Week 12: Compositing

Present work

Presentation of the work will show the methods I’ve used and the steps I have taken to get this far. It shows the ideas that I have generated and thoughts I have gathered.

Feather masking

Feather masking is used when the image or video layer has been masked out but looks to sharp. It allows the shape to blend out into the other layers surrounding it giving a much cleaner stronger look to the work. The video below helps discus this and shows how feather masking works with the layers.


Layers need to be layered on top of each other correctly this then allows the layers that we need to see first are in front of the others. If I were to create the smoke effect I would put the smoke layer in front of all the other layers. This will allow me to create the look I want with the work. Below is a screen shot i have took of my work showing the amount of layers that I have used to create my video.



Creature sound


Helicopter noise


Sea crashing on rocks


Splash for the tentacle bursting out of the water


I used my sound from the site freesfx which allowed me to download free sounds for me to use.

Reference: http://www.freesfx.co.uk/soundeffects/nature/?p=4

Video so far

Next thing I will need to do the video will to edit the jumping parts using premiere pro. This will stop the dramatic jumping from each shot. Also I will look at fixing a couple of layers that haven’t saved properly to screen. Below shows a more updated video of my work but after watching it we can see the mistakes I have encountered which I will need to fix to the work.

From learning about color correction I have lean’t how to make it look like that all layers are connected and that it doesn’t look like I have placed anything on top of each other. I think that the live action could of had more work done to it but I am happy with how everything else looks apart from the animation which didn’t have the quality I was after.



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