Week 9 Animation research and practice


Model development

This part of the development stage I wanted to sculpt the first stages head and the seconds stages head and shoulders. This would then leave me to create the final model with the whole body because of it being the biggest stage. The face I found to be tricky to sculpture because I had to try and get the facial proportions correct. I managed to get the main face structure right but I found the eyes hard to put into place. I found the eyes to not look right once they were in the model so I left the eye sockets out and focused more on the hair shape and the nose, mouth structures.

This video below I have found will help me develop the face sculpture to try and make it even more realistic. To do this I would need small metal tools which I can then carefully sculpt into the face.

Next I found sticks and wood that I could find outside. I thought that by doing this it would help me develop an understanding on how the wood grows and how I could incorporate this in my own work to try and make the model look more realistic.


Character 1

For my first character I wanted to make the final stage the final clay model. This was biggest I thought it showed off the character in full and at its most unique form. So I looked online and in books to see if I could see how other people had created clay sculptures for films and games. I really like the way that they sculpture the work, I found there work to be really realistic.

Image result for clay character modelsRelated image

Image result for character clay model

This video shows me how to go into detail using the clay. I like this video tutorial because the character he is making is from a game. He uses a small metal tool which is able to edge the clay which creates a rough texture onto the clay which makes a realistic look when creating the hair or markings on the skin.

Character 2

For my 2nd character Willow I started to think about how it would look in 3d. So I found images of sculptures other people had made of birds. This will help develop my character and give me an insight on how my owl should look and what features it should have.

Image result for bird clay model

Image result for clay character models

Image result for owl modelRelated image

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