Week 10: 3D Production

3d Production show-reel

Here is my Show-reel that I have created so far. I might edit it over the remaining weeks while I create my character design. If I edit it I think id edit more of the 3d animation being used, apply a sound track to the animation video and maybe add a few textures to the props being used to help show my understanding of 3d animation.

Below is my shock animation that I am going to add to the 3d production show-reel. I did this animation last because I wanted to learn more about the facial and leg movements before trying to animate max on auto desk maya.


From 3d production it helped me develop an animation for one of my other modules. Composition for this module I needed to make a visual effect video using an animation feature. So I took what I learnt from 3D production and formed a tentacle like creature. I started of modelling the 3D animation using cylinders which helped have a better understanding of modelling. I found it to be really frustrating modelling both my character and the tentacle due to being new to it. But after restarting them over and over again I found that as I was learning more tools and more tricks that I was getting better making them look a lot less pixelated and more visually attractive.

This first attempt I found that I managed to use the right tools for the 3d making part but I knew that it wasn’t quite right and that I needed to edit the work.

Before starting again I looked the model using a texture that I had found seeing whether the texture would make any difference to the work.

Then I started again but this time I knew what to do and knew how to model the tentacle alot smoother giving it a more realistic look that I was after. This really helped me learn more about 3d because I learnt how to add a skeleton to the model and animate my model that I had created. I did this by learning how to rig my model and what tools allowed me to do this using maya.

Hand Modelling

So today I looked at making the model for my hand for my characters model. Firstly I looked at drawing out my hand shape and then drawing out the hand divisions so that I had a idea on how the hand would look on maya allowing me to edit it and move it to the places that I wanted.  20160413_224626

This gave me a better understanding where the muscles are in the hand and where the parts of the hand bend when moving fingers or other parts of your body. The video below Is a  short video that goes through the steps of moulding a hand on maya. This will help me know how to create my hand and give me a better understanding how maya works.

So after watching the video I then want on to mouldering the hand in maya. I started off using basic shapes then moving from them. I found out that my first attempt was wrong because I had decided to attach cylinders to the hand instead of just extruding the shape I started off with.

maya cylindder attempt hand

Below is another picture of my first attempt in object mode. I think that I managed to get the shape of the hand that I wanted but I didn’t manage to make it so that the hand moved  the way I wanted because of the cylinders being attached. This meant if I were to bend a finger it would make the rest of the hand collapse inside itself causing problems with the work.

Maya hand attempt 1

Below was my 2nd attempt I decided to take a different approach to creating the model for the hand. By using the extrude button allowing me to extrude the basic shapes out of the cube that I had started off with. This time the hand model was alot more fat and looked off. Also I added to many divisions to the fingers which also caused problems when sculpting the model.

attempt 2 hand

Then my next attempt I used alot less divisions for the shapes but the model its self looked really weird and didn’t look how I wanted for the hand shape. I also found that the thumb was very hard to add onto the model and the fingers wasn’t looking like fingers.

hand 3

So then I re started my hand model one last time. Learning from my previous mistakes I took everything I had learnt into play and started shaping my hand model. I found that the divisions for the hand were started to shape up and it allowed me to model of the shape crafting the hand that I wanted. I found this to be alot more smoother and easier then my last attempts, I think the drawing that I had done previously also really did help me with crafting the hand shape.

final hand 2

I managed to get the basic shape right and managed to mould out the thumb from the hand. I had to make sure the thumb muscle  was coming out from the front otherwise it wouldn’t be like a normal thumb if it was coming out on a different part of the hand. Then finally all I had to do was play around with the fingers making them curve round more allowing them to to look more like fingers.

final hand


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