Week 11 Animation research and practice

Essay feedback

I revived my essay feedback which I found really useful because it went through the areas of the essay I need to re do and edit. One of the main things was possibly re wording my essay so that it fit the context that I was using in my essay. This will make sure the words I use don’t drift and not relate to the work I am producing. Another major issue was how opinionated I was with my work, there were a lot of opinions used which didn’t have the correct references to back them up which didn’t give the academic research I was after with my work. I need to edit out and re do parts that drift from the question and reference the points that I make about the production. I also found that I need to focus more on the pipeline because it is the main point in my introduction which I drift apart from using.


Here are drawing process I have made during the production of the model to help me sculpt the work together. For my character I had decided to make him slim and tall with a very unique hair style. I had chosen that hair style to make the character to stand out more and boost its look.


Model development


This is the model production of the main character. I found the head was difficult to get right, the face also being a tricky process. So I drew up new ideas and sculptured more into the work and ended up finding a skull like feature in which the character model had gained so I researched up skull images so that I could try and replicate the skull for the eyes of the character. I also originally started the sculpture of being the first stage and then moved to the second stage and then the third. I did this so that I could document the process and get a feel to how the character would look when it fully transforms.

In the pictures you will find me changing the head constantly to the try and get the best look as I could.

Body parts

Next I started to think more about the characters body parts. I then decided that I should try and create clay models to help me get a stronger understanding on how it would look in 3d for the post production. So I drew up sketch ideas which all had some wood growing out from them.

The arm

I found the arm tricky to sculpture due to the amount of branches I wanted near the shoulder part of the arm. I also found some sticks which I used to try and help me get the look I wanted for the arm model. I really liked the outcome for the arm because it started of smooth and straight which then changed to have a wooden look to it.


Next was the leg. This part I wanted to make the leg look more like a creature so I began making disfigurements with the toes and I added branches to twist round the leg. I think when I added the stick, it resembled a bone like structure to the work.



Skull features. When I was developing the face for the third stage of the character, I stumbled on an issue with getting his face right and ended up having a skull like face which I found to look appealing for the character. I liked the blacked out eyes being apart of the work because it could resemble holes being in a tree.

Image result for skullImage result for skull

These links below will help me develop my model further in the future. They discuss how to create the CGI model and character design for film and games.







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