Animation research and practice Week 3

Week 3


This gives a paragraph of written text to help deliver an Idea on what the work is about and explain in a quick summary of what the film is and its message that it is trying to get across. This is if I were to create a film which I then will present to an audience which is why I would tell them a quick synopsis of the film so they have some idea of what it is about.

Log line

A log line is a single piece of line which basically sums up the film that you are presenting so that the audience can gain an understanding of the film. Almost like a title explanation.


The treatment is used to plan out when things are used and how it will look from the directors point of view. This is normally done once they can see what the synopsis talks about which will inform them when to make the dissensions with the work.


For my essay I will be writing 4000 words roughly. I will need to develop a title and work out the area and I want to write about. I will be looking at other peoples articles in the topics that I am interested in this will then help me develop some idea on what I want to write about in my work and how I will go about it. It will also help me generate more of an idea on how to make my essay look professional by using language techniques and making the structure flow with the work.

4000 Word research writing

Useful info:



A Academic article that relates to my chosen area that I am interested to push in my own way


Animation Production/Development Pipeline

Animation Pipeline differences between films and games

Animation Pipeline production for games

Animation Pipeline production for films


The technique is all about how they have went about creating the article and what language was used how they have used it and how they backed up the writing in the work.

What will I be doing

For my project I want to redesign a character that has already been created to make it look more realistic and ready for a new model for 3d rigging. This progress means I would have to go through the production pipeline on how the character design progress works to get to the final 3d character animation stage this will give me the chance to explore more into my interests and produce something more to a professional standard, by the end of it I want to be able have a character which would be ready to be used for a game with a show-reel which shows the movement of the character. The portfolio will consist work which will show the development of the character and how it is going through its stages from being a 2d sketch to becoming a 3d sculpture which then is a 3d model on maya. This will show my progression of my work and keep my progress altogether, I will also document all mistakes and experiments I come across with my work which show my learning curve to get through any problems that I encounter.

Below shows the character princess peach and then next to it is someone else’s redesign of the character. This shows the direction I want to go with creating my character because it will give me a good starting of point for my work flow so that I have a the personality, ideas, structure for the character already which I will then be able to re create more easily.


Further research of the area I want to push. 


I feel that I am really keen to look at how texturing is used and how to apply to 3d animations. I feel texturing has always been something I have been interested in because it gives you the freedom of figuring out how the model should look what colours surface it should have.

Character Design

For character design I will be working from creating the character sketches then moving towards creating concept art and then picking the final look for the character witch will then be ready for modelling.

3D Modelling

For 3D modelling I plan to create a sculpture of my work and then a 3d maya model. I think modelling is a really fun and creative way of getting a visual look of your work and it helps generate a fully look of how your characters anatomy should be.

Colour Palette

Below are colours that I will be looking at which will help relate for my work. I feel that these should be enough colours for my character work.

Green, Brown, Red, Orange

Image result for shades of orange paint

Image result for shades of red paint

Image result for shades of brown paint

Image result for shades of green paint

Game show-reels

Below I have found show-reels for game animation work. This shows what the employees are looking for in the gaming industry.

This one I like the amount of movement which is in the work but I wasn’t to happy with the character models.

This video shows the strong elements of character models of creatures which is a big thing in the games industry. Employees are more interested in seeing creature designs instead of human designs this is because of how different a creature is and that the amount of people who do create human models. It shows that you can go the next level with your work.

Below is a animation show-reel for the game assassins creed. It shows the character model going through different movements and speeds. This helps show the amount of animation loops that are used in a game and it shows that the animation is in segments rather then a constant animation. Which is because in a game the player gets to decide when the character needs to preform a certain action of animation.



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