Art and design essay: Week 4

Persuasion in advertising

We looked at persuasion used in animation to give us an idea on how we can persuade the reader when we go onto creating the essay. This will allow us to try and engage with the reader more so that they can understand what the essay is about and try and persuade them to understand my opinions and thoughts.

This video shows key persuasion techniques that can persuade people to do things.

From this animation advert It tries to persuade people to eat healthy they do this by using animated figures that see eating unhealthy and healthy food. This would appeal to young audiences and will convince them to eat healthy.


This advert is also directed to younger audiences. By using a song and happy hedgehogs it will appeal to kids and make them want to listen and understand what is happening. The advert goes on to tell the audience that they should think before crossing roads and this teaches people to follow these guidelines so that more people are safer when crossing roads.

Visual effects

How is visual effects created?

Visual effects are created by a mixture of layers that are compositioned together to make an effect. This is the job for a visual effects artist to do. As VFX effects is getting even more popular in big named films there are more software being created for vfx to try and make the best quality.

Whats wrong with visual effects industry?

Senior FX Artist Dave Rand was part of the “Life of Pi”. He mentions how that  “I’ve been on staff at five visual effects shops that were really well known, did amazing work — and all went bankrupt. Most of them owing artists money,” he said in an interview for “Life After Pi.” – See more at:

“According to box office statistics, every one of the 50 highest-grossing films of all time heavily employ visual effects. Of those, 44 are either fully animated or contain enough visual effects shots that they would be completely different movies without them.” – See more at:

The issues that haunt the visual effects industry are more than just academic for those whose livelihoods depend on its health and stability.  Though the problems in the VFX industry are far from over, one thing is for sure: visual effects have never been more in demand than they are today — and where there’s demand, there’s hope. – See more at:

This talks about how companies in VFX have gone bankrupt and it also discusses how VFX is one of the key elements in most big films now. But the money from the big films being made, not much of it is going for the VFX teams. As films get made more and more over time the demand for VFX artists will expand and there will be more and more VFX artists needed for the future.

How is visual effects making such a big impact?

Visual effects is being used more and more over the years because it allows film makers to create never seen before imagery and create a more imagination world in the audiences heads. It allows thoughts to be generated and it allows the developers to produce unseen effects which will keep the audience entertained. It is faster and cheaper then creating background props and as the technology is getting better it is looking more and more realistic over time.

Visual effects are used to add things such as:
Changing the speed
Fixing problems on the set

Adding lighting or colour to the scene

Adding actors, characters or creatures- Live action
Changing actors- changing the actor to someone else
Adding objects or props-adding parts to a scene
Removing objects- deleting object within the scene

Creating virtual shots
Changing background
Creating background- Matte Paintings

I have found this information using the website that I have linked below. This is so that when I go onto making my essay draft I can come back and use some of the information that I have already found for my essay. Also I have the link which id be able to use for reference.


It also plays a big part in creating the story, allowing the directors to generate story from there work and take it to a direction.

For my essay I want to talk about how visual effects is used in the film industry and what its importance is. I think my question will be something like:

How has visual effects been used in the film industry and what impact does it have?


How has Vfx changed between the 80s to now?

I think these will be strong questions to use because it will allow me to discuss how visual effects is developing over a time period and what is used to create the visual effects. The impact will allow me to write evidence of whats its making happen in the world and allow me to show my own opnion on what I think of the evidence or views of overs. I also think ill be able to write how visual effects is good and bad which will allow me to give a strong arguement for my essay.



What Visual effects is and how is animation used?

Context 1

How do we use it in the film industry?

How do we use animation in visual effects?

Context 2

What impact does visual effects have?

Why do we use animation and visual effects?

Context 3

Is visual effects a good thing or a bad thing in the visual effects world?


What are my views on visual effects animation in the film industry?

Do I think visual effects is a good thing?





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