Week 12 Pro project 6DM016

Final animation

This is the final animation that I have produced for my client. I really like how it has came out. I quite like the idea of it being different and how I have developed the style and story with the previous attempts. I also added animation on top of the work to help make some parts stand out.


Here are pictures of the progress of the new visuals that I created for the new piece for the work. I found that this attempt the visuals looks alot more professional than the previous ones. I also didn’t want to make it too busy with the visuals so I didn’t add as much movement so that people could understand things much more more clearly.


The video starts of with the logo, this is because I wanted to make it clear from the start what the advert is and about before people watch it. Then it goes on to a small city, this then leads to the earthquake occurring causing the ground and buildings to crack. Next the people run out of the building the tsunami strikes which is where ETC step in and pick the people up to rescue them from the natural disasters. Then they are carried to a new location which they are told that ETC can provide WiFi to help different organisations such as hospitals to help fight Ebola.


I found the process to be tricky to fit the clients needs and wants so that it was suitable for them and there audience. I found that the ideas that I wanted to use for my work was new to me which left me wanting to try different ideas but the client might of not needed some of the ideas that I wanted to include. This meant that I wanted to keep it simple and a unique approach to the project. I found the re filming tedious to keep editing and creating new animations to fit the clients needs but it also meant that I was learning new ways to develop the work to make it even better and it left me in the end with improving the style dramatically. I also love how I managed to edit the facial expressions of the characters so that they reacted to what was going on in the visuals.

Ideas that were changed

One of the biggest changes with the work was the camera movement that I had to change because both the client and my tutor didn’t like the camera tracking on the last piece due to how busy it made the piece and it was hard to follow the visuals with the camera movement. I thought I could possibly edit it out by slowing the frames down but the it would of left big gaps between the audio and it would’t of worked, so that meant I had to re shoot the work but this time I knew how I wanted it to look so that the client would be happy with the work. When I re shot the work I wanted to keep some tracking in bits but keep most of it out, I did this by moving the board instead of moving the camera, this was so that it kept the nice smooth tracking movement instead of the camera jumping around.

The sun was another change that I altered this was so that the sun appeared when the ETC are mentioned in the work so that it represented that they were here to make things better.

Storyboards were altered and changed around 4 times so that the client was happy with how the story went and that it didn’t cause any wrong messages with viewers. One of these examples was that I had people running into a small boat to escape the earthquake but the tsunami hits but this of been offensive to refugees or anyone who has experienced a earthquakes recently. So I decided to narrow the amount of people on screen and make it so that the ETC come in to pick them up and move them to some where safe. Another big story change was the idea of using a big hand from the clouds which picks the people up and moves them to a different location, this was a bad idea because of religious viewers might of took offence so I made it that the hand didn’t come from the sky and just comes from a side view of the screen.


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