3D Production: Week 4

Today we looked at more ways of animation development, we looked at lip syncing witch will be key to the final animation. We also looked at developing our scenes.

I wanted to create a short scene using the film dark knight. I took the scene where we see the joker threatening a women. I thought this would be fun to do because it had good facial expressions being used such as shock and anger.

So after finding the scene I wanted to try and re create I started to try and animate max in Maya and I looked more onto moving his legs for a walk cycle. I found this to be difficult to because it was new to me so I had to get use to the software. So I kept on making short walk animation so that I could try and get use to the walking.

The image above I found online and will help me to develop creating a walk cycle for my scene.

For the scene I think id have joker play as one model and have the women as the other model. I then will make it so that the joker model walks up to the women and threaten her i her face. Id make her look scared and make it so that she can’t move because he is holding her arm. I might work on creating a small knife model for the scene to animate so that it fits with the scene.

Walk cycle

Facial expressions

Knife scene

She runs away

I am also going to make it so when he walks into the room she is looking at him like she doesn’t care and then he slowly walks towards her talking to her and then her face begins to get scared. He will be smiling at her throughout trying to intimidate her. I also will try and make it so that she is trying to avoid him and not make eye contact with him like how it is filmed in the scene.


Next I started to look at the sound for maya and I found this to be really difficult to do because maya only accepted wav. audio files. So I had to convert the files I had created from mp3 to wav. format. I also learnt that the audio file had to be 16. bits which I had to also convert using adobe audacity. Once I had trimmed my file and used the correct format settings I then loaded it onto maya and had a play with the animation model ready for the next use. The video below shows the audio and the model in with maya and the quality of the sound for the animation. This will give me a better idea on how I want my work to look and give me a better understanding of the software. I also did a small play with the animation this was so that I could try and replicate some key areas of movement.


Next I looked at lip syncing sound for my scene. This was important because it gave a voice to my character and I had to make the mouth move to the sounds that were being created. Below I have found multiple images of how character lip sync should work with the certain sounds being made, I can use these images when creating my scene.


lip sync thumbnail sketchlipsync

I think lip syncing will be a challenge to me because it is new to me but I think once I’ve managed to get the scene of the animation sorted first with the body movement then I should come back to lip sync.

Here is another walk cycle attempt that I tried making and I found that I managed to get the walking to be a lot more smoother than previous attempts.I managed to make the walk more realistic but when moving the body I found that he was moving to quickly and that next time I would need to slow him down. I am happier with this attempt because it shows my development of learning how to animate the model better.


Game animation

The image above I found on the internet. With games animation is a very important element in creating the game. To move characters, vehicles, scenery all have a form of animation in the game. Anything that moves on a game is animated. The process for the work consists of concept art, story boarding and then animating. The programmers job is to make the player be able to move the animated character and make it so that the animations can interact with the story. They can change the speed of the movement of the game. Animators that work on video games also can go on to doing texture art for the game making textures for objects. Art environment is also a key feature in the game because majority of a game consists of a background so a lot of game directors need environment artists to create the visual look of the game.

This is an image that I have found showing the sort of game art that is created, animators could go onto creating the background and scenery for a game. I really am interested in this sort of art work I think it looks really nice and smooth and this is something that I would love to be able to do in the future. Alot of it would need concept work which will help develop the scenery which will involve when was it created, where is it and what is looks like.


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