Week 9: 3D Production

3d production research

3d animation used in games and films

Environment art

Environment art work is used in a variety of things. We see environment used in games and films mainly. This could be to set the scene and the background for story. Environment art is extremely useful to help develop the story because it used to maybe create something that we cannot see in real life or find it hard to get to.

Games use environment art alot through the story or multilayer. For example if you were playing sc fi game such as star wars you will see environment art being used in the background to help make the space like setting. If you were watching a film that needs a setting it might have a matte painting in the background which is composition for the visual effects of the film.



Animation is one of the biggest elements of Games this is because everything we can see visually moving on a game is animated. From the characters to the creatures to the surrounding environment. This is because it allows the game to come alive. Over the years we see the animation models looking better and better this is because people are wanting a new better looking game and this will increase artists to create games. Animation is a strong feature that is used, the animators design and create the models for the characters then animate there skeletons.

Texture artists add texture to the objects. Animation in films is increasing not only in animated feature films but also in live action films animation is being alot more. This is because creatures or other unreal things would need to be created through CGI (computer generated imagery) CGI is being used more often because it is cheaper and can be visually better than someone dressing up. I think it is much more believable to see a CGI creature in a film other then a person or a robot being used for the creature but alot of people prefer those methods and can argue reasons for and against it.



Modelling has a huge spectrum of fields that it is used for. Often you see modelling being used on CAD software (computer aided design) depending on what you are designing the different CAD software you would use. Autodesk has a range of CAD software and one of them I am very familer with. I use Maya to model out my designs because it allows you to animate and use alot of shapes to create your model. Often maya would be used for things such as games or animation because of how its used. There are other modelling software used for construction, design, architect, engineering, media and more. The image below shows an example of a model that would most likely be used for either a film or game.

Matte Paintings

Matte painting is basically environment art it helps bring the set in the scene alive and brings the illusion of the world to life. We see this being used alot in films and it is increasing popular because of how much cheaper it is then going to film at places.


The story would often need to be planned out so artists have an idea on how to create things. This is where storyboarding plays apart because it allows the artist to know how the story is allowing them to generate the work for the game or film. Storyboards often refer to the key frames where the key parts of the film or game needs to be created. This then keeps everything together and allows the artists to generate the story.


Visual effects are used to add effects to visual footage either that being a game of film. For example Godzilla is a visual effect because it is an animated creature which is used for screen. You’ll then have other layers to use that’ll go on top of each other to create the final film footage that you are after. All the layers blend together using effects, animations and live action. It is a very strong form of film used in many modern day films and will continue to be used in later films. Star wars the force awakens is great example of visual effects. It shows almost a near balance of CGI characters and live action characters. Alot of people believe that if you have to much of one thing that it will over shine the rest of the work. For example of there were alot more CGI characters in the film then live action then it will lead to people noticing the CGI alot more and ruin the illusion of the film.


Below I have found a useful video showing the production of work that goes into creating an animation and all the parts for each step. I think that it is a really strong video that shows the production of all the work leading to each different steps with having people doing different jobs.

  1. Story- Storyboarding/Directors/Script making
  2. Editorial-Build a sequence of draft on what it would look like. Also looking at audio.
  3. Art-Visual development artists creating the look of the film from characters to props, environments then it will be approved by the art director.
  4. Modelling- Building the props, characters and environment creating a 3d look to the work.
  5. Rigging- Making the muscles move on the models.
  6. Surfacing- Surface artist adds the textures using the lighting and the surrounding environment.
  7. Rough layout- Trying to create the movement in the scenes.
  8. Final layout- Preparing the final composition.
  9. Animation- Animating the characters or the environment.
  10. Crowds- They create all the crowds of people or creatures that are in the scenes.
  11. Character FX- Moving props, clothes, hair.
  12. FX- Adding the effects onto screen.
  13. Matte Painting- Creating the backgrounds in the shots and adding it to screen. Using the environment art from the art department and developing them for the final shot.
  14. Lighting- Creating the light for the overall look.
  15. Image Finalising- Fixing up images
  16. Sound design- Adding the audio for the film



Below is my plan sheet for my model that I will be creating on autodesk maya. This will give me a three dimensional idea on how the model will look for the character in all angles.


For my first attempts I didn’t want to use my plan sheet, this was because I wanted to see the difference with using one and without using one. Firstly in maya I created a small cubic shape which I then stretched out to try and create the base for the characters body.


Then I started to think about how heavy the character needed to be and how wide some areas of his body needed to be to look how I wanted it to look.2016-04-12 (1)

I then moved onto stretching out its first limb which was the leg. I did this by using the extrude tool in the polygons section on maya.

2016-04-12 (2)

Then I did the same thing to create the head and arm. 2016-04-12 (3)

After doing this I found that the amount of edges that I had on the shape for the character were to many and made it over complicated for myself to sculpt. It looked like the diversions were to close to each other and this made it hard to move them about to try and change the size of his body.

2016-04-12 (4)

Then after doing all this I placed my model back in object mode to see what I had created so far. I found that there were alot of places on its body that looked off and needed to be fixed up and that it didn’t really have the smooth effect that I had wanted.

2016-04-12 (5)

After learning more about how to use maya I then looked at re making my model for composition. The tentacle I had previously made wasn’t as long as I had wanted and didn’t really do the animation that I wanted.

2016-04-12 (6)

I started it off using a basic cylinder shape then extruded it to try and get a tentacle look that I was after.

2016-04-12 (7)

Then once I was happy I added the suckers onto the tentacle to try and make it look more realistic.



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