Week 4 Pro Project

Design work

Today we found out that we will be needing to create a short animation within a few weeks so that the client is aware of the ideas and see how it will look, this is so that we can take back there feedback and edit the work even more for production, this is so that we make sure the work for the client is up to how they want and so that they understand how it is looking through the process.


Colour Palette

For my colour palette I have found a range of colours that I am interested in to use. I figured that I want to keep the colour subtle but not to in your face so that the work stands out. I figured the main part of the work was making the animation visuals for the client was the main part of the project. Also I’ve learnt that the colour palette isn’t always used when creating work for a client. Its more of a guideline idea unless they ask you to use it only.

Image result for yellow colour chart

Image result for green colour chart

Image result for blue colour chart

Image result for red colour chart

I thought maybe I could use a black background for my work possibly, this then means id be able to push contrast with my work. Using bright materials to work with the background will help me create a nice look for my work. I like the idea of possible using a form of neon lighting to the work which will add colour but I just worry not to crowd the work with to many materials otherwise it might look a bit off with the work.

This video below shows the contrast with the lighting a effect that I sort of like if I were to add colour to my work, I feel it’ll work well to contrast the imagery used in the work.

The next video I had found is a stop-motion animation using clay with their work. I loved the way the used the clay as water and kept it with the squash and stretch principle. I thought this will be a great reference with my work because it is similar to how I want the arm/hand to come down for my work and sort of control the animation.

Next video reference I found was done by a student called Sam Buxcey who also has created a stop motion animation. This piece gave me more ideas on how I can actually create the main form of animation by using materials that I can find to create the visuals. This also shows the sort of angle I was thinking on doing for my work, a nice birds eye view so that people are looking over the scene almost like they are in control. I think the way it shows the persons hand interacting with the work is a nice direction to go in because it feels like I would be part of the animation and I can have fun with the idea.


Originally the storyboard had a church in it and I wanted to create a bit of humor to my work but after receiving feedback I learnt that this might be a bad step to head in because it might create the wrong message to the audience and might offend people which is what I need to completely avoid. So I decided to scrap the church idea completely and just use a few buildings for my imagery instead. I liked the idea of having the story work start out with the city and then moving across to the boat which then gets hit by a tsunami.


The whole idea of having the arm is that it links to my reference footage that I have found away of representing the ETC company in the animation in a positive way by giving out the message that they are giving a hand there to help protect people.



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