Week 8: Compositing

Creatures and props for background

These are links that I have found just in case my creature didn’t work with my scene. I have also thought about maybe adding one of these to another part of the shot which might end up making it look even better.

Here is a video that shows a range of creatures that I might want to use. These are great because they are in front of a green screen which means Ill be able to edit them out and layer them onto my scene if I wanted to.

Here are a few helicopter effects that I have found which I could use to add to my scene.


Today I started to piece my scene together, adding or the shots together and editing them out. Below shows me breaking down my green screen footage even more. This was so that there wasn’t to much happening. This will allow me to add more things and maybe render them out quicker depending on the amount of things I add to the scene. I think if the render time ends up being to long then I will break it down in further using after effects so that I can present my footage.

Today was all about adding the layers to my work. I found this to be really interesting and new to me. I learnt how to change the lighting to the still images and blend the layers together. I also think that I might need to edit some masking that I have done to some of the work.




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