Pro Project Week 3

Planning Initial Ideas

Today I looked into the story more on how to develop the story for the client. This way it will stay within the customers needs and wants for the work so that they stay happy with what they want. This will make sure that I will know how to develop the work for the client and make it to the standard that they want.


Here is an ad that I have found for the Mcdonalds company it is a stop motion animation which shows small people creating the food ready for the customers. I like how it looks and how they have used the sizing for effect in the animation.

I really like this I-pad advert that someone has created. It also is a stop motion advert but it involves using cardboard cut outs which then shifts into different shapes to get the message across to the audience.



After looking at more adverts that I have found online I have finally found out how I am going to go about creating the animation for the advert for the company. I feel although it might not be my strongest point that I want to create a stop motion animation using clay, Plasticine and Ink. I feel this is something that I want to try for my project because I have noticed that alot of adverts still use stop motion advertising for there companies and it still has a strong effect to the work. I also feel it will also be great way to make the god like hand come from the sky which rescues the characters.

Story development

I think from having my feedback from the client and from my tutor I have learnt that I need to avoid political messages and religious aspects to my work which the audience might take in the wrong way. So I have thought of a way of changing this by making it so that the hand is basically is the ETC company which helps protect the people which shows the power of the company and that they are their to help people.


Below are basic visual sketches that I have done so far, this will help me develop the ideas on how I want the characters to look and what the client also likes as well. After receiving feedback I found that the first character style that had created was the one the client liked where as I liked the idea of using either number 2 or 4. This meant that I could keep the character simple. I then thought about merging the character that that the client liked with one that I liked and then seeing of the client will be happy with that. I’ve learnt that in the process of the work you need to keep the client up to date and knowing what your ideas are for the work so they can tell you how to edit your work and work with you to make sure its


For the next section I created rough visuals for maybe how the environment would look, I wanted to create a cartoon style with this piece of work because I felt that it would suit the project best to give of a all audience friendly vibe to the work.


Then finally I drew up another few sketches of how the city/buildings would look and how big they would be. If I am going with the idea of putting them onto a black background then I might have to adjust the size of them to make it more visually clear for the audience and I hope to cut out nice clear buildings for my project further down the production of my work.



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