Week 13 Compositing

Final video for film

Here is my final footage that I have created for my composting module. I feel this went really well and I managed to get the material together to make the scene look realistic. After weeks of learning how after effects works I am pleased with the final result of my film. I feel that I could of made my animation a bit better with the model but I feel that It all looked fine in the final footage.



Creature Scene

This is the scene near the end with the creatures that I wanted to add to my final scene.




Before creature animation

Original Idea

My first idea would be set on a beach and I will mask myself onto a wall which is set in front of the beach on the wall. Id walk across trying not to fall off while animated tentacles will try and knock me off the wall. There will be islands compositioned in the background which will set the scene. Every time a tentacle hits the wall id have a small rock effect happen which will try and keep the realism. For this all to work id need to make sure the lighting and colour is correct with the scene and that the tentacles work with the composition of the layers. There will also be rocks closer to the shot which will blend the wall to the shot better. I might have another shot wear I am looking onto a city which has smoke and fire coming off it which it has been destroyed. This shot will be a shot from behind and you’ll see me looking onto the city. I think when im acting out the shot with the tentacles id either have to have it from a side shot or a close up angle side shot, so that you’d be able to see what I can see from my point of view. I might have a shot where we see a tentacle crumble from beneath the rocks and raise up. This might mean I could choose to set the background scene as a ocean or a city being attacked but the lighting of the scene needs to be on point so that I can blend my work together.





Layers for screen

Layer 1. Still image of city (masked)

Layer 2. Video of ocean (masked)

Layer 3. Visual effects of fire, smoke etc…

Layer 4. Still images. Rocks etc…

Layer 5. Live action footage

Layer 6: Animation of tentacle, Creatures

Creature reference


Tentacle reference


Helicopter reference



What would I do if I re did the work?

I think if I were to re do this piece of work I think I would alter the story a bit more. I am happy with where it was set but I think I could of added more to the scene making it look more dangerous. I feel that the live action could also be worked on a bit so that the mask wasn’t as sharp as it looks.

I also would of liked to re create a scene from something so I looked for videos that I thought I could re create if I were to re do this piece of work.

I first found this scene from the new film dead pool. It is a breakdown of effects being used showing each layer that is placed on top of each other to try and get a realistic look to the footage. I think this will help me develop and will teach me how to and where to layer other images together to try and make a realistic scene. We also see cgi animation, effects and live action being used as layers which overlap the still images.

Below I found the advert for amigo loans. I thought this would be interesting to re create because it uses an animation which blends together with the live action.

What I thought went well?

I found that the layers I had found for the shot worked well with each. I managed to get some realism to my work and learnt new ways to use software. I learnt how to green screen and how to apply effects to my work. I think if I were to re do the module I would create the background more similar to how it is on a big film, layering still images on top of each other to make a nice quality look to my work. I think the best part of my footage was the final bit where we see me kneeing and looking onto the city in fear. I also have smoke which fades onto screen which helps bring out the effect of the work I wanted. The camera angles were something I was most pleased with because it was something new to me and I wanted to try and make it add effect for the footage.

How could I improve the work?

I think one of the biggest things I could improve on it the animation for the tentacle. It wasn’t the best of quality but this was due to me using maya 2015 for the tentacle but then the file wouldn’t load properly when I switched to maya 2016. Although the quality might not be the best quality for the animation I thought the model and texture I used for it looked really good and went well with the footage. I think there were some parts of the animation that I could of altered but I was happy with the model, with previous attempts of the model being the wrong size or not looking realistic I think I managed to get a strong look for the tentacle even though the quality was lacking for the video.


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