Week 7: Compositing

Development and camera shots

Here are my green screen shots that I have edited out from the footage that I had created. I acted out my scene in front of the green screen using a mixture of camera angles. I did this to try and make the work look alot more professional but it also made it alot longer to add all the layers of visual effects in the background and still have them blend together in the background.

After watching this edited piece of footage I also felt it was also really long for my scene and that I should edit it again and try to cut it down. I think this will allow more time for me to add the visual effects and figure out where id want the effects by using my storyboard.

This is the full footage of all the shots that I had filmed on the green screen. I found this to be really interesting and allowed me to understand alot more about visual effects and how things look on camera. I wanted to use a range of camera angles for my work trying to fit to the scene and storyboard that I created. From the storyboard I used the camera angles for help with the different parts of the scene I also added extra camera angles to try and capture more reactions but I also found that this made the footage far to long for my short scene and that really I should be trying to be doing around 30 seconds.

After filming my scene I looked more at finding more visual effects for my work that I could use.


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