Week 12 Animation research and practice

Work portfolio

Pinocchio and Willow

So I started of my process by researching characters from books which I could then eventually re create in a different way. So my first intentions was to find a character which hadn’t already been created visually but I found this to be difficult to find because I didn’t know many characters who hadn’t already been created. So I ended up with choosing the character Pinocchio. I really liked the idea of changing the character almost completely but still using ideas and inspiration from the character Pinocchio this then gave me the stepping stone for the development process in which I started to sketch up a character and research more ways I could alter the character. I then eventually thought of the idea of reversing the characters ability to turn into a human. So I thought I should make it so the character starts out as a young boy and if he was to do something evil or bad, he will start to turn into wood. Depending on how evil he was would turn him into would quicker but the more time goes by he would slowly turn back into his original form as a young boy. If he was too evil and reached his max stage he would become a wooden tree like creature which rampages. The more he turns into this tree he finds himself losing control of his mind.

So after developing this new idea I started to think about the stages so I wanted to do a stage where we see him as a young boy then a stage where he is in the middle of turning so he would have branches and wood coming out of his body. Then finally the last stage would show him being this huge tree like creature that has roots and branches twisting around his body.

After doing more research into the development I found that there are characters who have companions with them, so I looked into the idea of having a companion for the creature. Which then lead me to come up with the idea of making it have an owl which follows him round and guides him to safety if he is in danger. The owl would have its own personality and is able to understand the feelings the creature is going through.

I believe these characters that I have created will be a good step for the next part of the production which is making them into 3d models with animations which would be ready for a game. The reason why I wanted to have the animations link to game because it links with my essay which talks about the differences between the production in the game industry and animation industry. I decided to choose to do this because I thought it would be a good contrast to the original film Pinocchio in which my main character is based upon.

Plus original I had the idea of basing the character around the primitive age but as ive further developed the characters I found that id prefer to have to characters set in the modern times. I feel my research may have made me change my mind a few times with the development direction.

Name: Pinocchio

Age: 21

Name of companion: Willow

Pet: Owl

Final look for character 1 

Stage one I created the facial features with clay to help me get an understanding of a 3 dimensional look of the character which will help me move to the 3d computer modelling stage. I liked the style with his hair but I found when I used clay it was hard to get right. The eyes also was a difficult process to get right so I mainly sculpted the face structure.

My character also ended up being slim and tall. I liked the idea of making him this young person who is about to turn into an adult this is because I wanted to make him seem mature enough.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 2 of the character we find the characters head and shoulder being the main changes to when he is turning into this creature. I made it so that we see this chunk of wood bursting out of his head and branches growing out of one of his shoulders. His personality would be slightly more evil at this point. The reason he has such big bags under his eyes is because he can’t sleep due to the transformation.

Stage 3

Stage 3 was all about making the character much more bigger, at this point he is at his strongest. I ended up making it so that he his face is skull like aswell. I found when I was creating him that it made him look more dangerous rather than having him with bold eyes.

Character 2

Next character is the owl. I decided to name the owl Willow because of its love for trees. I created a small sculpture for the character to get the size proportions right when compared to the other character. This will help me further develop the work in the post production stage. It also ended up being a long eared owl which I thought would be perfect to be the companion.

Concept art

Here I created different sketches and art pieces to help with the development process for the characters. When creating the art for the owls I found work from the past which I then used as references to create new pieces drawings for the second character. I found using ink gave the work a creepy look to the work which is what I had hoped to achieve because this gave an impression that the owl is this dark mysterious animal.

Colour palette

Here are the colours I would use to further develop the characters. I like how soft and natural this colours look and I think it would work well with the characters.

Eastern spice

Image result for Eastern spice colour dulux

Soft Vanilla

Image result for colour dulux Soft Vanilla

Celtic moore

Image result for colour dulux Celtic moor

Celtic forrest

Image result for colour dulux Celtic forest

Leafy cottage

Image result for colour dulux leafy cottage

I then looked at trying to mix different colours using simular colours on which I had found to see if they do work well together or not. This will help me decide if the colours do work together.

I found the top one to be my favourite choice of colours to work with and thought that they will go well together for blending.

Relates to essay

The work relates to my essay because I wanted to take a character from a book/film and then re create it and then try to adjust it to suit a game production. My essay is all about the difference between the two industries and it has helped me understand how to create my character for a game production by using game animation instead of film animation which my character was based upon.

I really like the contrast on which I have developed of changing the character from turning into a boy to wood, similar to being how im changing it from a film character to a game character.

Also my essay talks about the realism contrast between film animation models to game animated models. This is because of the rending performance on which a film can run compared to game. The rending in a game is continuously rending meaning the performance runs smoother which allows the animators to make the models have more polygons in the model making the model look more realistic. In a film it has to be rendered before it is realized and because of the short time film studios have it means the animators would have to use less polygons so that the film can render quicker, so the animator makes the model in its best quality with fewer polygons to use.

Whats next in the production

My next step for my production work is either to continue to make the portfolio much more bigger with more 3 dimensional models. I would have more definitive pieces for how the stages look and have more ideas for the clothing that they where.

Or my other idea for the post production is to create the characters 3d computer generated which will then be ready to be animated for a game. I will then have a show reel which shows game animations of the character performing different actions. I found this to be something that character designers and game animators would need to get a job in the industry. I also found within my research that game industries are interested in seeing creature designs and models because it allows them to show more creativity and the character isn’t just a generic human.

Essay final piece

Link to essay below 4258 altogether including bibliography

Animation research and practice essay: animation-essay-disertation-4000-

Bibliography word count: 361

Essay word count: 3897



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