Week 12: 3d Production

3D Showreel

Below is my 3d showreel updated I have fixed a few things and added an extra animation to the showreel. I think I have managed to do a good job because I was able to create animations that I wanted and also I think my 5 seconds lip sync went well because I think I was able to capture the scene that I wanted and storyboarded. I think I managed to show alot of emotion within the faces of the characters and was able to make it clear on what they were doing or feeling and the times in the scenes.



For my model I needed to change alot of features because I knew that parts didn’t look quite right and alot of parts were done wrong. I managed to get the size I wanted with my character but there were bits that needed to be edited and fixed up.

print 666

So I adjusted the size a little bit more trying to fit the new sizing I had sketched out for him last week. I thought my character would look better if he were a bit taller and thinner then how he was previously.

print 777

Next I zoomed out and looked at the characters waist area and found that it didn’t connect to the characters top half correctly and looked wrong. So this meant that I needed to re shape its waist and chest trying to make it have a human like look to it.



Hands was the next part for my character. After not being able to add the hand model I created previously I decided to create new hands for my character on the same file. This meant I could just extrude out his arm and mould out the hand. But when I did this I found that the arm started to curve round alot and the hand shape wasn’t looking right. The fingers looked messy and the divisions  were twisting round the arm which isn’t what I wanted. This meant if I were to rig this model the fingers and hands wouldn’t move correctly causing massive problems with my work. My model needed to be good enough to be able to be ready for rigging.

sock 5

Then I started to look at the characters muscles on his arms. This was important because I needed to make my character look strong so this needed to be important. I wanted to make his arms look more curved but some parts were slightly off which meant problems for model.

sock 4

I then decided to sculpt my characters chest again and edit the front of him. I did this because I knew that some of his chest was sticking out to much and needed to be smoothed out a little bit more. I did this using the sculpt geometry tool found under the surfaces tab.sock 3

I then moved back on to sculpting the hand model for the character trying to get the correct look for it making it look as realistic as possible. But then I realised I had put the hands on backwards which meant I needed to rotate the hands completely. To do this I would have to take them completely off the arms.

sock 2

The arms were having a massive problem all ready because of the way the divisions curved up into the shoulder and armpit which meant that if the model were to be animated it would bend parts of the body that shouldn’t bend or it could even rip the model.

sock 44

I deleted the arms off my model by selected the faces that I didn’t want anymore then deleting them off. This meant that when I selected the edge of the whole from the shoulders I would need to bridge connect them so that It would create a new face covering the hole. This will allow me to extrude two new arms. This time I am extruding the arms and making them straight. This will allow me to make the divisions correctly fit into place and not allow my model to rip when moving.

sock hand 1

Then I looked at fixing the hand up before adding it back onto the arms. I deleted the fingers off that looked out of place then used the bridge tool to make new faces which then allowed me to extrude new fingers for my model. I was much happier with this attempt than the previous one because I was able to make the hand look more realistic and the divisions were much better on this new hand.

sock hand 2

Next I thought about adding ears to my character. I thought this would help make him have more of a unique look and will help bring out my character more. I wanted to make him have ears which were very rocky looking and that stuck up.

sock head


Clothing was another big thing that I needed to look at for my character. I needed to make sure that my character had some sort of clothing on him. From what I already sketched out from my character previously I wanted to make it so that he has a tie and was wearing some shorts. I found videos online which talks about how to make simple clothing for the character and also how to make the clothing have a material look to them.

After watching this video I learned that to make shorts I needed to duplicate my model and then cut down to the legs area then make the duplicated layer bigger. This then would allow me to place then back onto my model and make it look like he was wearing shorts. I would then be able to edit the way they look and add colour to them.

Below it shows me trying this out on my model. I duplicated my model then created some shorts which go around his waist and thigh.

clothes socks



Texturing my character was my next stage for my model. Once I was happy with the shape he looked I found a video helping me use UV texture for my model in maya. I already had used this before and wanted to remind myself how to use it again. I knew that the UV editor allowed me to change the position on wear the texture would be on the model and how zoomed in or zoomed out it was.

I then found this image online which I thought would be  great texture for my model. I had decided to make my character look rocky because I thought it had a very rocky sort of look to it already plus the rocky texture helped fit the strong sort of personality my character has. Also I had people I knew think that my character was mean’t to have a rocky look to it already so I learnt that this should be how he should look.

Reference: http://orig00.deviantart.net/db30/f/2011/218/d/6/rock_face_2_by_topaz172-d45nhby.jpg

Below shows me trying to add this texture to his body. From this attempt I found the areas of the picture would become very linear but I think this is because of the way I had put the texture onto the body.

rock sock

I then continued to add the texture onto my character for its skin. I really liked the way it looked on its chest but found the arms and legs looked off. So I knew I would have to try and fix it up or try and add a new texture to make it look normal.

model sock

Eye Ball

The next stage was creating the eye balls for my characters model. I found this to be interesting and a little bit challenging. I had to edit my models face multiple times because I had triangles on his face which caused problems when creating the eye movement and the triangle divisions would just over complicate my work. So I deleted the face and started again. I cut the faces within the models face and then added a bridge onto the edges which left the face to be blank. Then I used the multi cut tool in Maya and added edge loops to try and make the face squared. I used the extrude tool to make a perfect square and worked from that. Once I had managed to get the face division correct I then moved his eye socket back so that I could place the eyes into the model. I created the eyes by using the sphere tool then stretching them out to kit my characters eye socket. I used basic colours for the eye but I think if I were to edit them I would add a 3d shine to them making it look more realistic.

sock hed 2

Blend Shape

Next part was the blend shaping for the face reactions. This was important to create because it allowed me to control the face expressions for my character and allowed me to change what mood I wanted my character to be in and what expressions I wanted him to have. To do this I would need to create multiple copies of the characters head and then edit each one and set them to have certain features which then once I have blended them together with the main head it will allow me to make the characters expressionless to be moved.


soft sel

Below shows me testing this out on a given task that we were asked to do in class. This was to help us understand how to apply this to our own character to model to make him show expressions.



Rigging allows the character to move. It is the tool which creates the skeleton for the model to be able to move the model. It is important that the model has the correct skeleton positions because of the bones for rigging were in the wrong place it might cause other parts of the body to move. This plays a big part in how the character moves every part of its body from the head to the feet it is responsible for all the movement for the character to be animated.






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