Week 5 Animation research and practice



Development and research

Character final ideas

For my character redesign I want to find a character which I can alter from being a simple character idea and then redesign it to look more visual complex and more fitting to my environment by doing this I want to avoid having any similar looks to which the character might have already have and I want to make it look new but keep the personality build up. By doing this eventually the character will look completely different to what people might of thought it would of looked like and it will have its new re developed look to it.



Liesel Meminger (The book thief)

Character creature/pet

I want my character that I am choosing to have a pet like character which follows them around, I think this will be a nice way to add to my work and it’ll help deliver my character redesign better because it will have something which connects to the new developed redesigned character.

Also I have learnt that game companies look for animators who are able to create more then just the human anatomy and I feel that by doing this extra part to my work it will allow me to reach new heights with my work which will demonstrate that I am able to do that sort of work which they are looking for in the market which will help me stand out from other peoples work.





Character designs


Question Break down

What are the differences in the character production in the games industry compared to the film industry?

How is character design used in game and film production?

Structure for essay

A central question

Case studies:

The case studies will be a great way for me to compare the production of a certain film or game by looking at how the different studio create the characters and work on developing the animation for the final stage.

-UP (film)

-Gears of war (game)

-Wall-E (film)

-Monsters Inc (film)

-Halo (game)


Intro (500)

Context of topic using key terms, ideas and questions (600)

Film production (600)

Game production (600)

Layout of arguments comparing differences (600)

How this relates to my practical work (600)

Conclusion (500)


Three titles found ready for Harvard referencing

Deadline dates


11th November draft 1

2nd December draft 2

5th January deadline hand in date for essay only

Portfolio research

What is in a character portfolio for games?Image result for concepts art games

Image result for concepts art gamesImage result for character designShow-reel

So next I looked at more animation show reels used in the game industry so that I had more idea on how to produce my show-reel for the next semester which is a continuation from my character design work. Then hopefully it will all come together as one whole portfolio which will demonstrate the ideas and type of work that I am interested into going into.

As I watched them I released there was a lot of movement in game animation which meant that It was movements such as walk cycles, pickings up items, carrying things or jumping which will then be used for the final stage of the game.

Ways to create a character

This looks at how characters are formed and the breakdown on how they have been created in professional studios, this will give me a much stronger idea on how I can develop my character further and work on it to make it into a professional standard ready for my portfolio work.

In this link below that I have found shares the work process for the character design for the films such as UP, Wall-e and monsters inc. This will help me grab a inside idea on how character design work is meant to look for a feature length film and the development stages which occurred while creating the characters for the film.


Image result for character design wall e

This link goes to the TSB animation character breakdown which helps me understand the visual that go in to creating the work for the advert and what the style they have used. This work was a great way to compare work from a feature length film as seen in the link above in Pixar. We can see the styles and approach to the work being completely different.

Image result for tsb animation












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