Week 6: 3D Production

Research and development

Workin’ progress animation

Working progress is a short animation that shows the progress of a building being created. It has strong animation movement and has good story behind the work. The scene shows builders working in pattern to build a building but as soon as one person got out of place the building got destroyed. I think the message was that to get something done you have to be consistent and that if you make a mistake then it might destroy all of your work.

Overtime- a tribute to Jim Henson

This is a short animation that we looked at that shows a tribute to Jim Henson. He was the creator of the Muppet’s. People that he knew created this short animation of his well known character Kermit the frog paying tribute to him. I found this to be really interesting because it shows strong feelings and connections to the work. Seeing the animations showing emotions in short movement allowed me to understand how I could try and add it to my work.

Parent Constraint

Next we looked at how to do a parent constraint with our work. This is really useful if we were to create our animations using a prop of some sort. We would have to link the object to the animation and make sure it follows the animation otherwise it might look off and ruin the illusion. So we watched a short you tube video discussing how to parent constraint objects together for the animation.

Firstly we would have to animate the action first then animate the ball to the hand to link. After creating the hand and arm movement without the ball we would then have to hold shift and click the hand first then ball second. This will now allow maya to understand that the hand is the parent and the ball is the secondary object. Once selected we would then constraint them together. We would do this by making sure that it is set to animation and then clicking the constraint button at the top of the screen. Then id go onto the frame which is before the hand touches the ball and set the blend present on the ball to 0. Then id move to the frame where we see the hand touching the ball then set the blend present to 1. This then makes the hand not start off in the hand but on the table instead. Next id move to the frame just before the hand throws the object in the air and set it to 0 then move to the next frame and set that to 1. This will then allow me to move the ball freely without it being attached to the hand again. Then id make the animation for the ball leaving his hand and coming back down into his palm. Id have to set the blend project to 0 again so that it constraints back to the hand.

Parenting the objects

After watching videos on how to parents and link objects for my work. I then tried to do this for myself. I found this to be interesting because it gave me a better understanding of maya.

After watching this I found that id have to make more movement just before the hand throws the ball into the air. This was because I don’t think there was enough force for the animation to throw the ball into the air so high.

I also learnt how to move models in maya by clicking onto the window from the tabs at the top then clicking onto out liner. This allowed me to fully move the whole object or copy and paste the object to duplicate it.

30 scene plan

6 seconds Walk/Run Cycle

6 secondsThrowing ball

10 seconds Post box

6 seconds Phone reaction/ head and eye movement

11 second- scene

For my scene that I am creating using the sound file that I have found I want to set it in either a bar or a restaurant. This is because we hear from the audio a women talking to a daughter like character who asks if there is any alcohol in her drink, which then the mother like character says that there isn’t but suggests her having a little bit when she gets home. I might make the mother for the scene appear to be a alcoholic, id do this by making her eyes look sleepy and have her either holding or next to drinks. Id make the daughter a young innocent girl who is curious about her drink.

I might make it so that the mother is already sitting down on a bar stall and then we see the daughter come stand next to her. Then the mother gives her a drink which is when we hear the daughter ask if there is any alcohol in her drink. Then the daughter would walk away after reacting to her mother. She will have the drink in her hand. As she walks off I will make the mother smiling at her as she walks away.


Sound file

Below is the sound file that ill be using for my animation. I found this file on the 11 second club. I decided to use this sound because it was clear and allowed me to try and create reactions to the scene. Also there is two people in the scene so this means that id have to set a conversation between to females.

Below I have created a small quick sketch up of the scene that I want to create for the 11 second of audio. I want it to be set in a bar where we see the young girls mother drinking and sitting on a stall.



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