Week 7 Pro project

Animatic/ Animation

This is an animation that I have done to give the client a more visual look on how the work will look on the stop motion piece I will create for it. I feel that it a nice stylized animation that I have done and I think there is room for improvement.

This is the animatic that I have created so far for my work using the storyboards as a guideline. I think that it delivered the message to the audience and the visuals are easy to understand for the audience. I also like that I have used colours that I was looking at originally for the work.


I got feedback from the client and my tutor for the piece. I found that the client would like the earth/ground to rotate round when the other buildings are introduced to the work. This will keep the flow of the work all together and help develop how the scenes move from one place to another. I also was told that they were happy with the direction the story was going but they were worried as a client how the stop motion piece would look because of me showing 2d animation work. So I will be developing my stop motion piece for the client to see for the next visit they make to the studio.

Updated visuals

So I went on to work on the building looks and the character designs after receiving feedback. I found that the client liked the simple character design I had made previously so I took the idea and went onto making it even better. So I took the eyes from the character and made it so that the mouth had the key importance in the reaction. I thought this would be a nice idea because I wanted to make it unique and make it so that the animations follow what is going on using the mouths only.

The buildings went from being round, straight, long and a funky sort of style which I found the best one to go with.


The characters with hands I found was just pointless because they wouldn’t need to use them in the the piece so I went with keeping it simple so that it was easy to edit if I have to in the future, this will then give me time to work more on the piece in the long run.




Now that I have the visuals and story laid out I can start development on creating the piece for the client using the feedback they have given me and ideas. I feel that by showing the client the story animatic first before the animation process it allows them to get an idea on how it will look, but the colours arnt a massive part of the work unless the client would prefer to have colour.


Script in BLACK

Visuals in RED

When an emergency like an earthquake,

Earthquake strikes a small town two people run outside

tsunami strikes a place where there is no reliable Internet connection,

A tsunami swipes pasts the scene and the people step back.

the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster steps in.

The two people get picked up by a hand representing the ETC just as it says steps in.

They help to provide Internet to humanitarians, non-governmental organisations,

Wifi symbol next to the small people and the background shows buildings representing non-governmental organisations.

United Nations agencies and more recently hospitals that have been set up to fight Ebola.

Background then switches to a hospital which then has a needle going into it which represents the Ebola being cured.


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