Pro Project Week 2

Research and Ideas

Today I looked more into detail on the ideas I could bring to my work and development. So I looked online to try and figure out the style and animation I want to do for my project.

Visual breakdown





I found this stop motion advert for car-phone warehouse  which I could use for the style for my project. I thought I could make this relate to the brief by using clay materials which will then transform into the visual imagery on screen. Which will lead to the next event for the script.

I also think that Id like to create a similar style of work to this animation that I had found on a phone game app which tries to warn people from the dangers of trains. I think this style will be pushed if I want to do either the motion graphics or the 2d animation sort of work for the pro project.

Story development

For my concept for the pro project for stone throw media I am thinking on creating either a live action animation using props to replicate visual images within the final film or to create a part 2d part 3d animation styled piece of work. I was also thinking I could even use motion graphics which will be easier to give a more simple way of advertising the ETC using typography and diagrams relating to the visuals.

Script change


Script in BLACK

Visuals in RED

When an emergency like an earthquake,

I think a small animation of small tired people in a business building will feel the earth quake and then will run out of the building panicking. They would have their arms waving in the air when they run out of the building and the floor will begin to rupture.

tsunami strikes a place where there is no reliable Internet connection,

Next part there will be a small tsunami which will then head towards to the small people which leads the small people to run to the docks to get onto a boat.

the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster steps in.

Logo of the company ETC or maybe make them seen as some sort of godly figure which helps prevent the disaster. Hand comes down and fixes everything from the clouds or maybe have a ETC boat come to the docks and rescue them.

They help to provide Internet to humanitarians, non-governmental organisations,

Wifi symbol next to the small people and then they start using their phones and contacting each other. They are able to get wifi signal on the boat while getting away from the tsunami.

United Nations agencies and more recently hospitals that have been set up to fight Ebola.

More god like hands with symbols on them for the hospital and the UN fighting off the dreaded Ebola viruses which is in the air going towards the small people. The virus is air born on the way to the boat where they are in and then the etc company destroy/get rid of it.

Animation styles

Olympics why I like this style:

Firstly I found this CGI animation of the Olympic games advert. I really like the bright vibrant colour palette that they have used because it shows the nature of how the Olympic games are about bringing others together in this big competitive sporting event. I also like the build up for the animation on how we see the athletes preparing for their sport. I figured that for my pro project I could create the same sort of suspense in my animation for the project will give suspense on what the ETC will do to change the world. I like the idea of keeping the audience on its toes ready for something to explode with information which could potentially help them or inform them about something.

Harry Potter animation

Why I like this style:

After watching Harry Potter I found this form of animation which I found really interesting to watch. I like the style of the work on how it looks 3D and dark and twisted. Like a 3D silhouette story. I think this will be really fun to try and replicate if I were to do it for the pro project apart from the colours might put people of because of it being dark and twisted witch might give people the wrong idea.

After thinking about the colours I thought that maybe I could use a similar style using this animation by using the dark colour space in the animation and making the start of my film for the project start of dark and twisted. I feel that this will help me create the illusion of how the ETC are and what they do. So when there is natural disasters happening visually on the screen, ETC will appear and then the colour will burst onto screen with the ETC fixing up the problems.


Careers I am interested in and where Id like to be in 5 years time

(the pictures below are what I have found on the internet to use for my research)

Concept art

I like the idea of creating concept art for a feature film or a for a games company. I feel there will be alot of freedom creating a character/environment from a brief which will be then used for a the company which will then be shown to people around the world.

Below is the sort of concept art I am interested in, I love the styles and design work that have been used for the art work.

Image result for concept art character

This one is from the game from borderlands the game. The character is like a short angry person who goes around on scorched desert type terrain. I love how they worked around the design for the character by thinking about the environment to create the design elements for the character such as the ripped, ragged clothes the orange/blue colour palette.

Prop Design

I also enjoy the sounds of creating props witch will be used for the character or environment. I enjoy the design process that goes into creating the development of the work which will be then used for the final process.

Image result for prop design sketches

Visual Effects

Visual effects is another form of work that I am interested in aswell, being able to bring something into a live action screen with actors sounds exciting, being able to put to worlds together for screen sounds really interesting to do. Over the years CGI has improved dramatically aswell which means more and more money is being pumped into making visual effects for blockbuster films and with more demand from the fans wanting to see these big visual effects on screen is expending at a dramatic speed. This is because of the freedom that the film production teams have when using visual effects because it allows them to create anything they would want for the film.

This is from the film Godzilla which shows the CGI and visual effects breakdown within the film.

Character design

Character design is a very competitive field to get into and it really does pay off once you are in. Being able to create characters for screen is a very rewarding job to be able to do. Bringing a character to life that you have created for others to see is a really interesting job.

I love the process of how character design is done with how people have to generate ideas and work with designing what the character will wear or what kind of personality has. If it is done to a high standard people will start to fall in love with the character because you were able to capture a realistic look, concept to a character witch then was brought to life.

Image result for character design sketches


3D modelling

3d Modelling is the process of creating models that are used in games/films or television. This goes to a range of things on creating the furniture, structures, characters and many more parts ready for animation.

Image result for 3d modelling

Environment art

Environment art is the design process for creating the background setting/ environment for characters in either films/games or television. It allows there to be a visual scenery so that the audience get an idea of where the character lives and what goes on around them. I really enjoy the process of how an environment is created from scratch, from the work that gets put in to create the scenes.

Image result for concept art environments

Texture art

Texture are is simply creating textures to models or designs that used for scene. This will help create the style to the work from making it to cartoon like to realistic.

In games models such as the floor environment or character models will have some form of texture to create the initial look to the characters design.

Image result for texture art environments

Image result for texture art environments

This process adds colour to the world making it come more to life.


I found these are the careers I am most interested in doing in the art world. I enjoy these aspects of production and I feel that I have a strong interest for each of them. They can be used in different fields of work and it is very interesting to learn more about them.

I also feel that I would love to work with the light and magic company. They have a studio in London which create VFX and animations for high budget films and sometimes they work on games.



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