Week 13 3D Productuion

Final Showreel

This is my final showreel animation that I have created for 3d production module. I found this to be really interesting and I managed to learn alot in this module. I thought this went really well because I managed to understand maya quite quick after watching and learning about it. I think this is something that I would want to take forwards and learn more about. I also really enjoyed creating the 3d model for my character. At first I found it tricky to understand but once I had got the hang of it I managed to create a nice model that fit with my characters description. I also feel that if I were to re do both pieces that Id be able to make them to a better quality, I think this because I know alot more about maya and how to use the tools in the software.




Here is a breakdown of the animation for my 3d production module.

11 second animation

Here is one of my attempts for the 11 second club animation sound clips. I found that I needed to add more personality to the mother and add more of a reaction to her when she hears what her daughter says to her. After doing this animation I decided to edit it for my final animation which can be found in the show reel that I have created. The difference is that there is more movement and the lip sync is alot better in the more up to date version.

This is my eye dart animation that I have created. I found this to be really difficult at first to make the eye movement work within the timeline but once I had learnt how to do this I managed to make a good attempt on the eye reaction that I wanted. After watching this I think I could maybe slow down the movement so that it moves to the key frames slower so that we can see the expressions being made easier.

This is my maya walk cycle test, I feel this was one of the ones that needed the most improvement to it. I think the walk cycle itself was fine but the arm and hand movement didn’t really fit well with what my character was doing.

This is my ball throw test. I thought this went well because I learnt how to use the constraint tool using maya and it allowed me to connect 3d objects to an animation which allowed me to make my animation throw a ball that he had found on the table.

This is my postbox animation. I think this postbox animation was one of my favorite because I managed to get a very similar look to the reference I used. I managed to capture the personality for the character and make it look like he was angry and upset in the same scene.

Finally my shock test animation. I feel this was one of my favourites because it was something different to the others. I wanted to try and show a face reaction and make my character run away from the camera. I feel that the running went really well for this animation aswell as the shock.


Videos for reference of animations:

This video I used to reference my 11 second animation that I had created for my show-reel. This would help me plan out my scene and get a better understanding on how the animation would move. This shows reference of real life acting which will help me try and re create this through an animation.

11 seconds reference

Postbox reference

Shock reference

Phone reaction reference

11 Second references


Development for Model

Here is the process of me creating my model using maya. I found this to be a big challenge when creating my character. The anatomy was hard to create at first because I was new to maya. So I experimented and created multiple models. After many attempts of not being able to get the right model that I wanted I ended up creating a plan sheet which I then imported into maya and used for my work. I found this to be a lot more useful and was easier to use because it gave me a guideline to work from. My first attempt looked unrealistic and clunky, then my next attempt was to squared. Then finally I made a model from using the plan sheet which I then sculpt over to fit my characters description.



Final Model

Here is my final model that I have created for my piece. I think it went well and better then I thought it would. At first I struggled to model the shape that I wanted for the anatomy for the character but once I got the hang of it I managed to create a nice strong looking character for my work which I was quite happy about. The texture I used was also something I was happy about because I felt it fit the character quite well and made Sock look like a rocky sort of character. The tie was something I was really unsure about when creating my model but I feel that it helped bring more identity to my character and once I had put it on him I was happy with how it looked.


Blend shape

After creating my model I used the blend shape tool for my model so that I could add facial expressions to him. I found this to be quite interesting because it made my character come alive. This allowed me to see what my character would look like different facial expressions. I made one for shocked, angry, scared and happy.

Below shows my final version of the blend shape after the first attempt didn’t have the expressions that I was quite after moving the face around. So I decided to re create it and make the face move a little bit better when using the blend shape tool.

Model Typology

Here are more images to show my model.


Here are sketches I created while creating my model. From concept ideas to basic model parts for my models creation. I also used these sketches to think about the characters anatomy size, colour and what he would wear.


What would I do if I re did the work?

If I were to re do my 3d animation show-reel I think I would try and add more character to the animations reactions. I think I managed to show good techniques that I have learnt over the weeks but I just need to edit a few things to make it come alive much more.

I think if I re did my model I would change some of his shape and would use stronger textures for the model, I think that the textures that I had found didn’t really suit my character and that he needed a new texture look to him.

Maybe I would try a different character as well if I were to re do my model to try and use a different anatomy body type. I think would be interesting to do because of the sock model being such a strong looking character maybe doing something which is a lot smaller may be a good exercise to do.

What I thought went well?

I thought my 11 second club lip sync animation went really well, I was happy with how it looked and thought that I was able to capture the characteristics for the audio. I managed to make the girl look shy when approaching her mother and then make her mother shocked and cared for her daughter. I thought I managed to do well at trying to make a 3d model of my character sock. I think that the shape of his body was much better then my previous attempts and I managed to re create a new look from him, using the information and sketches I had done in the character development module.

How could I improve the work?

I think I could improve on the walk cycle and phone reaction more because I felt that these needed to have a bit more personality to the character. I think by not having a walk cycle reference was the reason why the walk cycle might not have been as good. I think it lacked personality with the character and that there was no real reasoning to what he was doing.

I also think to improve on the model I think I could add more clothes to the model and maybe try and animate him. I also think I could work on making more facial expressions for my character to try and capture his personality a bit more.



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