Compositing: Week 4




This week I looked at how to apply the layers together and how to make the green screen effects work with the shot. I learnt how to composite images together and how to apply effects to the scene. I used one of my short scene shots that I had filmed the other day of me and my friend. We tried to re create a scene from harry potter so we acted out a short wizard battle. I used this shot because I thought It would be a great shot to use for experimentation. So firstly I learnt how to add a background to the scene.

screenshot after

I wanted a forest sort of background to the work which will then allow me to add the extra layers on top. I looked at different effects that I could use thinking on how I wanted it all to look.


To blend the scene with the green scene I had to key-light the image and set the screen colour to the green screens colour. After adding this effect I learnt that anything else that was green in the shot will also blend with the background which isn’t what I wanted to happen.



Here I wanted to import a still image of a rock. This allowed me to understand how to apply still images to the work and I learnt that I also had to key light the image. After adding the rock I found out that the lighting was off in the work and the rock looked out of position with the work. The rock also didn’t look like it was apart of the background, the darkness of the rock looks like it belonged to a mountain or from a  ocean rock setting.


After I looked at adding a moving image to my work so I looked on the internet for effects I could apply to the scene for experimentation. I found a small meteorite that I could apply to the work which I then made it land onto the rock that I had added on a different layer. I found that I needed to make the rock layer the rock in front so that it looked like it crashed behind the rock.


Next I looked at adding rain to my scene to try to add more depth and reality. This was an experiment so it might not of fitted with the whole scene its self but it gave me the skills to apply this effect and try and fit it with all the other layers.



smoke sc

Then finally I looked at masking my work, I looked at how to mask a short effect of smoke. This showed me how to crop things that I didn’t want in the scene. To mask I had to click the small pen icon at the top of the screen and work around the effect which got rid of the bits that I didn’t want to see. I think the camera angles are key in making a good scene for my work, ill have to think about wear I want the shots to take place and that the layers work with the effects that im thinking on doing.


Idea 1

My first idea would be set on a beach and I will mask myself onto a wall which is set infront of the beach on the wall. Id walk across trying not to fall off while animatef tentacles will try and knock me off the wall. There will be islands compositioned in the background which will set the scene. Everytime a tentacle hits the wall id have a small rock effect happen which will try and keep the realism. For this all to work id need to make sure the lighting and colour is correct with the scene and that the tentacles work with the composition of the layers. There will also be rocks closer to the shot which will blend the wall to the shot better. I might have another shot wear I am looking onto a city which has smoke and fire coming off it which it has been destroyed. This shot will be a shot from behind and you’ll see me looking onto the city. I think when im acting out the shot with the tentacles id either have to have it from a side shot or a close up angle side shot, so that youd be able to see what I can see from my point of view. I might have a shot where we see a tentacle crumble from beneath the rocks and raise up. This might mean I could choose to set the background scene as a ocean or a city being attacked but the lighting of the scene needs to be on point so that I can blend my work together.

Idea 2

My second idea will be set on a mountain with layers of mountains in the scenary. Id act out that I am in a storm and there are meteorites crashing down and im going crazy. I think the storm will be a strong way to do composition becuase id be able to add clouds, rain, lightning and smoke. I also think id make it so there is a tent that I go into that I can try and composite into the scene and ill add a new shot where I am seen sitting in the tent.

Plan 3

My third plan will be set will be in a forest and id make it dark and gloomy. I think I could add a castle in the scenary and try to re create a small fight scene simular to the films harry potter. Id use rain effects for the scene and also try and add spell effects. Then id set the shot to switch to where we see a actor to fly away on a broomstick, with this id have to make it so the background are clouds and are also dark to the previous shot so that it dosnt look out of place.


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