Week 5 Pro Project


For my feedback I learnt that I need to edit the boat in my storyboard work, I need to change the boat into something else so that it doesn’t give of the wrong impression to the client or the customers who will be watching the ETC advert. I could either use a different vehicle maybe like the previous idea with having it being a truck or possibly a helicopter which flies down and saves the day but im worried that would just make the hand irrelevant so I want to use the hand more by making it pick them up and save them just before the tsunami crashes down onto the buildings. This way the hand idea will be used more instead of it being a few short seconds in the work plus It also means that


This stop motion animation that I have found has helped me develop my story for my piece, I really like the idea of a hand moving the story about and of the hand operating as a key importance with how the story is driven. So I thought that maybe I could include a hand in my piece for my work, to help represent the ETC and that they are here to help which a hand can help symbolise easily.


Storyboard updated

For this storyboard update I needed to alter the story on how the people are rescued and get to the next location. So after the part where the earthquake strikes I made it so a hand comes down from the sky and takes them to a ETC boat which then we find the tsunami which strikes them. Looking back at this storyboard I’m finding that it can be really confusing to look at and too long for the audio. The audio mentions parts alot sooner in the piece where the visuals on the storyboard don’t cover which is a big issue. So I need to work on the key frames more importantly and editing the story so that it isn’t as confusing. Also I used a boat to represent the ETC when they have nothing to do with boats which would leave people even more confused.


Show-feels for work

Today I learnt that our next task was to produce a show-reel which shows of the work that we have been creating in the previous years and shows the career direction that we are wanting to take. Following on from the previous weeks I wrote down on my blog the sort of careers im interested in and the job roles I would love to do. So my next step was to make a show-reel which demonstrates my work flow and thoughts for my future ambitions.

After re watching the show-reel I’ve learnt that I could edit it by cutting out bits that are too long and only focus on the main parts the parts that people want to see in my work. This will allow me to show me my best pieces and show of the sort of work that I am interested into going into.

Also Im thinking maybe I should turn the audio down a little bit so that we can hear the talking in the 3d animation part a bit more clearly. The titles might be changed as well by making them bolder and changing the font so that it isn’t outlined.


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