socializing with others. I also like to draw animals or creatures, I live near a woodland that I often visit.




I can provide references on request

Software Experience:

Creating a cover letter

  • Explain why you are writing to them.
  • It is to persuade the employee to read your CV
  • It is to highlight your unique selling points, which will make them want to know more about you.

Three paragraphs

  • I need to make it short and sweet
  • What I can do for them
  • Thank them etc…

Cover letter:

Click here for my Cover Letter

For my cover letter I looked at the job role to work for boulder media as a 3D character modeller because I feel that is the sort of direction I want to move towards after I have completed my studies.


Curtis Wortley

18 Columbian Drive

WS11 6NH

00745 910872



Boulder Media

14 Hawkins Street,

Dublin 2, Ireland

Phone: +353 1 6779775

16th February 2018


Dear Sir/Madam

Character modeller (For CG feature)

I am an undergraduate student of animation at the University of Wolverhampton applying for the role of Character modeller for your upcoming feature length film within the 3d studio. I am ambitious to work in the animation and character design industry once I have completed my studies. I feel this would prepare me for my graduate career and allow me to use all the skills and knowledge that I’ve gained over the past years to use for this exciting new feature.

During my studies I’ve studied modules such as 3D development and character design which has given me a range of understanding to be able to use my creativity with the tools provided on programs such as Maya. Also, its allowed me to understand the importance of deadlines and the dedication I need to have with my work.

Over the years I have been looking at the work that your studio has produced such as Danger mouse or the Amazing World of Gumball, which gave me huge interest in wanting to be able to have the opportunity to work with your team.

I have a huge interest in character design with the development process on how the character starts out to get to the finished product in this case a CG character for a feature film. Throughout the years Ive gone through the pipeline process to understand how characters are created and what techniques are used to create them. This has allowed me to adopt the skills into my own work and create my work to a high quality.

My enclosed CV highlights my qualifications, experiences and skills that you might be looking for. If you require any extra information please contact me. I am able to attend any interview at any given time and I’m excited to hear from you.

Yours sincerely

Curtis Wortley


Week 3: Animation production


Rough sketches

I went back to the visitors centre to do more sketches and drawings of birds to get more references for my character swish but this time I wanted to use different materials such as charcoal and ink. This will give me a chance to experiment more with how my characters will look and help me develop more with my ideas.

Photos of owls

From Cannock chase forest:

Photos from online




For the clothes of Hollow I will be looking at using shorts/three quarters with a shirt.

For Swish she will have a small blue bow on her.


I will need to create an axe design for Hollow because he uses it as a weapon within the story to escape.

Character development


Hollows stages:

Stage 1

Hollows first stage is a human form. A young male adult.

Stage 2

Hollows second form he will be half tree and half human.

Stage 3

Hollows third form he will be a fully wooden creature.

Mood board

Mood board will be a plan ideas this will help me add new things to my characters and development for my work. Looking at existing ideas and combining them with new ideas.


Week 2: Professional development

Enterprise and employ ability award

This week we looked at career planing. We had a lecture about the enterprise and employ ability award.

For the bronze award we will need to complete a online quiz. http://www.weea.org.uk

Silver award I would have to complete 3 out of 6 of the possible tasks.

Complete silver as part of your module

  1. Work related study
  2. Careers action plan
  3. CV and application form
  4. Presentation and mock interview

Top up to gold:

  1. Work experience
  2. Skills analysis

Then for the gold award I would need to complete all 6 tasks. These tasks include:

  •  Work experience
  • Work related study
  • Career action plan
  • Skills analysis
  • Written application
  • Presentation

Get in touch: http://www.wlv.ac.uk/careers



swot 2

Complete tasks from career presentation:

Skills anaysis

Choose 3 skills

Think of a situation you have demonstrated these skills.

Drawing, Researching, Motivating

Using STAR (situation, task, action, result) describe what happened and outcome.


Situation- Restaurant where I worked needed an advertisement to put outside.

Task- They needed someone to design an advert for them and then paint it onto a board to attract people in for Christmas.

Action- I drew up designs and showed them until they were happy with one. Then I painted it up on the board.

Result- They were pleased with it and ended up paying me although I was doing it for free.


Situation- For university they wanted me to find out about certain companies/artists so that I can talk/write about them for my work.

