Week 9 Pro project


So after receiving my feedback from the previous week I looked online to try and find more ways on creating the animation and making the animation look right using the style that I wanted to use for my work.

Which I then stumbled across the artist Blu from previous years. I really like the abstract camera movement in his work and how he draws the work and leaves a trail behind. I figured the trail would make the advert piece to busy if I were to include it in my piece but I wanted to try the camera movement technique with my work and try and replicate the camera follow. I also really liked the idea how the shapes and figures he uses in his work transform into new visuals very similar to other research that I have found previously but I thought this might confuse the audience a bit if I made it too abstract  so I didn’t include that idea for my work.


Experiments Logo design

This scene was all about making a logo for the ETC, we were told by the client that we could create our own logo to represent the company so I wrote out ETC in a nice clear simple font and wanted to underline it with the string I was using for the piece to symbolise the beginning of the video so that it went from one place to the other by following the string which was another reason why I decided to track the animation with the camera movement.

I also found this video online which shows a small text animation which I found really interesting. I liked the way the words are brought into the scene and the style that they use, but I found that when I was writing it in a font similar to the one in the video that people might not understand the writing very well so I kept the font simple.


I really liked the starting of the logo animation that I created for the logo and was happy to keep it, when I showed it the client he seemed happy with it becuase he never brought up any problems with it, so I kept it in the footage.

Progress development

I feel that the next part I could develop further is the building, I feel that the buildings that I drew up don’t quite look to the style that I originally intended. I wanted to make the buildings slanted and stylised so that they didn’t look visually boring to view. So this was something I wanted to change in the future.


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