Week 7 Animation research and practice

Character development

Research for portfolio

This week I went onto thinking on the 2nd character I could have for my work. I liked the idea of having a companion for my main character. I figured that by doing the 3 stages and having a 2nd character it would add more to my portfolio work. So I looked at different animals in the previous weeks and found I wanted it to be a bird of some sort. So I looked at images online until I figured on an animal to go with. I then eventually chose an owl because I thought It would be a strong character that would work well with a wood like creature. So I looked at designs and other peoples work to gather more ideas for how the character would look.

Image result for bird concept artImage result for owl concept artRelated image

Types of owl

I then found these three types of owl. I really liked the small owl and the long eared owl the most so I decided to draw up sketches of both to see on which one Id end up liking more.

Image result for owl photoImage result for owl photoImage result for long eared owl



Below show a few sketches I had drawn up of my process and I also did concept art of the two types of owls I liked the most to see on which one would be the better choice. I then decided that I wanted to choose the long eared owl more because of its size. I figured that the bird needed to be a nice size to fit well with the main character otherwise it wouldn’t look very good if it was too small.

The owl will be called Willow and she is female. When she sees the creature she will fly onto his shoulder to help guide him out of danger. The reason on why she chooses to help the tree creature is because her back story is about her losing her family to a fire and that she needs a friend.

She is wise and calm and will pick up small objects/creatures if need be. She is able to communicate to the tree creature by landing onto its shoulder and connecting to its roots she can send messages to his head.


Below are early sketches of the character production that I have created. I have also drawn the size comparisons between the different stages so that people can get a better idea on how big the creature gets. This also shows the shapes and styles I sketched up to try as many different ones as I can until I found the ones I liked. I decided to go with a slim build for the first stage because I felt it would work well with how it transforms into the second stage it would have the branches growing out of him and it would look like a bone structure inside of him.

The third stage I wanted the shape of the creature to be this big strong like creature. I wanted it to be the biggest body type of the stages so I choose to use a bold body shape with huge arms and medium sized legs.

Essay structure

Introduction 500

Animation Production 600

Game production 600

Comparing the differences 800

How it relates to work 800

Conclusion 500

Essay introduction

This essay is to look at the production pipelines within the animation industry, it discusses what the pipelines are and how they are used within the game and film industries. I will be talking about the comparison between the industries, the reasons why they have to be different and how I will include them in my practical work. The pipeline production is the process of creating a project, for example if you were creating a film or a game the project would have small segments on where different teams of people would be specialising in different parts of the work: for the production there will be a team who create the story of the sequence- they will be looking on how to script the work and bringing the story to life, then there would be a character design team who look at developing the character for screen and what personality traits it would have. The character design part is what I will be focussing on so that I can extract the design methods in film and games to see how I can use it for ideas to help create my project.


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