Art and design essay: Week 5

Research and plan

What impact has visual effects had over the past 20 years in the film industry?


What visual effects is and what is used in the visual effects industry.

For this I will write about what visual effects is and how its used in the film industry so that the reader has knowledge on what it is all about. This should be a brief start to my essay structure. Hows it used and made, where do we see visual effects.

Context 1

Development of visual effects over time.

This will then talk about the development of visual effects over time, talking about how it has changed and how the visual look has developed. This will cover the time period I had chosen with the 20 years which will then hopefully teach the reader the impact of vfx over the time period.

This link talks about how has visual effects developed over time in film. This will help me try and give evidence with my work and show that it has changed over the years.

I then found another website that I could use for research for my essay which goes through the development over time in detail on visual effects. It discuss the evolution of visual effects and also goes through a list of films that I could use to talk about in the years that I have decided to choose for my question.

This video shows the development over the years of visual effects on how it has been created and how the visual look has rapidly changed over time. I think will be useful video because it will allow me to understand the importance of visual effects more and see how it is used in the production in big films.

Also I can write about how it is used in most films because it allows the developers to create visual looks that they may find hard to create in different ways. For example in the film the martian we see how they have animated scenes and created the background for the shots. Visual effects is used in majority of films now because of its freedom to create things.

Context 2

Good impacts of visual effects

This will then use the 20 year guideline and look at the good things about visual effects. How its growing and how its used for the film industries in different ways. Why we need Visual effects and what its importance is.

This link talks about the value of visual effects which I could use for evidence on why visual effect is a good thing.

Context 3

Bad impact visual effects has had.

This will then move on to discussing the bad things about visual effects, what has it done that has caused major problems for both visual effect artist and film industries over the 20 years.

Next I could talk about how it has affected companies in the VFX world on how some have ended up getting bankrupt. Also I could talk about how people think that visual effects is ruining films and making them look bad because they know that it was commuter generated and wasn’t props or real life objects.

This link talks about examples in movies of CGI that has been used that people didn’t like and think it ruins the illusion of the film. This will help back up evidence of other people views of this sort of visual effects. A lot of the time the reason why the visual effects dosnt look as good as others in different films is because of the budget or technology that they are using which effects the final look.

This video below shows bad CGI effects used in films. Which has made people think about the quality and how poor the visual look is with the world around it. CGI is a form of Visual effects, it is normally an animation that has been layered onto the visual effects giving off the illusion that it is real when it isn’t.


My opinion on the impact on visual effects stating if it is a good thing or a bad thing, by doing the essay I will have evidence to back up my points and opinions. Discussing my thoughts on what has happened in the industry and my overall summary of my opinion with visual effects in the film industry.


Links to where I have found my research.



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