Animation Research and practice Week 2

Area I want to push

Idea 1: 3D  Animation Production/ Character design

Idea 2: Environment art/ Character Design


Character design/ 3D

For my work that I want to produce for my portfolio I was thinking on specialising in creating 3D characters for games. So I found 3D models of characters that are used in the game industry to help me generate more of a direction on where I want to take my work.

Image result for 3d character

Throughout my process in my work I would be making drawings which will help develop my character ready for the final production work. I think I am going to stick with the sock character that I designed in the previous year but I will edit his personality and develop him even further to give him more of a push in the direction I want to take him.

This character will have more detailed drawings which will then be turned into concept art. Then I will move onto making a 3d model of my character then move to editing the model for the character using Maya which will then have small animations with the character such as: walk cycle, laughing, running, angry, jumping, ducking and sad.

Image result for character drawings examples

Once I have finished creating the concept work for my character I will be adjusting the body mesh on Maya to push my character to look more realistic/professional which will be then eventually be able to be used for either a game or a film.

Below are sketches that I did of my previous character that I did in my second year at university which I could then further develop into my work and create other characters based around the character that I have already designed giving me a stepping stone on which direction to take and how I will start my project.


Image result for 3d character

For my character design Idea Id like to create a character which has a companion with him. Similar to this character that I have found in a game called borderlands. I think if id were to create a companion for the character that Id want to develop it would help bring out more personality to my character and it’ll allow me to build on work for my portfolio.

Image result for borderlands mordecai

I feel this is an area that I am really interested into going into. I enjoy the process it takes to creating a character and then trying to bring the character to life using the software that we have to do this with. I feel that I have to right skills and equipment to do this and plus having the character from the previous year as a template for my idea it will be helpful to further develop it as a starting point and then work from it to make it look professional which will be then be for the standards for either a film or a game company.

I am also very interested in creating environment art aswell but I think I would have to add animation work to the process to keep the work related to my degree. I think that I would enjoy creating the worlds for the animations to go into which is what I could develop. I could even produce animations in the environment artwork.

Image result for environment art animations

I have always found a strong interest in creating worlds. I find it interesting how the environment that the artists create around the characters could be fantasy and imaginative out of this world or just as simple as it being in a city but the style that they use help create the world visually.

Image result for environment art animations

If I were to do environment are I think I would have to work out a theme and then push out designs which will lead to concept art. If I were to do this I would have to create alot of art work to help visually create a strong professional piece of work for my project.

What game companies are looking for?

Environment art

Environment art is the work which goes into creating the background or the environment for screen for the characters or the story to take place in the world. It is one of the biggest parts of visual work because it sets the scene and adds a dynamic structure to the work.

Character art

Character art or character design is the work which goes into the process of creating characters from building up character personality traits and then designing a character fitting into a story or a brief. The design process for this can be long due to being to make the character seem as realistic as possible for the audience. Being able to make a good strong believable character will help push forward the story and keep the audience entertained.

Themes I could use for my ideas

Dinosaurs (prehistoric age)

I’m thinking on creating a character fitting to a prehistoric sort of era. I like the idea of taking an exciting character and then trying to alter the character time theme that it is set in. Which means id be able to work around adding a theme onto a already existing character without struggling creating the character from scratch.

Characters I’m interested in to alter for my work:

  • Red Riding Hood
  • Alice in wonderland
  • Beauty and the beast
  • Mulan
  • Mordicai (Borderlands)
  • Pinocchio
  • Peter Pan
  • Mario

Mythology Gods

I was also thinking about maybe making my work link to the mythological gods that were created. I think that it will be a strong way to start my work with an idea and interest in using them as a character start up.

Re do a book character using the writing as a guide line for when creating the character.

The way i want to do it is maybe look at  redesigning a character that has already been created visually and making it look more realistic and ready for 3d animation work.


Character design

Design work for my chosen character and brainstorm ideas on how to alter the character.

Image result for character design sheet


Keep the blog up to date with my development for my process and keep it all together so that I can gain feedback on my work on a weekly basis.

Concept art

Concept art is the process of designing the concept/ideas for a visual look for something such as the finalisation for character or environment.


The script will help me give more of a story basis to the work so people have more of an idea of the backstory.

Final designs

The final designs will be for my portfolio work showing of the final decisions and design process with the work. I will try and make these look as professional as I can which hopefully help push my grade.

3D Model

The 3d model will be created in both maya and in clay so that I can get an idea of what the character would look 3 dimensional. This would be pushed forward once I have created the visual look for my work once I’ve done the concept art work.

Image result for 3d model

3D Model ready for rigging

Then lastly will be creating the 3D model and finalising the model ready for being used to rig my work. I feel that this will be a good process to do for my work and will show that I am able to work within the pipeline production.


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