Task- I needed to research artists for my essays that I had to do at university.

Action- I researched companies/artists and then blogged about it online so that I keep up to date with my work.

Result- I ended up passing my essays and learnt how to research quickly and was able to write it up in a constructive way.


Situation- I was working at a summer camp and a young teen was upset with losing activity’s.

Task- I needed to motivate them to get them to join back in with the activity’s so that they don’t miss out.

Action- I encouraged them by joining in with them on the activity and was on their team to help them win.

Result- They were happy that they had won and ended up joining in with the rest of the activity’s.

Personal branding

Knowing my strengths and knowing how they will come in use in my chosen career.

I will list my:

  • Skills- Creative, Drawing, Visualizing, Critiquing, Planning, Editing, Character design, Modelling.
  • Intrests- Character production, Environment
  • Values/motivations- Stability and security, Creativity, Time, Excitement.
  • Character traits- Loyal, Friendly, Competitive, Supportive, Thoughtful, Driven
  • Achievements- Work experience

Who do I want to work for?

Why should they employ me?  (instead of someone else)

What am I known for? I’m known for being trust worthy, loyal and creative. I’ve shown these skills in multiple job roles that I have done. For example when I worked as a waiter I was asked if I could create a Christmas banner design for the restaurant to attract more customers in. I managed to create it on time and they were happy with it so they paid me extra.

What are the selling points of the person in the speculative letter?

How would describe their brand?

The women in the hat looks creative person because of the casual stylish clothes she has on. You can see in her clothes her personality such as the pineapple pattern or the hat she has on. It could mean she could be a art teacher, photographer, fashion designer. She looks like she is very open and friendly.

The women sitting down looks like she could be a freelancer. I feel that she might be doing office work at home. I think this because of the casual formal clothes she is wearing. I feel that her job is much more at home because of how comfortable her clothes look, it looks like clothes she would wear at home rather for a job.

The man in the suit looks like he is either going for an interview or he might be a business man. I think this because of the sharp suit he is wearing that he wants to make an impression and that his work is really important so he needs to wear really formal smart clothes.

Image result for creative womenImage result for woman at workImage result for man in suit


Do companies have brands? Yes. I know this because looking at the Bluezoo website we see bright colours being used, quirky font, huge video showcases of work and lots more. After seeing all these website themes I learnt that the brand that the company has is that its a fun creative atmosphere. Fill of creative people and they show off there work to attract more people to them.

Where as if it was a big corporate website for businessmen it would be more formal and direct. It will have more writing, simple font designs, less colour, this is becuase they are trying to set an example on how this company works. This can also be seen with how people dress to interviews. If I were to dress for a creative company I would wear casual stylish clothes that tell them something about me which is what they are looking for. They want someone that they can work with on a daily basis so they want to get to know me more. Where as if it was for a corporate businesses they would look for someone to dress smart and formal. This is because they want to hire someone who will take their company at an important level, they don’t partially care about your personality as much but care on what you can bring to the company.

Blue zoo: https://www.blue-zoo.co.uk/


What fascinates me?
Production work, character design, gaming, researching

What do I enjoy finding about and talking about?

I enjoy finding out about how things are created and how people came up with those ideas and how they then develop them to create them visually for others to see.

If I spent most of my time finding out about one thing what would it be?

I feel like would spend most of that time learning about nature. I find looking at animals/creatures that have only been recently discovered interesting and any new animals that have/how they are evolving to their natural environment.

What am I studying? What are my hobbies?

Im studying animation. My hobbies include watching films, gaming, meeting friends, learning new things, drawing.

What books to I read and documentaries I watch?

I watch documentaries about animals and life in the wild. Im curious on how things are created and how they are develop as a species over the years.

What is it about them that sparks my curiosity?

Learning about how  they develop certain limbs or senses to adapt to new situations in their habitats which is always changing around them.

Personal statement 

Things about me:

3 things that I value the most:

  1. Stability and security- I want to be able have a work schedule for my future career with a stable income. I don’t as to much how much I earn as-long as its enough to live of and support me.
  2. Creativity- I find that id like to have a creative career because id find it a lot more interesting and fun for me and I feel that there is always something to learn and develop in a creative field.
  3. Time- I feel that time is very important to me. I think that I would need to work somewhere that I can balance enough time to work and enough time to be with family and friends so that I can have my own freedom to refresh myself to do even more work.

