Week 10 Animation research and practice

Essay draft 4000 words




https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=AbvMAgAAQBAJ&pg=PA2&lpg=PA2&dq=differences+between+game+and+film+production&source=bl&ots=sQPTBSiJAr&sig=6n0D6uFgu4JCcgqD1iU78pLbwgA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi2993okcXQAhXJIcAKHapRDIM4ChDoAQgmMAA#v=onepage&q=differences%20between%20game%20and%20film%20production&f=false (b)




Character design




Case Studies

Monsters inc (film)



Gears of war (game)


Character design

Character quiz

How old is he? 21

How old is he mentally? 21

Did he have a happy childhood? No, his mother died at an early age and his farther tried to experiment on him with his work.

Relationship? single

What does he care about? cares about wanting to be human again

Obsessed? with his pet and wanting to protect others. Wanting to be human again.

Biggest fear? himself, lieing, hurting people

Best thing ever happened to him?

Most embarrassing thing?

One word that defines him? Lost

Characters name? Thorn/Oak/Pinocchio/Texture

Hair colour? Black

Eye colour? Green

Distinguishing character features? Wooden

Has three stages of the character. The more he turns into wood the more evil he becomes.

Does he have scars? yes one on face only in first two stages

Character born? 1929

Wheres he go when angry? Walks into the forest

Characters personality? Stage 1: Queit, Shy, Adventurious, Curious, Friendly, Clever

Stage 2: Stubborn, Hurt, Sharp, Untrust worthy, Corrupt, Sly, Crazy

Stage 3: Agressive, Wild, Strong, Lost, Confused

Character heart broken before? yes a girl left him because they found out he was different and that he wasn’t human anymore.

Time? Theme? Set around 1949

Summary of character idea.

The character that I am making will be based of the iconic character pinochio. After looking at the characters traits and personality I wanted to alter the character in my own way and twist it to make it more realistic from being from a film ready for game animation tests.

So after spending time coming up with different sketch ideas and figuring out how I was going to create the character I looked at how the character pinochio wanted to be a real boy so I thought that I could reverse this and make it so that it was a boy(teen) who ends up turning into a tree(wood) and he would turn into wood the more he would do something bad such simular to how pinochio would lie and his nose would then grow longer.

This then meant that I would have to create stages for how my character would look in each stage so I cut it to 3 seperate stages with him turning into wood. The first stage you would see him as a young boy like the image below. Slim, long body and rugged clothes.

Next was thinking how the character would look in its second stage. Which was all about combining the last stage and first stage which meant it would have simular looks from both. He would be still a young boy but he would have wood and branches starting to grow out of him.

Then the last stage was all about the final transportation. This meant that he would be fully made of wood after being a young boy. His legs and arms would have long twisted branches.

Then his look was the difficult part so I thought If I find the shape of how I want him to look I can work on creating the model of him which will help give me more of an idea on how he would look.

This drawing I decided to gjve the character a skinny look to it with much larger eyes. I felt it started to lose the realisim and didnt match the ideas I had for the character so I kept looking for how I could develop it.

This image shows the stages of the charactrr design which where the character also slowly increases size when he is in the process of changing into the wood like creature.

This drawing was a small test to try and find a pose and turn it into a tree like creature and I found it to be really useful becuase it helped me think more about the shape of the character.



The bottom to images were the ones I felt most comfortable with developing, I felt that is how I wanted my character to look in its third form into turning into this big tree like fugure.

Model images

The model making was the next stage in my progress for developing the charachters 3 dimentional look. This will help me develop more drawings and work for my portfolio for the further production of the character.

I also carved areas on the model to get rid of any uneeded clay or to add depth to certain areas of the piece.

Once I got the smooth look to the character model I started to alter the areas of the body by changing the shape of the muscles and adding more to the fugure. This figure then gave me the base to add onto it for my character stages.

Once I had got the clay all away round the model I started to press into the clay to try and shape it better to make the figure look smoother.

Next part I started adding muscles to the skelington. I needed to make sure that the portions were right and that it was realitic as I could get it to be.

Here is the skelington again but I have edited it even further by adding more joints and making it longer fitting to the model size I want for my character.

I started of creating the skelington for my character out of wire. This meant that I had more control with the stance and the clay when creating the character. I learnt previously that clay is very difficult to use unless there is something giving it a structure. Plus I learnt from my research that professional studios also use a simular technique when creating models so that they can keep the model supported better.


Next part was creating the creature/pet that I wanted to do but I started to wonder if it was nessorary becuase I had 3 stages of the first character which meant 3 different visual looks to the character so I decided to gain feedback before further developing the pet.

At first I was thinking on creating it to be a pet which followed him around as a companion and it would be an eagle. But becuase of the style of the tree I felt that an owl would fit the character alot better and give of a stronger image becuase of the meaning behind owls.



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