Advanced 2d animation Week 12 (5DM029)



The scene I wanted to create was all about a light-bulb in a kitchen popping out of its socket but then coming to life and finding a way through obstacles in the kitchen to reach its destination. I used the spotlight effect as my main edit because I felt it was able to capture the look that I wanted. I also used a mixture of audio that had found which I felt would work well with scene.

First animation

My animation test I found was too quick and I learnt that I needed to slow the project down and work on the character to try and bring him to life. My main aim was to make him react to certain situations making it seem that it is trying to figure out a way to get to its destination.


After added the segments of scenes that I had created and editing them together I found my animation to be how I wanted but I also learnt things which I could add and fix if I were to re do it. I liked how I managed to add the spotlight effect to link with the scene because it made sense because of the light bulb popping.



For development I found that if I added and re did some scenes to bring my characters personality alive it would make the animation more interesting and give a stronger visual look to my work. I also think I should of tried to use colour with the animation, the reason I didn’t was because I enjoyed the style which I had created with the outlines because I felt it gave it more of a digital look.

What’s the animation about? My animation for my project is about a light-bulb that pops in a kitchen and tries to find its way to get back into the light socket to light up the room again. I wanted to keep my animation simple and keep it within a style. I liked the lines being used to show the different objects and parts within the kitchen which I thought worked with the animation itself. I wanted the light-bulb to fall out and land then transform into different forms to try and make it round the kitchen to reach its objective.

How did my research help? My researched help me generate different ideas and techniques I could use. I looked at different kitchen layouts and tried to add kitchen and non kitchen relative objects within the scene.

Did I choose the right style? I think the style that I have used is strong because I found that adding a background or coloring in the work might add to much to the scene itself which I didn’t want to happen because I wanted the main focus to be on the light-bulb throughout which is called staging which is a principle that I wanted to make sure I used. I also looked at squash and stretch, slow in and slow out, timing, exaggeration and anticipation with when the light flickers then pops out.

Did I understand the software? I think I understood the software well because I also learnt new tools and new ways to create my animation which allowed me to gain more of a learning curve on the software. I used Tv paint to create the animated scenes, premier pro to edit the timing of the scenes and I also used it to add the audio onto the sequence. I then used adobe after effects to add a spotlight style to the work to give of the illusion that the light was still giving off energy and it also made the staging for the animation much more clearer.

What could I have done better? I think what I could of done better to my work is created it in a 3d style animation using maya. But the project was all about looking at advanced 2d animation, which ment using the principles of animation on a 2d work flow to create my footage. So I think if I were to re do it id develop the animation itself more and make the animation transform into more objects and interacting with the kitchen more. I also think I could make it better if the camera and the adventure of the light-bulb changed abit more.

I think one of the biggest parts about my animation is bringing it more to life adding more personality to my character so it reacts more to the different environments its currently in. This will bring the story alive more and keep the story flow more exciting then it already was. For example when the object lands in the frying pan it should have arms reacting to the heat and then we see it burst out and land. Another example is where we see the light-bulb pushing back on the elastic, we should see it trying to push as far as it can with its legs before being lunched. I think I managed to show some personality elements to my work but I missed out on adding big parts to make the animation much more life like. Animation is all about bringing objects to life and giving the character personality.

Has your project helped you to develop knowledge and skills in 2d animation? Yes I think It  has allowed me to learn more about the uses of 2d animation. It is something that Im not really intrested in using but I found the project to be useful and I feel that I have learnt more about how the software programs work with 2d animation techniques. I think if I were to create another 2d animation I would try and explore more ways on using the ideas that I have learnt from within this project.


Advanced 2d Animation Week 11

Animation development

Here is my 2d animation so far with using all the techniques that I wanted to implement to my work. I used audio to try and create a realistic feel to the work. I also used adobe software to add effects which link the scenario of the scene. The research that I had found helped me think about the story more and develop a better understanding on what is happening within the scene.

Below are scenes that I decided to re create because I found that my character needed more personality. I thought this would be the sort of thing I would further develop for my animation because It is all about bringing more life to my character and how he looks and reacts to certain situations.

This video footage shows the inspiration to give my animation for my light-bulb more personality, having more of a reaction in the scenes. It also shows a strong example of exaggeration which helps display how the character shows his characteristics traits. I’ve learnt that by adding these sort of reactions to my character it will bring my work more to life. I like how simple the bouncy ball animation is but yet has alot of detail and effect when it is animated. It brings the work to life which is what I want to further develop onto my project.

Reference: Annike Pienaar

After looking at some research I decided to try and re create some scenes to try and get a stronger feel to my work.

Oven scene re done

For this scene I re created the reaction form my character when he lands into the frying pan, I think this will helps show the sense of panic within my character. I added arms to him to try and show his panic.