Brief summary about me:

Loyal creative graduate with a main focus to deliver tasks repeatedly to a high standard. Able to work ambitiously in a team and offer the best of my abilities on time. Searching for a passionate team so that I can fit in to use my skills with them so that we can succeed.

Friendly innovative graduate looking to assist a team who are looking for a supportive reliable team member. Looking to develop both myself and the company showing my skills and value.


  1. Creative graduate with excellent organisational, administrative and communication skills. Able to work well in a team as well as on my own and to meet set deadlines. Now seeking an opportunity to build my skills and experience. -This one is more open and shows what they can offer.
  2. Inquisitive and enthusiastic Graphic designer, complete with a range of placements under belt, looking for a challenging, imaginative and varied design agency with an interesting bunch of people to work with.- This one feels more limited and doesn’t show what they have to offer as much.

Market research

Where might I work?

Animator, Character designer, Modeler, Travel industry, Education, Sports and leisure.

What do animators do before getting their dream career?

What do employees look for?

Personality- Personality is something that employees might want to look for when hiring someone. They might be interested in finding out what you enjoy. This will allow them to relate to you more and get a better understanding on who you are.

Time committed- Being able to meet deadlines and get to work on time.

Motivated- Keeping interested in the job this will help push the work flow and often end up producing better work.

Communication skills- Being able to talk to multiple people when needed to in a confident manor.

Analyzing vacancies

What would the successful candidate need to be good at? (skills)

Time management- This is very important skill being organised and making sure that tasks are complete to a high standard on deadline.

What kind of person would they need to be? (character traits, personal qualities)

Someone who is able to communicate to others and show interests. This will allow them to get to know colleges quicker and they can work together more effectively.

What would they value? Qualities and experience

What do they need to be experienced in?

IT programs and customers. Being experienced with using certain technology will help them to develop work quicker and to a better standard rather than someone who has no experience with using the software.

Customer experience will also be a strong asset because being able to work with clients and know what they ware looking for and being able to take feedback from them.


What do they do?

What is the company doing and why they are doing it.

Whats their ethos?

What is their attitude towards this.

Who are their clients/customers?

Who do they contact and what work to they have to produce.

Whats their mission?

What is their main purpose, what do they want to get out of it at the end.

Whats the structure of the company?

What is the company built upon.

Where are the entry points?

Entry points might be on their website or on company profiles.

What are they looking for?

What qualities/skills they are looking in a person and why.

Website planning

With this I will be planning out a website to brand myself with. This website will represent me and show future employees my abilities and skills so that I am more employable. I will be designing the logo, font, writing to show as much about me as I can.

Logo: Im thinking for my logo I could use my initials, I think this will be a good idea because it will be easy for someone to figure out that it is about me and its small and simple. CAW are my initials that I am thinking on using.

Colours: For my colours I want to use blues mainly with black and white to represent my style for my work. I think blue would be good because it says something about me and the white and black represent how I draw with what I use.

Looking at the fonts below I will list a few fonts that im interested on using for my website. They are are:

  • Freehand
  • Blacklight
  • Boulder
  • Century Gothic

I like these fonts the most because I find them to be clear and easy to read from a distance, I feel that it is really important that when branding myself with a website I need to use a font that is recognizable for the audience.

font 2fontlist1

Week 1: Animation Production

Animation Production Plans

This will be a plan of what id be doing over the weeks to develop my production even further and tweeking/editing up previous work.

  • I will work on making adjustments to my character design.
  • Getting the colour schemes tuned up with my character.
  • All of this semester I will be producing even more drawings/life drawings with my work to keep developing my skills for my portfolio.
  • I will then alter the models I had previously built using better materials to get a more polished cleaner look to make it more industry standard.
  • Once all the models are done I will then develop them further onto maya which will then be ready to be used for animation.

I feel my fine focus should be developing my portfolio even further to make it more professional towards the animation industry. I feel using all my previous ideas and work I can polish it up to industry standard.

I feel that I could do walk cycles and other simple animations with my maya model once it is created. I will be using the clay models to help my produce the maya models.

Production Schedule

I have wrote a plan ready for the weeks for the development process for my work. I should be editing this plan if I need to change things around or need to edit something further.

