3D Production Week 5

Research and development

Phone task/ eye darts

For this we started to look at how a character in animation moves his eyes. This is important because it allows the viewer to understand what is happening in the scene because we can understand what the character is feeling and how they are. The eyes express emotion and is very important for a character, people can understand a lot from a scene by seeing someones eye movement. For example is someone was lying then they might look away from the person not giving eye contact because they know they are lying and can’t look them in the eyes. After learning about this we got into small groups where we would look at each person and look at how they respond to different emotions through there eyes. This was interesting because it allowed us to understand things that we might not of known before. Then we recorded each others reactions so we could use them as reference so that we could try and replicate the same movement in our own animation using maya, giving us a better in sight with how reactions look on a character. When recording I found it to be difficult to create a reaction because I was acting and it wasn’t really a natural reaction. We created a short clip of us reacting from a phone call because you can get a lot of key reactions being on a phone. By doing this task will help us create our project with our animations, this will help us make the character react to the way we want for the scene. The eye movement was key so I had to set it so that they moved naturally, to make the eyes look in a different direction quickly I would make it so that there was about 2 frames inbetween the movement of the eyes so that it created this rapid look. After creating 3 reactions I picked one that I liked and tried to re create it on maya.

I decided to use the video above for reference when creating my eye dart test in maya. I thought it showed strong emotion. I also thought about adding an extra part to the end after hearing sad news which then we see him looking down upset as if he just heard bad news.

I think this was successful because i managed to learn when to frame the facial moments and what needs to move when trying to re create a feeling through animation.


This next scene I started to create the postbox scene I had priovsly refrenced. This was also a great way to practice on movement, it allowed me to understand more about maya and how the model would move around. This also gave me a learning curve becuase I understood how to move the model and make him look like he was walking instead of how it looked with the experiment where the legs didnt move how I wanted. From this I learnt to make each step around 5-10 frames long where we see on the 5 frame the leg lifting. I also modelled the postbox using the shapes on maya, I learnt how to aplly certain textures to the models and add colour set for the scene I was trying to create. While making the post box scene I went on to discover another problem with using maya which was something else I had learnt about after. The shoulders wasnt moving the way I wanted and when I wanted the character to turn around and walk off his shoulders were stuck and didnt want to move much. This was becuase since the started of the animation I didnt move the shoulder tools across with the body tools so they were out of the way which cuased a problem and gave me the understanding not to do it again on the project.

Walk Cycle

After creating the post box scene I then went back to creating a walk cycle for my character to try and improve how he looked. I could use this walk cycle for my project and edit it for my scene plan. Using the same method from the postbox scene I re created the walk cycke making him look alot more realistic with how he walks. I also set it so that everytime he lifted his leg for the next step his body would raise and then when he put it down his body lowered, this allowed more realisim to the character becuase when people are walking they have a jolt effect when making each step.

The new plan

After importing the sound that I wanted to use for my project on maya I found a big problem after re listening to the footage. I found the when I had exported the video the voicr was too quite and there was another noise which was overlapping the scene. Plus I also had problems importing the sound again onto maya, but I learnt that in the future id have to use wav formatted files with 16.8 bits. This then ment I had to look at finding a new sound for my scene which lead me to find the monthly sound on the 11 second club. The audio this time was a young girl and a mother like figure talking about the girl having a drink. I think this was probably better for me to animate becuase the talking was much more clear and it might be better for me to try and create a reaction for the characters.

Motion Capture

Next we looked at how motion calture is used and how to use the software. We got shown the motion capture room which had cameras surounding the room roof which looked down into the centre of the room. Then we got shown the suits that we would have to wear to create the animation effect with skelingtons movement. The suits had to be tight to the body becuase if it was baggy then it might cover one of the small devices that goes around the suit. These small devices that are on the suit are what the cameras pick up so that the cameras can follow the movement of the person. If one of them are covered then it might cuase the skelington to glitch making the body go funny and ruining the final look. This software that we were using was simular to the one that was used to create characters in the film the lord of the rings. Using this software allows people to create animations alot quicker and will allow people to be able to animate on top of the skelington making the character have a visual look.

Facial Chartacter Rig

Facial character rigs are used in games and films. Alot of the character rigs look very realistic becuase of the graphics and how the facial features move. We see this in games such as la noire or fallout where we see strong facial movement in the characters. It is used in alot of games becuase it allows the developers to easily move the face the way they want using the mucles which creates the realism that people want.


Below is a short video that I had found which goes through the breakdown on how they made the plannet of the apes film using morion capture. This shows how important motion capture is and how actors use it to try and recreste a creature. It shows how important it really is becuase of it allowing film makes to create creatures that they might find difficult by creating them in different ways. I think the motion capture cgi looks really realistic and smooth but some people prefer it when film developers use costumes to create characters.


Below is a breakdown of motion capture being used in the film dawn of the plannet of the apes. I looked at this because it gave me more of an idea on how they would use the equipment and create the character.


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