Week 5 compositing

Research and development

Today we looked at more ways to use adobe after affects allowing us to gain a better understanding on how the software works and what we could apply to the effects to make them look more realistic.

Below shows a short video that I had created on adobe after affects where I found a background image of a school and added a fire effect on top. I had to mask the fire effects and transform it to blend it with the background setting, I did this because it helped made the fire look like it was apart of the image blending them together to create a video.


We looked creating heat waves coming off fire which would give fire a more of a realism effect to the work. I learnt that I needed to create a particle effect on the fire and add gravity to it so that it would blend together creating the look I needed for the heatwave. I had to duplicate the effect so that it would flow better and look more realistic.

Next I looked at a different effect such as particles. I could use this for helping create the destroyed atmosphere with my project. Where we see the scene looking onto the city.


Next I found a great video that shows the development and history behind visual effects. This was really interesting because it helped me understand the quality of the visual effects use to be to the modern day. Which helped me understand where we are with technology when we creating visual effects. It also gave me a better understanding the comparisons between then and now and see how it was created a while ago.


Below I started to play around with the software again so I looked at adding a creature and a sound file to the work. This allowed me to understand the process of rendering my footage together which will help me develop my work further.


Then I moved on at looking on how I was going to create the tentacle look I wanted in my work again by using maya. This video shows a basic way of creating the tentacle on maya and how to apply the animation and texture to the tentacle.

Here I have found images that I may want to use for a destroyed setting in the background to my project.


By doing this id most likely combine both images and blending them together and adding effects to them. Making them look like they have been attacked by some sort of creature.

Below is my little test run that I had created on adobe after effects. For this I used the fire that we were given to create the short fire scene and then I found other images that I could layer onto the background. I also blended the water into the shot. I thought the water needed to move so I added a video onto the still image. I did this by masking the video and placing it in front of the city. The rocks that I also added would help give the scene more depth in the footage and help create my short scene. I had to make sure anything that I had found for the footage had to have the correct lighting otherwise they would of looked out of place and ruin the illusion that I wanted for the shot.


Here are some other materials that I could use for my footage when creating the final scene. These two pictures I could mask out the rocks and add it to my scene if I need to change the way I want the footage to look.


I then found a picture of a city that has been destroyed. This was great for reference when I go onto creating my destroyed city effect in the background of the scene.


This image of the rocks I could use for the tentacle to burst out of while the actor is working across the rocks.

Next I found more green screen effects that I could use for my footage. Which will really help get the visual look that I am after.

I found a another fire effect that I could resize and use.

Then I found rocks crumbling out of the floor which I could use for when the tentacle bursts out from the floor.


I found this smoky effect that I could add in the background with the city, for the fire.

Then I found a lighter smoke effect that I could use for the shot where we see the tentacle burst out of the ground. I thought this would be really good to use and was able to show that the city was being damaged.


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