Draft 1 Character 3D Modeler artist:

  • Week 1 – Ideas and plan of action. Finding out what I need to work on. Planning out the structure and base for the work. Researching work related information to help push my work to professional level.
  • Week 2 – Editing/Polishing up drawings/colour schemes.
  • Week 3 –Editing/Polishing up drawings/colour schemes.
  • Week 4 – Creating new concept designs/Editing concept designs. Further research with work.
  • Week 5 – Either redo model scuplture or take it further to create onto maya.
  • Week 6 –Either redo model scuplture or take it further to create onto maya. Further research.
  • Week 7 – Maya Modelling
  • Week 8 – Maya Modelling
  • Week 9 – Maya Animating Walk Cycle. 2000 Word Evaluation.
  • Week 10 – Maya Animating Throwing
  • Week 11 – Maya Animating Emotions (Scared, Angry, Upset, Happy)
  • Week 12 – Editing work making sure everything is where it should be.

Draft 2 Character deign portfolio:

Week 1: Planning/ research.

Week 2: Character development

Week 3: Character designs

Week 4: Character concept design

Week 5: Model Sheets

Week 6: Personality sheets/ concepts. Drawing facial expressions for my characters. Adjusting personality and backstory.

Week 7: Research/ Character development

Week 8 Research

Week 9: 2000 word Evaluation

Week 10:

Week 11: Research

Week 12:

Final action plan of the weeks ahead:

Week 1: For week 1 I will be looking at research development for my characters. I will be working on new fresh ideas for my characters so I can develop them even further, this will help me link them to my main idea even further and make sure that I am going  in the right direction with my character design. I feel this is important because I want to make my characters believable. I will also be developing my action plan for the weeks ahead looking at what I will be doing over the next 12 weeks. This will help me sort out my time and tick it of as I progress. I will also create a bullet point list on things that the industry responsibilities are for the character design work that Im looking into. This will make sure that the things I create are for that one field rather than it being mixed up with different job roles.

Week 2: This week I will be creating rough sketches of my characters. This will then be further developed into the next week which I then will find the best possible designs to push even further. Then I will visit an owl enclosure to do life drawings of owls, this will give me a much more better idea on how I can develop my character swish even further. I will also be creating life drawings and blogging it. I will produce designs of Hollows first stage, Hollows first stage is him being a young adult.

Week 3: I will create more rough sketches of my work, then work on creating Hollows second stage. The second stage is Hollow half human half wood form. I will also be pushing to create more life drawings. Drawing up clothes design and Hollows Axe.

Week 4: This week I will be creating facial expressions for my characters, ill be looking at making model sheets and Hollows third stage which is when he is fully wooden.

Week 5: This week will be finalising the characters design work. Creating final drawings for the clothing for both of my characters. Making sure I have a fully three dimensional look to my characters so that I can create the models for them.

Week 6: I will be then be creating a Plasticine models of both of my characters Hollow and Swish. Drawing up my model work aswell as blogging.

Week 7: I then will be finishing my Plasticine models and then starting to create them onto maya.

Week 8: Working on my 3D maya model work.

Week 9: Writing up my 2000 word evaluation I will also be doing this over the Easter break.

Week 10: Working on my 3D maya model work.

Week 11: Creating expressions for my models/ animating a walk cycle with a pre made rig or developing an animatic of the stages of Hollow.

Week 12: Making sure everything is up to date on my blog. Finishing anything that didn’t get finished over the weeks. Reviewing my work and editing anything that is wrong or needs adjusting.

Main Points.

– Develop concept work/Portfolio for characters

– Polish up Models for characters

– Create Models/Develop Models onto maya

-Create Animations using my character using maya

Industry Jobs

Here are jobs that are in the industry that I am intrested in and link with my practical work development.

For this I looked at examples of job roles from companies such as blizzard and epic games.

Character artist

A character artist is someone who designs how a character looks by creating multiple images of the character until they find the best outcome and then developing the character even further.

3D Character Modeler

A 3D character modeler creates 3 dimensional sculpts of a character and also create textures for it.

