Week 7: 3d Production


When I was creating the design for the post box for the scene, I was struggling to get the objects together so that I could shape the design better. So I looked online and found a way of grouping my objects together so that I could fully move them and re shape them for the animation.

After getting the correct position I needed to create a hole in the side of the postbox. This tutorial has helped showed me how to do this.


Next I looked at creating the texture for my design. I have to click on window then go onto hyper shade. This then allows me to create material and then find the texture that I want to use.


Postbox 12 Seconds Animation

Next part was creating the animation for the postbox scene that I wanted to create for my show reel. After going through my reference for my scene I found that I wanted to make my character show a strong sense of emotions in the scene. So I made him walk to the postbox in a angry mood and then slam the letter into the postbox. Then when he turns around he feels a sense of regret and starts feeling down. He punches the air in anger and then slowly looks down to the ground upset.

I created the postbox and added a texture on top of it to fit to the screen.


Walk cycle 7 seconds

Next was the walk cycle for the 3d animation show reel allowing other people to see my progress through creating animation. Over the first weeks I really did struggle making the model move his legs and now I am able to make the model walk and show emotion. I think of the weeks I have develop a successful understanding on how 3d animation is created. For this walk cycle I waned to try and give a bit of character to the model so I tried to make him look around scared like something was about to appear or happen to him.

Eye dart reaction 8 seconds

Next was my eye dart test which I found to be interesting. This was all about the movement for the face and how I could try and make the a reaction out of the facial features. I used the phone reference to create this and wanted to make it so the viewer could understand the emotion and feeling the character was dealing with trying to make it more believable to the viewer.

Throw ball animation 6 seconds

Here is the ball throw animation that I had created for my show reel. I did this by making the object and the whist connect, I made the whist a parent and then I used constraint to the ball this was so that the ball stayed with the movement of the hand. Then I undid this when the ball needed to be thrown.



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