Week 8 Pro project



Here are the experiments and progress that I have created for my work, testing out how the work would look using the chalk on the black background. I figured using white would be a strong idea in the work because of the contrast it has with the dark background, this will then potentially make it easier for people to see the visuals.

This scene starts with a building which then gets hit by the earthquake, so I decided to make cracks in floor and building for affect to represent this, I also thought it would be a good idea to make the camera shake so I took the photos and moved around the camera which gave off this earthquake like effect. Next the building started to collapse witch meant I had to start animating the building by taking a new shot of the building each time I made either a new crack or drew a new building of it but more destroyed.

I decided to add the sun to represent happiness in the advert but I soon realised after that maybe it wasn’t the best of ideas to put it in the scene and maybe in a later scene where things start to get better when the ETC appear to help out.  This will help represent the ETC and make people realise that they are actually there to help people and are there to improve things.


After experimenting I found that using the string was very difficult to create the buildings witch is something I was interesting on doing to try and replicate the line effect from the song “Do I wanna know” by the arctic monkeys.

I liked the idea of making the visuals change from one image the another by using this line effect but because of how much was needed in the scene I could only do so much and found the string was complicated to use, so I decided to stick with using the chalk and use string in different elements of the work.


Next part is how the camera needed to be set up and used. After looking at research I found this animation which I liked how the camera tracked the aniamtion. So I decided this was how I wanted to use the camera by tracking the aniamtion to each new visual that is used in the animation. I was concerned if it would look alright because of how id after move the camera constantly without tilting or moving to far which would possibly ruin the smoothness with footage.


So from moving onto the new style for my work I showed the client my ideas and progress with the video so that they understood where I was at with the work. This allowed them to get a insight on how it would look and what materials I would be using. The client was happy with the story scheme I wanted to use and happy with the style but I needed to neaten the work and make it flow much more smoother. This would then make it much more easier for people to understand when watching the video so that they don’t get confused or lost with the work or story.



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