Bullet Points:

Responsibilities include:
• Complete all rough, revised and final designs necessary within assigned deadlines. Collaborate with artists to bring characters to life. (Research ideas to visual the character so that I can draw it)
• Model packs will include turnaround model sheets, action and acting pose sheets, expression model sheets, hand charts, mouth and eye charts.
• Clean up, colour models, special shadow and texture indications.
• Design incidental characters.
• Follow direction and address notes provided by the Art Director.
• Meet all deadlines as determined by the Art director or Director.

Mood board ideas:

Image result for oak treeImage result for tree twisted roots

Related imageImage result for tree twistedImage result for norse axeImage result for pinocchio

Character development:

Idea 1: For my first idea I thought of Hollow being a young boy who goes for a walk into a forest. He then finds a small owl deep in the forest who begins the follow him on his adventure. Then all of a sudden Hollow stumbles and falls over an ancient tree. He notices Norse methodological patterns carved into the tree so he decides to snap a branch off so that he can keep it. Then he becomes cursed and for every time he touches wood or lies he then slowly turns into wood. Hollow begins to panic and starts to run he then ends up getting lost and the owl decides to help him out of the forest.

Idea 2:

For my second idea I wanted to make Hollow a lumberjack/ axe man. He has a pet owl called Swish who follows him around and helps him out in different scenarios. So Hollows job is to go into the forest and cut down the best trees to get the best wood he can so that he can sell it and get more money. Hollow goes deep into the forest one day with Swish and finds this ancient Norse tree. He dosnt realise it but if he cuts it down he will get cursed. Hollow cuts the tree down and becomes cursed. The curse means that any wood that he touches turns him into wood but it only does it slowly until he stops touching him. The forest comes to life and begins to slowly twist towards Hollow. If the roots and trees capture Hollow it will make Hollow apart of them. Now Hollow begins to panic and tries to escape so he uses his axe to chop down any roots and branches that try to grab him. He does this by cutting down anything that comes into his way. Swish needs to help Hollow by flying into the sky to find out which direction the way out is so that Hollow can escape as quickly as possible.

Hollows ideas:

For my main character I wanted to rename him and call him Hollow instead. I found this would suit my character a lot more. I also thought about changing his personality more. So I decided to make him an axe man/ lumberjack. I did this because I felt that it will go well with his concept work and development of the character. I feel that doing idea 2 will be the better option because I like the idea of how he becomes cursed and has to escape. Plus it also links to the dark twisted side of Disney that people don’t get to see, which will go well with my idea of linking my character to Pinocchio. The main reason why he links to Pinocchio is that my character turns into wood. He starts out as a young boy and slowly becomes a wooden creature, which is the opposite to what happens to Pinocchio. I didn’t want to make it to similar to Pinocchio because it allowed me to work of his characters idea and structure which allowed me to redesign him and create something original. Pinocchio also has a companion which is the little cricket where as my character has a little owl which follows him around.

Hollows characteristics:

Hollow is a young male

Hollow is a curious, friendly, brave young adult. When he becomes more wooden his personality slowly changes, he becomes more clumsy and angry.

Green eyes

Quiff hairstyle

Black hair

Tall and skinny

Red and black checked shirt

He also around an axe which he uses to break down any wood that gets in his way.


Swish ideas:

Swish is a female owl companion. Swish flies around with Hollow and helps him out in certain situations. She has grown up with Hollow because one day he saved her when she way young.

Swish is a Screech Owl

Image result for screech owlImage result for screech owl

Image result for screech owlImage result for screech owl

A small white and black owl. Swish is smart, wise, stubborn and very anxious.

I want swish the have a feather maybe coming out of her at a funny angle to make her more noticeable or she could have a small  blue bow on her, this could also be a nice reference to Pinocchio’s blue bow on him.


Week 2: Animation Production


This week I looked at Jack Foley. The person who created Foley sound that is used in films. Foley sound helps to create atmosphere and visualize the environment better. Sound is a very important part of many films because it helps to bring reality into the filming. Capturing the small details with the sound can add alot to a film, such as using gloves or cloth and then flapping it will sound like a bird flying sound. This has also allowed me to think of about my own environment with my work that I am creating. Such as mine being set in a forest. If I were to add sound to my work I would use sticks breaking or leafs brushing together.

This video is a perfect example on how the Foley sounds are created and used within a film. it captures the realistic approach it has to the work. It shows them using everyday items to create sounds you wouldn’t think they could develop. The tiny details can make a huge difference when creating these sounds. The reason why the need to create these extra sounds because while filming a camera might not always be able to pick up natural sounds in the background because of it being more focused on capturing talking or movement.


