Week 11 Pro project

Sound for animation

Today I looked at finding sound for my animation, this includes looking for a soundtrack which will nicely fit with the video and sound effects fitting with the visuals. I also need to edit the sounds so that non of them are louder than the actual audio that I have to use for the film.

The music that I have chose for the animation is a guitar background track which I have used from an online source. I used the website freesound.org to download the file for use.

I also gathered the sound effects from the same website, which were the splash noise that I have used for the tsunami and also the rock crumble noise for the earthquake.

Animation test

After creating the video and putting all of the visuals together I found for the final edits ready for next week I can alter frames and the visuals of how some frames look. I think that there is too much speed happening in some sections of the piece and then when it moves to the next section of the piece it can be very  confusing to look at. I also feel I should re do the tsunami part to make the water look stronger and easier to see. Possibly re do the hand part and also the buildings at the end of the animation. This will hopefully then allow me to give a clearly message with the piece so that the client dosnt find it confusing to look at and that they are happy with the piece.



I found that the feedback was really helpful and useful for me to develop my work even further. The client and tutor didn’t like the idea of the camera tracking the animation of the string and chalk so we decided maybe that I should re do the piece but make it so the animation dosnt jolt around as much, this will make it more clear to see the work and make it easier to understand. I originally thought that maybe if I slowed down the pace of the frames it would fix it but the camera movement might be to much for the viewer its like the earthquake dosnt stop.

The logo might be better placed at the end of the sequence, this would mean that once people understood the what was happening it would then move to the logo showing what their logo is which I designed for them to fit with the style.

I thought the colour was another big issue with the piece even though the client didn’t mention it I think it would be better if I made the colour stand out more with the work so that It has a strong look to the piece. A example of this is when we see the tsunami the colour that I used to represent the wave is very faint and it isn’t very clear for the audience.

Although the client was happy with the fact that my piece was different to others and he liked the idea of me experimenting with the different materials to create the piece.

Plus another thing was using the string more for the piece, making it more of a thing for the film instead of using the chalk as much. This will give it more of a unique look and will work well with the style for the piece.


I found that I really liked the concept behind the work and I think that I defiantly need to do a re shoot. The camera is an important part of the piece and I feel that once I have fixed that issue with the piece and edit the look of the project it will boost my work.

I can also now use this piece as a refrence for my work which I can use as a guideline with the speed and of the piece which will help me know when certain parts need to be in the film.




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