Week 11: Compositing


Shadowing using after effects.

Next was to look at adding shadowing to my work. I found this to be a new thing for me to learn using adobe after effects. So I looked online and found a way how to do this. I found two methods on how to shadow. The first one goes through how to copy and paste the live action then change its colour and make it follow the live action from below. This will then follow the live action creating a mirrored shadow.

The next video I found was a different method of doing a shadow effect. This one was much better for me to use and allowed me to create the shadow that I wanted.

Colour correction

My next step was trying to fix up the colour with the layers. Making the layers blend with each other so that nothing looked out of place. I found this part to be one of the hardest parts for my work because it was all bout making sure that the layers looked liked they were in they same place. I found my green screen lighting was a little bit funny and I found this to be very challenging for my work. So I tried to make the rest of the image in the scene the same colour so it would look right for the final video.

Next I wanted to find a way to make it look like all of the layers were in the same place which I learnt I could do this by applying a new layer ontop and then making it transparent. This will then add the same colour on top of all of the layers making it look like they are all together and in the same place. I was really happy with how this looked in the end because I was able to blend them together.

Video so far 8 seconds of it


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