Week 6 Animation research and practice

Character development

For my character design process I researched more of the character I wanted to re develop. Which I ended up going with the character Pinocchio, which I know has already been visually designed but I feel that it has the potential to be pushed even further which will help me with my work.

I thought about the concept that Pinocchio as a character is and looked at how to alter what happens to him as a character. I then eventually thought of the idea where instead of it being a puppet turning into a boy it will be a man turning into puppet or a piece of wood. Almost like it is slowly changing into wood as he does certain things. So I looked at how his body could develop from being a person and then visually looking more tree like similar to how the character Groot looks from guardians of the galaxy.

Image result for groot character design work

Like this piece of work which I have found online which shows the tree like creature. I think it’ll be nice to add this concept to my character development because it will bring something new to the concept for the work.

Below I started to sketch out ideas on how he’ll look and what features he could potentially have. I needed to do this so that I could start to develop more ideas on how id want my character to look and what shape it’ll have. One of the shapes I really liked the idea of is making the character really slim and tall which would work well with the tree concept for the work. I think that I need to keep developing designs and keep sketching out more ways to make the character more suitable. I was also thinking that if he lies or kills someone he would then start changing more into wood keeping it similar to how the original story had it but changing it to how id like him to be instead.


Below is the human anatomy which Ill be using as reference for helping create my designs for my work.

Image result for human anatomy art reference

Next I started to look at how the shape of trees are formed and how I could develop this into my character. So I started to look at how tree branches are and how I could add the tree like form to the character. I might also have it so that the character has different stages. One being where he starts out as a human then half human half tree then the final stage will be where he is fully wooden. This will hopefully demonstrate a nice development with my work and will help me add more work. Also looking at the texture aswell.

Image result for tree barkImage result for tree bark

Image result for tree bark

Image result for tree branches

I also hope  to create the creature/pet with this character so that there will be even more work development for my portfolio.

Questionaire character breakdown

How old is he? 26

How old is he mentally? 18

Did he have a happy childhood? No, his mother died at an early age and his farther tried to experiment on him with his work.

Relationship? single

What does he care about? cares about wanting to be human again

Obsessed? with his pet and wanting to protect others.

Biggest fear? himself

Best thing ever happened to him?

Most embarrassing thing?

One word that defines him? Lost

Characters name? Thorn/Oak/Pinocchio/Texture

Hair colour? Black

Eye colour? Green

Distinguishing character features? hood/bandanna/mask

Does he have scars? yes one on his arm and face from his dads experiments

Character born? Birth is unknown

Wheres he go when angry? Walks into the forest

Characters personality? is easily amused but can be upset when those he loves is in danger. Thats why he avoids falling in love and only has his pet/creature left to explore.

Character heart broken before? yes a girl left him because they found out he was different and that he wasn’t human anymore.

Era? Time? Theme? It will be set in a prehistoric themed world where the character is left exploring the countryside, wasteland looking for how to be human again.


This character that I have created will be based off the character Pinocchio and further developed. I want to take a pre existing character and develop it even further and altering what others might of thought it being like before. I want to make it so that the character has three different stages which develops from being human to becoming a tree like creature. The character will be looking for answers with his companion to find out how to be human again.

Character is a slim build character with a tall height. I want him to grow branches and tree like features the more he kills or lies. This will show the stages of him becoming more into some sort of creature and will eventually mean that he will be more evil because of this. The more nonhuman he gets the more his personality changes.

Animal ideas for character 2










Image result for birdsImage result for rhinoImage result for tigerImage result for wolf

Image result for deer


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