Shelf scene re done

This scene that I re did shows him thinking and trying to understand what situation he is now in.

Slingshot scene re done

This scene I looked at trying to show the characters struggle to try and get up to his destination, so you see him pushing with his legs as far back as he can so that he can catapult higher in the kitchen.


Advanced 2d Animation Week 10


This is my final outcome for my animation, after putting all the parts together and editing it them all I then went on to looking to add more effects to my work and using different style to make it stand out. I added blank parts to footage to give the animation more sense of timing in between each part so that it wasn’t to quick for the audience to follow. I also found that when I did end up adding the spotlight effect to the animation is blended together with the blanks which made the work flow better.

This video shows the film with the use if the spotlight effect and how I ave rendered it together with the animation. By using adobe after effects it allowed me to track the animation throughout the film, changing the size and form of the spotlight. It also allowed me to make the animation light up at the start and at the end of the footage. I also added text to my work giving it a title which I thought fit on how the animation is used.

I then looked at the audio for the animation, to bring my piece to life. I used a strong suspense music for my background soundtrack because I felt it gave a sense of adventure for the animation. I also gave the title a small audio sound which is used to show that it has been blown away. When the lights flicker on and of I used a light flicker sound that I was able to find online. The light bulb I used a ping pong audio to show that it was bouncing, and when it came out or went into the socket we could hear a popping sound similar to the sound of a light bulb that would pop if the fuse had blown inside.

Advanced 2d Animation Week 9


Here are development of how my work has built up and how I have added or edited other parts of my work. Giving you a understanding on how my progress towards the final outcome.

Here is the re designed wide shot that i have created for my animation. I have added objects that are being used in other scenes so that there is consistency in the work.

From this I used the principle stretch and squash which gave the animation a more realistic approach to the work. It also allowed me to move to the next segment of the animation.

Next scene I added a new simple design for an object, which I didn’t want to put to much detail into the way the objects looked because I felt that they were in a style that I could bring forwards.

With this segment I created it so that when the ball/light bulb lands in the frying pain it begins to cook it which leave it to have a smoke effect burn away from it. Once there is a spotlight applied to this part it will hopefully make it so that people are still tracking the ball instead of the surrounding animation.

On this part I made it so when the light bulb realises that it has to climb up it pauses for a second and looks up before attempting to climb up.

This bit I made it so there was away for the light bulb to get to the other side of the room by using a slingshot sort of object which it finds on top of the fridge.

Next part shows the impact of the light bulb hitting the side of a cupboard, from getting launched from the slingshot. This allows me to show gravity and pressures being used in the animation.

This segment shows the light bulb bouncing its way through new challenges getting past the final parts of its journey.

This part I wanted to be more creative on how it can finally reaches its destination, so I made it so that it needs to use a cannon to get launched into the socket for it to end with a bang literally. Plus having the cannon allowed me to add more animation to the work.

For this final part when it finally reaches it destination, I made it so that when it hits the socket of the light it drops into place and pops back on lighting up the room again. This will make the scene end with the sense of achievement for the short film because it reached its goal and overcame all the obstacles thrown at it.

Advanced 2D Animation Week 8

Today I started to create my animation project. I took the ideas from my testing and added in new things into my final piece. I also thought about different camera angles for my work. I also thought it would be a nice idea to make it so that the animation could loop after 30 seconds, so that the story could repeat itself without any change.

Here are my example pieces of my progress so far:

This first clip shows the process of the light-bulb landing on the shelf. Once I have edited this clip it will start of bright then the light in the room will shrink to follow the light bulb because it isn’t connected to the socket any more.

The second clip shows the light bulb turn into more of a mould shape which then bounces of the shelf. I wanted it to use some animation principles on its process this will make the animation look more realistic.

For this clip it shows the bulb land on something that isn’t there. This is because I was still thinking on different objects to use for different scenes.

With this scene I made it so that when the ball lands in the frying pan smoke begins burning away from it. This gave me the idea the play around with the background animation aswell as the main animation. Once the spotlight is on it should allow the audience to follow more of the main animation than anything else. This is called staging which is another one of the principles of animation.

For this clip I wanted to make the ball transform into the light bulb but also using some gravity forces pulling down onto it when it hits the surface. After watching it I found that I should re do the animation for it because it didn’t look how I wanted.

Here I have created a small animatic to give me an idea on how the story could be developed further. It gave me ideas on where I could go in the kitchen and what objects I could use on the way during the development stages.

Advanced 2d Animation Week 7

Today I looked at the audio I could use for my line test and added it to try and bring my animation to life. I looked at sounds from for a loud energetic sound that could work with my animation. With this sound and all the effects put together it allowed me to understand what my animation would look like in the end.

Also we gained feedback on our line test animation before we started to create the final animation. This allowed us to fix anything or add anything to our work before creating the final piece.

