Week 10: Compositing

Video so far:


I created the border to try and make it feel like a film scene. I thought this would be a really good idea to help make my footage stand out more. I learnt that this helps set the scene and will add to the drama. I think It will make the scene more dramatic and it will engage to the audience better.


The camera angles are important to help set the scene for my video. I think that if you manage to get strong camera footage you’ll be able to create strong quality work. This is important because it keeps the viewers wanting to keep on watching the footage. From what I have learnt previously I might cut scenes to around 5 seconds to 10 seconds so that each shot is different which keeps the viewer interested in what is happening. I will also use the 180 degree rule for my work so that the illusion of the film stays with the camera. If I were to break this rule then the video might not have the final look I was after.


Lighting is important in the footage because it helps make the layers look like they are together and not just randomly placed into a video. If the lighting is off on a object then this might make the rest of the video footage look bad.

Reference material:



This is a model and animation that I have created for my video. This was about my 3rd attempt at making one because the previous ones was not as smooth and it didn’t look as realistic as I wanted it to. Once I imported it into the video I found that the lighting needed to be altered a bit so that it didn’t look out of place in the scene.

Reference for smoke

Here is the smoke effect that I have found an used for my video. We can see this effect being used multiple times because it helped create the destruction after effects that I wanted.


Reference for helicopter

Here is the video footage for the animated helicopter that I had found and used in the end of my scene. I though this would be good effect leading up to the destruction of the city.


Still image


Below are the mixture of rocks that I have used as layers for still images in my work.

broken-rocksrocky-desertgrey rock

ground_stone_ground_0050_01_previewnew groundlizard-rocks-viewroate rocksrock_cliff_edge_stock_1_by_xxmysterystockxx-d72qtbwrocks


I thought this image would be really useful for creating the clouds and island in the background of the scene.



This is the city still image that I have used for the final shot for the scene. I thought this would be a good idea to have because it shows a overlooking view which would work nice with my over head shot angle looking into the distance. I though that the angle that the picture was perfect for what I wanted to do with it.

Midtown Manhattan, New York City, USA


Live action

My live action

Here are the live action shots that I have used for the green screen room. I thought that they looked really good together and that I had managed to create a strong set of shots and angles that I could use. This version is edited to my previous version which was over a minute longer. I decided to edit it out because the video didn’t need to be that long so this was only adding more time to work on which isn’t what I needed.

Video footage


These are the fire effect that I have used in my scene.

Sea video

This sea effect is used throughout my video I think that it was a strong background video which I could mask out. I wanted to use this because I wanted to make the water move instead of it being a still image and not looking right.


This is the splash effect that I have used in my work for when my animation bursts out from the water. I thought that the splash was a strong effect to use to make the animation look more realistic as if it was actually happening.



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