Animation Research and Practice Week 1

Pitch ideas

Idea 1


My portfolio idea is basically to show an understanding of different areas in the animation production. This will help develop me as an artist and give me the chance to produce work that I am interested in.

Computer programs: 

Maya, Photoshop, Premier pro, After effects

Environment art 

This will look into the idea of creating an environment for a film or game production I will choose a theme to go by then create designs for the environment using the software I have available. I would need to create about 5 designs to work from and brainstorm from and then work from the designs to create the final look for the environment art that I would like to bring forward.

5 Designs

1 Final

Image result for environment art

Character design/ Prop design

I would then create a character design and produce the designs for the props which will be used in the environment I have set the theme and also crate props which will be used for my character that I have created fitting around its personalities traits.

Create at least 2 characters for the theme I have used.

Create at least 5 props.

Image result for game character design

Using a character I have already designed in the previous year I think Id be able to further develop the character and push more ideas across with the character.

Concept art

Concept art for my environment/props/characters

Show concept art for the environment, props and characters for my work which will then help me develop the final look before creating the models for the work.

Modelling 3D Character design/ modelling

I will create 3D models for the character and props I have thought of and then work on them to make them look professional for a game/film standard.

Creature Animated walk loop 5 seconds


I would develop 3 dimensional models using clay which will help gain an understanding more on how the characters would look before I create the 3D mesh using maya.

Image result for Character model clay


Texture Art

I will create/find relevant textures for my props and characters that I have produced. Creating the look for the character, I will plan out and create ideas/designs for the colour and texture for my character.

Image result for Character model



Idea 2


Visual effects live action 80 Seconds

Using 3D animation CGI

For this I would create a short introduction for a film that I will develop and create. I will try to use a book or a story which dosnt have visual which I will be able to develop and create a introduction sequence for the film like a trailer.

I will have to find key areas in the film which I will then use in the trailer for the film and then using my compositing knowledge I will develop the scenes

Image result for visual effects deadpool


Idea 3


3 Character designs which will go into depth.

I’m thinking the first character would be this sort of hunter type of person who has his own creature which will either be a completely made up designed creature or an animal design and then further developed. This pet like figure will be the second character.

Image result for mordecai borderlands

Then the third character will be like the crazy villain sort of character who wants to get rid of the creature/animal.

The scene will be set in a prehistoric age but will have a futuristic modern look to the characters. It will combine the past and the future of how the environment looks.

Image result for ark rhino

Texture art

Environment art



Idea 4

Story boarding

For story boarding I will create a short scene for my characters that I have designed and created and which will help reflect their personalities.


A script using the storyboard and giving a story behind the characters and concpets.


A short animatic witch will go into depth using the storyboards that I have created.

3D Character

Facial reactions for animation 5-10 seconds

This will show the 3D facial reactions for the character that I have designed.

3D Scenes for the character




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