Week 6 Pro project



Below this storyboard was my previous storyboard. I put all the storyboards that I did so far so that I could present my ideas and thoughts all together to the client.


Next was my second visuals of the storyboards which I wanted to work from even more to create a 3rd storyboard after gaining feedback and ideas for my work from the client. This would allow me to keep a flow of work and be able to fix the story up abit before creating the animation.



For my storyboard feedback I found that I need to work on timing so that the visuals don’t drag because the audio ends quicker in certain places. This can be seen where the audio goes from the earthquake to tsunami scene of the work. This doesn’t last very long and we can see in my storyboard that I have produced that it slowly gets to the next part which will cause the audio to go over the wrong parts in my work which is what I need to avoid.

I feel that the client was happy with the stop motion- graphics idea that I have but I have to work on the visuals and story development work for the client so that it suits the clients wants.

I also learnt that I should change the boat to be something different because having a boat with a tsunami might give of a different message to customers who watch the advertisement which is what I need to avoid doing.

So after thinking through my next steps I learnt maybe I could push it into being either a etc helicopter or maybe the hand picks them up instead and then they look down and see that the etc is now looking after them and protecting them, witch then leads them to being able to get WiFi from the etc.


My summary for my work was that ideas is that their are a few people who are on this island next to a city. This city then has a earthquake which shakes the ground and causes all the buildings to collapse next to them. Then a hand lifts them up while they look down to see a tsunami which then hits the buildings. This way it is a lot shorter in the frames as the previous idea and this will keep the work simple and nice for me to create. Then WiFi is mentioned which leads to the WiFi signal icon appearing next to the people in the scene. After this we see the arm scrolling across the lands with the buildings in the background of the scene appearing. Which shows the hospital. This then leads to the ending which we see the logo of the company and the scene fades out.

After effects

For my work I might include some sort of light effect to my work, Im thinking to maybe make it so that it starts of black and white and when the etc appear colour starts to be added to the advert.

My next idea was a spotlight effect which highlights the key areas of the work which will stage the work so that the audience know what they need to be looking at, but I learnt that this might be a bad idea because it might cut out other aspects of the work and I want to be able to show all of the visuals once I have them ready.

Then my new idea was having a light effect which will start of subtle in the work and then as more events occur with the work the light brightens and builds up for the end.



The string I want to use to show waves almost, I like the idea on how a line can merge in to creating imagery similar to the video of the arctic monkeys. Below shows an animation created for the track do I wanna know?


The paper would be used to create the character

-Cardboard (maybe)

-Paint (maybe)

The paint was an idea for colour if I wan to change from the work starting out in black and white and then shifting to create more colour and atmosphere.


Pens will be used to add lines to the paper or colour to the work.


What I learnt from the experiments is that the materials will work well together as long as I keep enough lighting with my work. I need to make sure that I am able to use a full black background which will be able to keep the contrast of the white together so that it works well with the work.

I really liked how the way the string moves that id be able to create the water flow as realistic as I can, I also think that it will be nice to possibly use the string as the title as well which will flow onto the screen.



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