Week 8 Animation research and practice


The drawings mainly consist of the development stages of creating my character. I drew up eyes so that I could try and find a eye style I liked for the character. I also had drew up other body like shapes just to make sure I had got body for the character right before going further into the development.

In these sketches we can see the development of the all the stages together. I created more facial expressions for the first stage and made a few more sketches for the face of the third stage so that I could model in the upcoming weeks.


Model development

So for the model development I brought clay and wire to start my model. I found the wire to be really useful to create a skeleton for the piece, it managed to hold the clay in place and I was also able to move its body around making it easier for me to alter the character models pose.

When I was created the model I used the sketches as guidance to start to develop features onto the basic figure shape that I had developed. I found from my research that by creating small sausage like shapes I was able to create the muscle look to the model. Once I had attached the clay onto the skeleton I then began to smooth down the body so that the clay would stick and stay together for when it hardens up. This was so that when the clay is dry it dosnt fall apart.


Here I looked at design sheets that I found online, to help me develop my characters body. This will also help me thinking on how the body would change with the stage system.

Image result for character design

I think I managed to get find the shapes for my sculptures so in the upcoming weeks I will start creating more sculptures which will include the arms and legs of the final stage, the face of the first and second stage and also I will continue the develop the main body of the third stage making it look bigger and stronger then the other stages,


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