For this I will looking at the environment that Id be using for my characters. This will help me visualise my characters better within their story. The main theme of the story will be set within a dark twisted forest. The forest will come alive and slowly twist round to try and trap Hollow.

Character development

Sketch drawings:

This work will be rough sketch work of my character designs. Working on how my characters look and editing anything that needs to be worked on to make it more easier for me to then develop further so that I can make the final designs.


Swish character work:

For this I have went to owl sanctuary to draw up character work of owls. This will help me develop my character Swish more because Id be learning how owls look and what characteristics they have.  This will be a great opportunity to develop my character even more and show a more visual approach to that character.

I went to a owl enclosure at Cannock chase visitors centre over the week to draw owls. This was so that I could get a better idea on how owls look and it’ll allow me to develop my character Swish more. It gave me much more ideas with I want her to look and what type of owl I want her to be.

Here are some photos I took while I was visiting the owls.



Here are a some drawing sketches I have done while I was at the owl enclosure.


After looking at the range of owls I found that I want my owl Swish to be a screech owl, I feel that how those types of owl look it fits my characters personality the best and its how I visualised the character to look like.

Hollow Stage 1:

This will be looking at my characters first stage. I want to work on his human form first because this stage is his true form and will be used more than any of the other stages of the character. He will have a red and black checked shirt, yellow three quarter shorts and he will carry around a axe with him. When transforms his cloths will rip more and branches and roots will grow out of different places ruining his clothing.

Life drawings:

This will drawing of people that I have drawn while I have been travelling so that I can work on drawing better. This will help me understand anatomy of people much better so that I can influence it into my work.


Colour Schemes:


For the colour schemes I want to look at greens, oranges, browns.

I want to use the colour green because it’ll work well with the deep twisted forest. The sepia colours will work well with the ground. Finally the oranges will be a good way to represent light from the darkness, it should be like sunset glaring through the trees. This is so that there is a sense of hope for Hollow and Swish to escape the dark twisted forest.

Image result for sepia colourImage result for dark green

Image result for dark greenRelated image

Sketch book plan:

  • Rough sketches x2
  • Life drawings x2
  • Character development
  • Life drawings x2
  • Mood board
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • All stages
  • Model sheet
  • Facial expressions
  • Environment
  • Final Owl design
  • Final Hollow design

With all this work it should come round to 36 complete A3 pages of work for my portfolio.

Bullet-point plan

  • Complete rough sketches of my work- finish all of my rough sketches that have helped me create my characters including the life drawings that I will be creating over the weeks.
  • Complete all final designs within the deadlines that I have set- Finishing the final look for my characters.
  • Creating model sheets, action and pose sheets, expression model sheets- This will allow me to then move on to creating my Plasticine models of my work and then create the expressions of my characters using Maya.
  • Design incidental characters- Finalizing my character designs and being able to present my work with full scale models of my characters.
  • Follow direction and address notes provided by director- Gain feedback within my tutorials that will allow me to develop my work even further.
  • Meet all deadlines determined by art director- Make sure all of my work is completed as the work weeks go by sticking to my plan of action schedule.


Production schedule

Week 2-Week 6: I will be completing as much drawings and final pieces for my characters to finalize their visualization so that I can create three dimensional models for them.

Week 2: I will be going to Cannon chase visitors centre to look at the birds that they have on show their.

Week 3: More drawing sketches. Looking at character clothes and props. Character development. Working on Hollows stages 1 2 and 3. Mood Board
week 4: Life drawing. All stages of Hollows transformation.

Week 5: Model sheet, facial expressions, Environment

Week 6: Final design for swish. Final design for Hollow. Creating a Plasticine model for my character.

Week 7: Finalizing my Plasticine models for my characters and touching up my work in my sketch book.

Week 8: Planning the structure of my evaluation. Creating my Maya models for my characters.

Week 9: Writing up my evaluation (2000 words) Working on my Maya model.

Week 10: Working on my Maya models for my characters and start to create the facial expressions for my characters.

Week 11: Creating facial expressions using the models that I have created for my characters.

Week 12: Editing any work and making sure everything is up to date. Polishing up portfolio making it look more presentable.