Week 8: 3d Production


Here I have created more of the scenes for my animation show reel. The show reel needs to be a minimum of 30 seconds looking at ways I have used 3d animation. So this week I looked at creating my bar scene for the 11 second club audio. I found this to be tricky at first to animate the lip syncing. I found it hard to get the mouth to move to the words that they were saying. But eventually I managed to make them look like they were talking and it started to look like they were fitted with the characters. After looking at the footage a second time I noticed that the mothers lip sync moves a little out of sync at a part which I should fix. I also noticed that I should make them move their heads a little bit more in the conversation but other than that I was happy with how it looked. I think I managed to make them look believable. I also wanted to add the use of props within my scene by adding glasses to help create the setting a little bit better.

Then I looked at changing the angle of the scene seeing how the animation would look from a different angle. This gave me a better understanding on how camera angles are used within scenes. I tried to keep the camera angles close so it was easier to see the facial reactions and movement in the work.

Below is my first attempt of making the table in the scene but after re thinking about my idea with the audio I ended up creating a bar table and two stalls for them to sit on for the scene. My idea way to try and make the mother seem to be a drinker and that she stays at the bar and then her daughter walks up to her and asks a question to her.


Character modeling

Also I started to model out my character design sock. Below are my character development from a previous module that i did, these will help me remind myself how I wanted my character to look and what made him who he is.

So I started of with a small cubic shape to get myself started. Then I moved into shrinking the shape in the center which will allow me to start sculpting the characters body. After this I then used the extrude tool on Maya to add more shapes to the sculpt which will then allow me to mold the character better.

maya pic 2

Next I started to move around the vertex’s and the faces of the shapes to try and make the character look more like its figure.

maya pic

Below is video that I had found helping use the paint brush tool for my work. I found this video to be extremely useful to help sculpt the character that I was trying to create.

Here I used the paint brush tool. This tool was really useful because it allowed me to smooth areas on the mold to make them easier to use. Also it can mold in and out of the 3d shapes which can help create the 3 dimensional look for my character. After playing around with the objects I was pleased with how everything looked in the end and moved on to try and shape the character even move. From doing this sculpting I learnt the more shapes put into the sculpting of the character then it was easier to shape. Adding new limbs was tricky because you have to pull out the shape from the model and then re shape them to look like the limb they have to look like.

maya 3

After creating the model I found that next time I come back to it that I need to work on the way the face looks and try and capture the same facial features the character has that I have already drew out.

This video shows me how to add image planning to Maya which will help model the character from a picture. This will give reference and allow me to work from the image.


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