Week 6: Essay Start up

Visual effects

For my essay I will be looking at how visual effects has been created and developed of the years. I will also include strong evidence to support my written work.


Visual effects is created by a series of layers that are positioned together then rendered. This will allow the visual artist to create a visual look using the material that he has gathered. It allows the film makers to create scene easier, for example if we wanted a shot where we see a car crash into the wall we could use computer generated imagery to re create this without having to crash a car into a wall. As technology continues the visual effects industry continues to grow.

Context 1

Development of visual effects over time

Visual effects have always been an art form tool since the start of cinema. As more and more films come out there is a massive demand for more visual effects. This is because of how much visual effects can add to the films, making the setting, characters and props. Every one of the 50 highest-grossing films of all time heavily employ visual effects. Of those, 44 are either fully animated or contain enough visual effects shots that they would be completely different movies without them. РSee more at: http://www.siggraph.org/discover/news/whats-wrong-visual-effects-industry#sthash.OGNnILK7.dpuf

Here is list of films over the past 20 years that use visual effects. I have chosen theese films because I think they will help show a difference over the time of how the visual effects looked then to now.


The lost world Jurassic park

Using practical effects and visual effects


Spider man 2


Chronicles of Narnia

Mainly visual effects


Alice in wonderland

Mainly visual effects




The Martian

Strong realistic visual effects

Over the years the software for visual effects has changed dramatically allowing visual effects artists to create more complex scenes.


Visual effects allow the film to come alive. With visual effects we can add creatures, objects, props, effects and anything that comes to mind. It makes your imagination become a reality.


From Speed to Spidey: 20 years of VFX and animation

Context 2

Good impacts of visual effects

Visual effects has a giant impact on the film industries because of how quick and how diverse the effects can be. Alot of people think that computer generated effects are ruining films because of how they look. But there is alot more visual effects that people don’t even notice. You will be able to notice the bad computer generated imagery over the good computer generated imagery. This is because people don’t realise that the good visual effects aren’t actually there so they presume it was filmed with practical effects or real life setting.

This video talks about how visual effects is used in a range of ways in films and why computer generated imagery dosnt really suck its just that the story in the films aren’t that good. For example when we watch a film and think its really good we will forgive the bad quality of the visual effects. Where as if it was a film that didn’t have a very good story we would start picking up on other things such as visual effects. Visual effects can be really amazing and really poor it just depends on who is making them, the time it takes and the cost of it all.

Context 3

Bad impact visual effects has had.

Visual effects might not have the real life look that the film developers want this is because of time and money for the film. As more films are being developed the developers want to spend little money as possible for the film but also have the best effects for screen. So they will hire freelance or less known studios do the work for them because it will be cheaper for them. This is causing the large visual effects studios to crash down. Visual effects is taking away the freedom with the film, instead of the developers having to travel to places to film a scene they would now use a green screen and just layer the background on top. This makes it quicker and cheaper for the film makers.


I think visual effects is a very important element in the film world. It makes the film come alive and helps give the illusion of the story.


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