Week 10 Pro project

Half way production progress of stop motion

This video below shows both the logo and half of the seconds that I have put together so far for the work. After taking the story concept from the 2d animation that I had created on tv paint I went on to create this chalk/string animation. The reason I chose to create the 2d animation first was so that I could test the video footage for the story before putting the parts together for the final part, this was so that I could show the client the 2d animation prior to creating the chalk animation so that they could see the story progress easier, this was so that I could gain feedback on the story first so that I could edit it further if I needed to. So I went on to create the piece by drawing the buildings and natural disasters to the work. I found this to be quite a challenge to replicate the exact style using different materials.


After receiving story developments from the clients he suggested the idea of making it so the earth rotates with the building which would lead the audio going from one to the other. So I went on to try and replicate this Idea and found it too be difficult to do this process and once I had created it the speed of the audio and the buildings being rotates wouldn’t go at a nice enough speed to make it smooth so I needed to figure out an alternative way of getting around this problem.


Below shows the shots I have took of the work to show the process of how the work was being created, this was so that the client could understand the style I was using and how I was animating the piece. I think the idea behind the work was really working and I was really enjoying how the piece was coming together. Im also thinking on adding extra layer of animation to the piece which would make it easier and clearer to see for the audience by adding aniamtion from tv paint on top. The reason why I think this would be a good idea is because I used tv paint in the story process and it will patch any issues I have with the chalk or string. Its also great way of making key areas in the animation stand out even more for the work.




Next I started to look at music styles I could add to the work, this will help keep viewers interested in the advert because it will help make the audience engage with what is going on in the piece. So I needed to find something which would fit the style and work.

So I went on to listen to different sound files that I could find.


First I found this sound which I found to be really slow paced and I thought It didn’t work with the animation when placing it on top.


Next I found this one which I liked but the style didn’t work with the piece.


Then this one I also found really slow paced, so I felt I needed to find something which was relaxing and not too loud in your face. The ones that I have already found felt to space like and they needed to be a nice calm soundtrack to suit the audio to show that ETC are actually there to help.


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