Next I started thinking about colour and the background. I think for my final animation I would include a dark background to my work.

I used these images for reference for my work and to generate more ideas on how I could create the story and how the background in my work would look. I think for my final animation I should include more obstacles for the light bulb and make his journey more of a challenge. This will bring my animation to at least 30 seconds of footage.

This is a short animation of lighbulbs dangling down from a ceiling, this gave me inspiration on how my light bulb could look when it reaches the end of its journey.

This short animation shows the process of objects morphing into different objects. This has gave me the idea of maybe making my light bulb transform into different objects on its journey to get to its destination. I feel that my animation should show lots of ideas in reaching its final destination.

Below is the first animation that I had created for my project development. I found that the outline style that used worked well with the spotlight and I found that I wanted to bring this forward for my final animation attempt. I also learnt that I needed to add more objects and scenery to my work to further develop the piece.

This video shows the sort of exaggeration and staging I was looking at for further development with my work. I think the bounce of the ball landing onto the surface brings out the animation better where as the first animation that I did for my work there isn’t as much exaggeration. It makes the animation more realistic and work with how physics. I think also adds the illusion of reality instead of people thinking its not really and its just an animation.

Advanced 2D Animation Week 6

Edits and feedback

Today I had feed back of my animation line test. I found that I needed to edit more work so there is space between each segment of the work so that the animation flows better and it makes the timing better then it was. I also edited the spot light effect following the ball. I found that I needed to develop it more and make it track the balls movement better. This allows people follow the work better.

Next thing I did I added a sound to my work to make the ball sound more realistic when it is bouncing on the kitchen surface. After watching my edit I found that the lighting needs to slow down a little and I  should slow down the scenes even more. I think I should add a background to my work and add more obstacles for my animation before I create my final animation. I think I should add text on adobe after effects aswell to open and end the animation, this will also allow me to try different effect for my piece.

12 Principles of animation:

Squash and sketch

Squash and sketch. I think before the shape moulds into a light bulb I should make it stretch more then drop into the light-bulb shape.

The most important principle is squash and stretch. This principle adds realism to an object and can be seen often used with bouncy balls where we see the ball being squashed then stretched to more the next position. It is the most important principle because it keeps the illusion of it being real. If a animation didn’t have it then it will break the feel of what the object should be doing and ruin the effect of the animation and lose the audiences interest.


Anticipation is used to prepare the audience for an action. This is seen when we see an action being done which is referencing something that might happen next making the audience expect that something is about to happen. For example is we were to see someone about the throw a ball you see him stretch back with ball in his hand. The anticipation would be the pause between him stretching back and throwing the ball.


This principle is also to be used within theatre and film. Its purpose is to direct the audiences attention and make it clear what is the most import part in the scene. It makes the audience keep track what is going on with the scenes instead of being distracted by anything within the background. This helps deliver the story and massages to the audience because it grabs there attention so that they can keep track on what is going on.

Straight ahead action and pose to pose

It is the control of the animation itself. If you had a stick man walking you would have lots of small frames to make it smooth otherwise the animation would be jumping from different poses which is called pose to pose which allows the animation to be quicker to do and look different to the smoother look.

Follow through and overlapping action

Is the dragging effect in the movement of objects. If the object is bouncy like hair then the hair will follow through and bounce after the animation of the stick-man has turned. Or a flower pot being pushed with a flower in, when the pot gets to one side it will take longer for the flower to be pushed to the side and follow the pot so it would have a dragging bouncy look to the animation of the flower.

Slow in and slow out is the movement

The slow in and slow out is all about the timing in the animations movement. If the animation starts of slow then gets quicker then it looks more realistic then it being the same speed throughout. For example a car would start slow then speed up, it dosnt start of at its top speed because it would need to build up its power.


The arc animation makes the animation move alot more realistic instead of it looking mechanical or unusual to what it is for. If a ball was to bounce then move to a new position it would arc and land which is more realistic then having it go in a straight diagonal line then come back down.

Secondary action

Adding secondary adds to the animation bringing it more to life. While there is a main animation occurring there could be a secondary animation applied to it which will make it seem more realistic.


Timing refers the frames and the look of the animation itself. If the animation is too quick the audience might end up missing something important or might not be able to follow well where as if the animation was too slow then the audience would lose interest and wouldn’t want to carry on watching it.


Exaggeration is to make the animation move more dramatically to a certain situation. For example if someone was to throw a ball at a wall the ball would squash more on impact then bounce back instead of the ball just hitting the wall with no reaction.

Solid drawing

Solid drawing is simply a drawing of a three dimensional shape using weight, balance and light and shadow.


Appeal is added to a character to make the character more interesting towards the audience. If the character was a villain then you would have to make the villain more appealing towards the audience so that they don’t lose interest towards the character.